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Obama surrogates price list. "VIP Strategy Session" with David Plouffe $500.


WASHINGTON -- When it comes to raising money from high-end fund-raisers, it takes Barack Obama or his wife, Michelle -- headliner at an event with Hollywood elites today -- to bring in the top dollar.

Surrogates have a sliding scale of worth in Obama's fund-raising world, where political market forces dictate how much the campaign can charge for face time.

Today, Michelle Obama is in California for an event at the Bel Air home of entertainment magnate Carol Ostroff and husband Mark, where to be listed as a host, one had to raise $10,000. The lure, of course, is spending time with Michelle.

Obama, of course, draws the top dollar for his war chest.

Thursday night was a doubleheader in Florida for Obama: In Miami Beach at the Bath Club, people who wanted to be the top-level chairs of the event had to raise $46,000.

The market rules in fund-raising.

Here are samples of events, the marquee draw, and what the top amount was to donate or to raise:

• • May 17, Portland, Ore., Obama, $10,000.

• • May 22, Boston, campaign chief operating officer Betsy Myers, who heads the Obama women's network, $500.

• • June 1, Medina, Wash., sports celebrities Bill Russell and Lenny Wilkens, and Debbie Allen, $5,000.

• • June 1, Manchester, Mass., top Obama foreign affairs adviser Tony Lake, $150 to $500.

• • June 3, South Pasadena, Calif., New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, $5,000.

• • June 9, Chapel Hill, N.C., Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, $2,500.

• • June 6, Washington, campaign manager David Plouffe, $150 to $500 for a 30-minute "VIP Strategy Session" before the general reception.


It was over $2,300 for a photo will Bill for Hillary's fund raising!! but then again that is why she has so much DEBT all over the Country.

The Obama's have had years of experience, being able to raise donated money. They have had good teachers, Chicago/Illinois political arena. "Pay and Play", is the motto of the Chicago/Illinois political arena. Some time the price to play is high, as it will be for Rezko.

Well, the Republican party met in Houston, TX for I think a $5,000 a plate dinner in 1981. Howling protesters outside.
Journalists like myself were kept outside as well-and that wasn't at anybody's HOME. It was held in a public building involving a presidential motorcade through the streets of Houston.
That's abuse.
And, given what we learned during a REAL scandal worth impeaching over (Iran-Contra) --that's Pinocchio.
That's also something that's been LINKED to someone.
Politics are dirty in Chicago, in Illinois--in every STATE of this country.
We're living through the return of Boss Tweed.
This former Michigan gal wonders what's your point, jp, michigan?
The Republicans who kicked our BUTTS til Bill and Hillary came along did not reveal to us the evil things they were saying to raise money.
I've gotta think it was a LOT worse than anything Michelle or Barack could say to a group of donors, don't you? Stuff maybe about busting unions, ruining broadcasting and print media, getting money flowing again to the arms and war profiteers, not to mention the OIL companies?
If the 'worse' thing Sen. Obama has said was a sort of rambling factoid about the state of middle America (have you driven around this country lately?) then I don't think there's any big 'news' inside there.
Is nothing private?
I don't blame the reporter who got into the fund-raiser in CA. That's what journalists are SUPPOSED to try to do.
But, as someone who wants the nightmare in the White House and Congress to end and stay ended at LEAST for the next 20 years, I'm glad the Obama CAMPAIGN is TAKING BETTER CARE of one of the two people who might be our front-runner in the Fall.

I believe that is DAWN, not Carol

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