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Obama picks up 3 more Illinois superdelegates: Daley, Currie and Stroger.


WASHINGTON--When the Democratic Party of Illinois meet next week to finish filling out the delegate slate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will pick up three more superdelegates, according to Steve Brown, a spokesman for state party chair Michael Madigan, who is also the speaker of the Illinois House.

That's because the three appointments are all pledged to Obama: Mayor Daley --he shares strategist David Axelrod with Obama and brother Bill, the former Commerce Secetary is on the Obama team; Illinois House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), a Hyde Parker who lives near the Obamas'; and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.


Worse than Rev. Wright's Charismatic Preacher Tour--what could be worse right now than a rush to judgment from the Illinois Combine?
Obama might dodge a debate with Hillary--might choose to mischaracterize the numbers of debates, might be selective about the media and 'crowds' or 'intimate gatherings' he films commercial material with--but it's only a matter of time before the elephant in the room comes in for ITS 15 MINUTES OF FAME:
The Rezko trial.
When (it no longer really seems like IF, does it?) the trial expands to include the young pol who voted PRESENT a bit too often, there will be attention given to just which pols in Illinois cast their support his way in 'in the nick of time' before anybody could say they 'knew' the candidate was too tainted to prevail against McCain.

And this is a GOOD thing?
Sounds like really bad PR to me.
Oh, wait. There's Axelrod at the nexus.

All part of the Illinois/Chicago political arena, that produced Obama. I wonder what is in it for them. Time and money spent on getting Obama were he is at , is vitally important to this political arena.

How about she's saying this about the rich??

Glad to hear your better today.

Thank god


Barack Obama will be a fantastic president!

Let's start taking on McCain!

It's time for the dems to pick a nominee -- Barack, of course!


My site:

Thanks for the advance information. How many supers for the week thus far? 8 or 9?

Sorry you're under the weather. Please consider using a copyeditor to clean up your punctuation errors.

That's because they are hoping Obama will win before Patrick Fitzgerald sends them their subpoenas. The only problem being Obama will probably get one too. Maybe if they give Hillary and McCain a little bipartisan love they will get a better chance at a pardon. Good Luck boys the Rezko trial starts up again today.

We will have 3 more superdelegates today. They are coming home!


I applaud those superdelegates for their judgement!!!!!! To those who are undecided:

Many people ask why Obama did not leave the church, but I ask "IF YOU WALK AWAY, HOW CAN YOU ACHIEVE UNITY?"

It is absurd to question Obama’s patriotism. Obama’s character, integrity and sea mind demonstrated through this whole drama is what exactly this country needs if we stand any chance at all for a more perfect union. Ordinary person would go away, but this is exactly the difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary leader whom we can count on for making our country a better place for all.


Maria: Stop dreaming! Pinnochio will not get the nomination.

I'd be embarrassed to have Stroger's endorsement.

I don't think Obama has anything to do with un-wright. This man cannot reflect on Barack's candidacy. Nobody is responsible for
other people's mistakes. un-wright is not the one who is running for president, but Obama. Forget about hsi man once for all and
move forward, otherwise we'll be going in circle, damaging the nomination process.

Clinton has only gained because of very very negative campaigning, and I saw Bill C. talking how badley poor Hillary has suffered from Barack's attacks against her!! My God, this lie alone should tell people how deceitful the Clintons are, and because of that, they may not keep any or very few of their campaign promises. It was Bill that got NAFTA signed, with a Hillary support, and then there was something about B.Clinton, allowing the media to be controlled by one person or something like that, so he was very destructive in these ways, and did not think of the people. They are dishonest, and have proven it. We don't want another Bush, and she is pandering to his people now!! What about her blowing up Iran? People, wake up. Don't do what you did in voting for the guy you wanted to have a beer with again!!

Bill keeps talking about Hilary being attacked if she can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. This man is attacked by two Republicans and he is handling it okay. Hilary is a Republican and anyone who thinks differently just look at her O'Reilly interview last nite.

i did not know the The Three Stoges were Super Delegates.

Obama has won the Dem race stop waisting your time and above money lets get behind this great world leader and his new idea's

I look forward to an Obama presidency. We need someone with the power to reach over the stagnant centers of Washington politics and provide leadership directly to the people. Obama is a personality that does not often appear. He is the one I have been waiting for all these years. There is much to repair and I look forward to reaching out a helping hand as he reaches back. I look forward to his first Fireside chat with those of us Washington has forgotten. I look forward to living in the America we can recreate out of the ashes we have been given.

Teddyo, What ideas are those that Mr Hope wants to spread upon us. I can not wait for the Tax increases to start kicking in. Soup Kitchens here I come.

Usually in a Presidential Election, people vote against another candidate instead of strong support for their candidate. But Obama's popularity and acceptability defy that notion. It's not an American Idol type of worship, although he certainly is charismatic. But there's a depth of character (not at all time, of course)with Obama that is very refreshing in American politics.

I don't get it. Obama is a rich, middle aged, career politician whose never had a real job. He's not shown any leadership at all in Washington as a Senator nor any ability to change anything at all. What makes you think he has fairy dust in his pocket?

Obama = too tainted? Compared to whom, exactly? Unless your answer is somewhere along the lines of "The Dali Lama", or "Mother Theresa", you'll have a hard time convincing anyone with 1/8th of a brain and access to any information that the man is more politically or morally sullied than any of his opponents.

I think the biggest irony is that you folks continue to assume that Obama's supporters are ignorant to the facts, despite the knowledge that a vast majority of those with a higher education are voting for him, not Clinton. With so many educated, informed voters backing this guy, at what point do you step back and ask yourself, "what the hell am I talking about?"

Seriously, do you folks (yes, you too Lynn) get your info. and talking points directly from the Hillary Clinton website, or do you pop on over to FOX every so often to regurgitate some of their brilliant analysis? You know, there's a reason people (esp. moderate liberals, like myself) have switched to the Trib. Sure it's a little dry, and their op-eds lean right, but the coverage (of these primaries in particular) is far more objective. Some of us like it when our newspaper is informative, not inflammatory.

The American people deserve to know that Mrs. Clinton is involved in a campaign fraud case in Los Angelos. The case is Paul vs. Clinton. I do not understand why the media does not report this information to the people.

Daley, et al... are hoping Obama gets to the WhiteHouse before Fitzgerald subpoenas them; but -- Obama might be getting that "subpoena" too... It's amazing the timing v the Rezko verdict!

As for the post from DH re Clinton and a CIVIL suit out of LA re a slimey wanna be/producer that held a fund raising luncheon and then cried, "fowl" because he could not recruit BC to me a spokesperson for his and Stan Lee's, a retired comic book writer, new venture... someone's been reading made up press re that matter. I read the complaint (you can find it on line... it's a bunch of garbage and the guy is either a fortune hunter or some slimeball put him up to it to attempt to get the Clinton's bad press.

Sorry - I know this is a Chicago newspaper so I apologize for anything seemingly negative about your golden Senator... but we all know he isn't stupid, thus either "a user"/opportunist or part of te sludge of the Illinois Combine...

Looks like the Republicans won again... they got the candidate they can ruin!


from SF CA

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