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Obama "deeply disappointed" in Father Michael Pfleger. UPDATE Pfleger apology.


WASHINGTON--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said in a statement he was "deeply disappointed" in Father Michael Pfleger, after the priest --in a scene caught on videotape-- mocked Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y) from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago--the home church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. UPDATE Click below for Pfleger apology

“As I have traveled this country, I've been impressed not by what divides us, but by all that that unites us. That is why I am deeply disappointed in Father Pfleger's divisive, backward-looking rhetoric, which doesn't reflect the country I see or the desire of people across America to come together in common cause," Obama said in a statement.

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Response of Rev. Michael L. Pfleger of statements made during a sermon on Sunday, May 25, 2008

"I regret the words I chose on Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Senator Obama's life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Senator Clinton or anyone else who saw them."


Sooner or later Obama will move his membership....I would do it now, so that he and Trinity can move on.

Here we go again. The idea of him being the uniter is a stone joke. Look at the people he surrounds himself with.
Another of the ministers on his campaign payroll.

How many more of these lunatics are lurking around in Obama's past?

Another pathetically weak response from Obama. Can you imagine what the press would be reporting if Pope Benedict pranced around the country saying anything close to what Wright and this loon are saying. The priest should be immediate censured and defrocked.

This seems a regular occurance at that church and Obama sat silent for 20 years while this kind of hate filled antics and incitement was going on.

This goes to show what Sen. Barack Hussein Obama surrounds himself with. If he were my pastor, forget it you will not see my or my children their.

No excuses Obama on this. Everyone who supports you should have known better to continue this behavior.

Pfleger Has been the same as wright.

Spewing off about white people, Inciting racism, and anti American sentiment in his sermons, teachings and talks.

People who taught Obama all he knows, are his spiritual advisor's, mentors. Those who worked hard to get him from Chicago to where he is now.

I am Amaze the Pfleger belongs to the Catholic Church. That is mind boggling.

I don't care what Obama thinks or cares, but as a preist this guy was out of line and should be disciplined by his diocese.

I am concerned about the fact that Obama spent 20 years in that church that appears to be a cesspool of racism. It appears to be a pulpit from which the speakers (I will not concede that these people are speaking as Christian ministers) can let lose any wild political rant that comes to mind that will excite the audience (not congregation).

This is why Obama cannot be the top of the ticket. He has been mocking Hillary the SAME as Pfleger, I am convinced.
He can be Hillary's veep.
That will give he and Michelle and their children a time to learn that not all white liberals are the enemy.

This little performance will COST THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THE WHITE HOUSE if Obama is on the top of the ticket.
Pfleger's attack on Clinton will probably mean that this 30 year far left voter (Democratic) will no doubt see a LOT of people with my perspective staying HOME along with moderate Democratic voters like myself.
Shame on Father fleger.

How about "my words are inconsistent with the behavior of a Catholic priest?"

I am very angered that once again Sen. Obama has to deal with another priest who is NOT SPEAKING FOR OBAMA. Senator Obama would NEVER speak about anyone [male or female] in those terms because Obama never has been KNOWN to have done so! What I despise is that the public starts to think that Obama and his preacher or priest are one and the same person with Obama - AND THEY ARE NOT. OBAMA IS HIS OWN PERSON AND SHOULD NOT BE HELD TO ANYTHING HIS PREACHER, PRIEST, FRIEND, OR FAMILY MIGHT SAY AND THE PUBLIC MUST UNDERSTAND THAT THESE ARE NOT OBAMA'S WORDS, If the MSM wants to play this "guilt by association" game then it needs to be played across the board! This has not occurred and I am LIVID about it! We saw McCain run to seek Hagee's endorsement, and that same thing with Rod Parsley and when they said some controversial things, but McCain then threw both under the bus with his statements of "well at least I did not sit in his churck for 20 years! That angers me since church and state are SEPARATE but the public makes it part of every election, It is wrong, but the candidates are forced to acknowledge their religions. Clinton skated since her campaign put out the sound bytes of Wright and for 2+ months or 24/7 we only heard the sound bytes without ever hearing the sermons - that is the way the MSM relished putting it out there just like they wanted! This is bad enough, but for the MSM to not play this "guilt by association" with allthe candidates was just WRONG! Obama is NOT his preachers nor are his preachers Onama. It's spin, hype AND PROPOGANDA on Obama only because the media is scared s&&tless thinking that things will not remain the same in Washington WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA [AND THEY HAVE REASON TO BE SCARED] - he will make PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE AND RESPONSIBILE.

I watched this video and am not surprised that these kinds of sermons are still going on at Obama's church. Well, I guess Obama never heard Rev. Pfleger ever speak like that before. Yea, sure! Wise up folks. Obama knows exactly how Rev. Wright and Rev. Pfleger feel about white people and has listened to this trash for years. And then there are Obama's supporters who think that he hasn't been influence by them. Yea, sure!

He is a politician not a priest! When will Cardinal George get rid of this lunatic???

This is disturbing. Extremely disturbing. And we're seeing a pattern begin to emerge. These people that are the Obama's closest friends obviously hate whites. This is not what we want or need in the White House. America TAKE NOTE!

The expediency of an "apology" .... politicians are the worst....just say I'm sorry and walk away, NO CONSEQUENCES!


Obama and his liberation theology ministers and this priest have been pals for a long time..............SHAME on the whole d*mned
the lot of them. This is misogny ONCE AGAIN, and this Priest's Cardinal in Chicago will be FLOODED with complaints...mine included!!!!!!! Just what the Catholic Church needs right now, right?

OBAMA you are DONE....DONE....DONE! NO ELECTABILITY WHATEVER, and this should clinch it! Go home and take care of your own kids before you throw this grandmother under the bus as well!

