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Race still a factor in North Carolina.


RALEIGH, N.C.--Interesting story in the Sunday Raleigh News & Observer about how race still influences voters in the Tar Heel state. LINK Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is in the lead in North Carolina "proving that even in North Carolina, a blackman can be nominated to the presidency," the story says. Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) get support across racial lines, the paper reports.


And, there was nothing else to report on than to remind people in the Good Old USA that race is an Issue? Like we don't know. I am sure there was something else you COULD HAVE REPORTED ON -- SOMETHING POSITIVE, HOPEFUL, UPLIFTING, than to drag us down and remind us, that Yes, Race Is an Issue!

Why don't we ever see 'Sexism still a factor in ...."
Does it mean the movement failed to remind people just how difficult the society makes it for women to just do their thing?

Interesting article Lynn.
I don't think the people are being honest about whether they'll vote for Barack in the General Election.
But what is telling is how they feel they can SAY they might not be comfortable voting for a woman:
"Three weeks ago, Bacot found in a statewide poll that more North Carolina voters would be reluctant to cast a ballot for a woman than for a black man.

But Bacot suspects that if he conducted the statewide poll again, the results would differ.

"I think race would rival gender," Bacot said.

Gina Gilliam, an Apex real estate agent, said she'll have a difficult decision to make if Clinton doesn't win the nomination.

Obama "doesn't have the experience and gravitas for this day and time," Gilliam said.

"I don't know where he will fall on issues," she said. With Sen. John McCain, the certain Republican nominee, "at least I know."
NOW--When you consider all the DIGS the Obamas gave to Hillary regarding how she LIVES and BREATHES as a woman--beginning with Michelle's comments like Phyllis Schafly "How you gonna take care of the white house...your own house..."
Michelle's judgmental. And imperious. Even when 'smiling' and revealing cleavage from a tight pink top.
And she doesn't get called on it because she's DEFERENTIAL in public with Obama. To please the more modern Chicago audience it was let leak that she 'vetted' the PR people running his campaign saying she did not want to lose.
And you can't call MIchelle on anyway or you risk being called RACIST.
Which is what the Obamas are.
To have sat in that church and watch the We Hate Whitey hour from that pulpit--Wright missed the chance to perform.
The country and the world got to see how rich Black men perpetuate the schism in this country by performing for poor Black men and women.
And their children.

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