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Obama meeting with superdelegates in Washington on Thursday.


CHICAGO---Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is returning to Washington on Wednesday night to get ready for rounds of in-person meetings with uncommitted superdelegates on Thursday.This comes as the Obama campaign --bolstered by the North Carolina win and the slim loss in Indiana--is ready to lay-off Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)--if she does not go after Obama.


This is so unreal how Hillary can continue to remain as a contestant! Surely, this is not about her personal ambition!. What about the democratic party? She has been making attacks on her own democratic opponent...worse than the republicans!!, changing rules that would benefit her, and arrogantly believing that she is entitled to these changes. She is demanding rules that were made earlier in the year for Florida and Michigan to be changed to suit her. If she were the strongest and most electable candidate, then why is she behind and not the front runner? I don't have anything personal against Sen Clinton, but it is time to stop this selfishness and begin to get our party together. As stated, this is not about Senator Clinton. I cannot believe how weak the DNC can be. Why jeopardize an entire party for one candidate who is behind. If this were Obama, he would have been tossed out!

It amazes me, how someone like Obama, who is in the middle of the Political arena in Illinois/Chicago, goes on and on. You think some one would step up and tell all. So, now we have to do what we can, as Americans to stop Obama from the White House, even if it means putting McCain in the oval office.

Was it the long arm of the Chicago/Illinois combine?

jp,michigan--have you LOST your MIND?

Are you now or have you ever been a (post Ronald Reagan era) Republican?

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