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Obama slams McCain for closed fund-raiser with Bush. Michelle Obama headlines Hollywood elites event.


WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday, likely Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama slammed GOP rival Sen. John McCain for holding a fund-raiser with President Bush with "no reporters'' around. Today, Michelle Obama is headlining a fund-raiser in California for Hollywood elites that the campaign did not announce.

Obama has long been saying that electing McCain would be tantamount to giving Bush a third term. McCain moved his Phoenix fund-raiser with Bush to a private home, a maneuver that let McCain invoke the Bush rule of keeping home fund-raisers off-limits to the press -- denying his foes with fresh pictures of him and the president. Bush does allow reporters to cover his fund-raisers held in public venues. McCain does not.

"And we all know why. Senator McCain doesn't want to be seen, hat-in-hand, with the president, whose failed policies he promises to continue for another four years," Obama said in Las Vegas.

"Our policy is for fund-raising events to be closed press," said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, no matter what the venue.

Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said, "Michelle Obama is not the candidate and she is not fund-raising with the president of the United States. Our campaign has hosted fund-raisers that are open to the entire press corps, and we open all of Barack Obama's fund-raisers that take place in public spaces to a pool reporter."

Obama and McCain each put limits on what the public is entitled to know about their fund-raising events. In contrast to McCain, Obama has a much more open and transparent policy, with some important limits.

Obama's campaign allows a pool reporter -- picked by the campaign -- to attend fund-raisers held in public places. A pool reporter is not allowed in events at private homes, not even to record just what Obama says.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said McCain "is the most accessible candidate to the media in this campaign" who spends "hours and hours" each day with reporters, including almost daily press conferences. McCain prefers to "interact with his supporters off the record" because "it provides a nice atmosphere" for him because he is on the record so much. "That stands in stark contrast to our opponents."

Obama rarely mingles with his traveling press corps. Michelle Obama's public events -- and some fund-raisers, but not all -- are put out on a campaign schedule.


Dear American Voters,

Hon. Senator McCain and Obama besides each having many attributes and characteristics. The critical differences in my professional, political, and personal opinion are as under:

1. Presidential "Temperament and Integrity".
2. Little Washington "insider Versus outsider" connectedness.
3. Vision and mission for our future rather than past.

In my professional opinion one senator has it and the other does not. We need one for our Greatgrand Nation to address our all these challenges with a fresh, clean and new slate.

God Bless America. its diverse people, and our Greatgrand Nation.

Yours truly,

COL. [retd] A.M.Khajawall
Forensic psychiatrist, Las Vegas NV

Obama states his fund raisers are open to the press corp. Well, we know that is not true, thats how the bitter and clinging to their guns got out. It was a closes meeting , wasn't it. Pinocchio Obama, just one more lies to add to the others, soon you won't be able to enter a room, your nose will be so long!

JP- stop talking nasty about Obama. He may be our top of the ticket. And hopefully Hillary will be veep, but...

Calling his principal opponent divisive and polarizing is not honorable. Trashing previous Democratic administrations is neither honorable nor wise politics. Trashing the occupation of another of his opponents is not honorable. Blatantly introducing the race card is not honorable. Refusing to allow re-votes in Florida and Michigan to facilitate voter participation is not honorable. Flooding caucus sites with goon squads is not honorable. Smiling while his supporters boo his principle opponent is not honorable. Making rude gestures in reference to his principle opponent is not honorable. Boasting that he received more delegates than his opponent after his opponent had a higher popular turnout is not honorable. Refusing an unmoderated debate is not honorable. Removing his name from the ballot to taint a sure victory by his principle opponent is not honorable. Attending a church for 20+ years to provide yourself with a Black political base is not honorable, and then lying about never disowning your mentor and spiritual advisor is not honorable. Claiming to be the candidate of "change" while being bankrolled by corporate donors, Wall Street, banks, lawyers and pharmaceutical companies, is not only not honorable but yet another lie. Inventing an non-existent uncle who rescued Jews from a death camp is another stupid lie. Telling an audience that he has visited 57 states and has one more state to visit makes one wonder about the vaunted Harvard education or how he managed to get a law degree. Did he actually pass the bar exam? Since the McGovern Commission rules changed the method of selecting nominees, Barrack Obama has run the filthiest, tackiest most dishonorable primary campaign of any Democrat in my memory.

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