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"Budweiser Barack" in Indiana gives "closing argument" speech. Clinton in NC.


CARY, NC. --Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) on Saturday morning will be in this suburb of Raleigh--she is running late at an event keyed to female voters. Then she heads to Wake Forest--also outside of Raleigh-- for a get-out-the vote rally before heading to the eastern part of the state. Southern food guru Paula Deen, who was supposed to appear with Clinton had to cancel. Scheduling conflict, I was told.

Speaking of food....Meanwhile, in Indiana, Obama blends a serious "closing argument" speech in Indianapolis with more "Budweiser Barack" campaigning. Obama makes the speech this afternoon at a high school in Indianapolis. The Obamas' then attend a picnic, a potluck and an ice cream social.

Spokesman Bill Burton previews the speech this way: "Today, Senator Barack Obama will deliver a speech on helping working families succeed in a global economy by changing the Washington culture of gimmicks and game-playing and creating a new ki" the influence of l.obbyists, brings both parties together."


Lynn--the food woman stood Hillary up? Was she drinking a Bud?
No matter.
Hillary will be on Dave. Here's my top ten list, if anyone cares:
10. I can figure out latte machines at gas stations in 11 seconds or less.
9. When my spouse browbeats journalists, he doesn’t have cleavage peaking through a tight pink top.
8. I can clap rhythmically and I’m not a member of Rev. Wright’s church.
7. I know how to scratch my face after losing a debate without being ‘flip.’
6. I buy houses without the help of suspected mobsters.
5. I don’t try singing near any open microphones anymore!
4 My testicular fortitude comes without the coughing!
3. Richard Daley doesn’t pimp anything about me.
2. My voters don’t threaten to burn down Denver if I lose.
1. Your corporate masters don’t alter video of me to suggest I’m not flipping off my opponent

This is the first (and probably only) time that I know one of the presidential candidates (Obama). Seeing the odd political coverage, the branding exercises ("bowling", "bitter", "elitist"), and the Rorschach commentary of voters, I begin to wonder what Hillary Clinton is really like underneath all that sniper fire.

So, can we shelve branding terms like "Budweiser Barack?"

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