I live overseas, just heard the sermon from father Pfleger about Hilary and her crying because she feels entitled. I laughed so hard I thought I would fall off my balcony! What a line, this guy speaks what I have thought all along and its great to hear someone get up in public and say it. I'm not a church going type, not into religion at all, but this guy would encourage me to attend church if it offers those kind of real world .

How in the hel does a church like this keep it's tax exempt status? Does no one at this newspaper have the courage to ask this question or are you all cowards in Chicago?

Father Michael Pfleger is a disgrace to the Catholic Church, to Catholics everywhere, and especially to the Archdiocese of Chicago.

He should be kicked out of the priesthood. No mercy.

I was glad to see you discuss Father Pfleger with Greta Van Susteren tonight. She is my favorite Fox News anchor. Next time you see her, Lynn, please mention you and I knew each other in Chicago a few years ago.

Your buddy,

George Spink
Los Angeles

I am sick an tired of all these apologizes, why don't people say what they mean and mean what they say. Everybody is saying things and everybody else is deeply puzzled or sadden by it except for BUSH" he's not apologizing for fabricating a senseless war that resulted in senseless murder!!!!!

I have good judgment, good judgment, excellent judgment.

He attracts them like flies to sh-t, or should we say, he was attracted to them like flies to …

I am a Democrat and I can not beleive that this is somehting the majority finds acceptable. I have never seen as much racism in modern times regarding an election.

I wish people would wake up and smell the coffee and realize that Obama is NOT is clean and perfect as we are portrayed to think. Let's face it we live in a society where we are often judged by the people we know and how they also act. On 2 different occasions his RELIGIOUS associates have made some of the most racial and bias remarks I can recall ever hearing from people of faith.

Why are people not seeing this as a MAJOR red flag. Look, I like Clinton, but she is not much better, sure she is an opportunist, but when it comes to who is going to be able to deliver, its not going to be Obama.

I am not even going to vote this year because I can not vote for people I can not see eye to eye on.

AND for al lof the Obama supporters that want to throw the race card at my statements please do so because that seems to be the beleif of many that are a part of the campaign, call people a racist because they do not agree.... how petty.

Why doesn't Obama grow some balls. Did he really have to issue that statement?

What is it about people with collars these days - whether it is Wright, Pfleger, Hagee, Falwell, etc., etc. I guess all Americans have the right to say what they want about politics and the people in them. However, I cannot recall Jesse Jackson, and certainly never Martin Luther King, Jr., using language and mockery of this type to "make a point." Nor do I recall Billy Graham and his generation of religious leaders doing so. I think these current "fellows" need to go back and re-take "Charity and Mercy For All, 101" in seminary. If this is the best we can hope for from our charismatic religious leadership, then we shouldn't be surprised that we have wound up with the failed political leadership we now have (and have had for some time). Nothing but hypocritical, greedy, self-serving morons!

I actually enjoyed it. It probably does not belong in church but DefJam comedy hour. Hillary has acted horribly this entire primary and if people are making fun of her because of it. ooh, too bad so sad. None of this would be taking place if she would have admitted defeat gracefully and left the stage. Pfleger is a Catholic Priest, not a Christian Minister. He does not belong to that church and Obama was not there. He apoligized and Obama denounced, end of story. You know like Liz Trotta saying she would like to see both Osama & Obama you know what (I wont write the "A" word here. She apologized,end of story. HRC never apologized for her horrific gaffe and it came straight from her mouth. Obama did not say these things someone else did. He has no power over what comes out of other peoples mouths he only has power over his words and those are the words you should be listening to. Not some dumb Priest who was mad at DINO.(HRC)

I cannot believe how illiterate and gullible the majority of posters are here. This "gentleman" doesn't speak for Obama. Neither did Reverend Wright.

I have never seen so much fear. A black man in the White House. Imagine that. I bet some of you won't sleep well for the entire term he's living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. To you I say: Get ready. Get over yourselves. It's going to happen. And it's about time!

I don't think most of you who posted to this board even go to church.
Everyone knows you can't control what you pastor/priest says,
wheather its john Hagee, Wright, Pat Robinson or ,Father Michael Pfleger.
And too you race baiters. Father PFLEGER IS WHITE, so how can he a racist to himself.

Please catch up with your current events.

Apparently most of you writing these comments do not attend church regularly
Churches are BIG business
All over the country we have what are called "mega churches" preaching a 'prosperity ministry'
The ministers are treated like rock stars

They say and do from the pulpit what ever will keep the seats filled and the money rolling in

Why anyone is surprised or why anyone would take these fools seriously is a mystery to me
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton - they're all in the same league as these jack leg ministers
You only have to look back at the beginning of the Bush administration

The Jack Leg ministers are what got him elected


What, the big deal, he only speak the truth.

know many of the comments that were written must have come from Clinton’s top supporters, as she so eloquently dubbed you: White- Uneducated Blue-Collared Workers. Even you must know this is bull. So now Obama is associating himself with a white Catholic Priest to encourage White hatred. I do wish when Obama becomes President, he would look into how America has academically failed you. My God continue to bless USA

I for one do not beleive that politics belong in the church. It is the house of God, not the goverments house. When will all Americans' wake up. We are slowing becoming a communists nation. Do the reserach, you might be surpised at what you will find. Whitegrandma4obama, it is not about race. It is about trust, morality, having the American peoples' best interest at heart. Goverment lines their pockets with your tax dollars. They want to tell you what doctor you can see, what television program can be shown, talk radio will be band if not pro-communist and how you can spend your hard earned dollars. Frankly, I would vote for "none of the above" on the ballot. I do not see where any of these people have anything to offer the county.

I feel like we are living in the twilight zone. Supposed "Democrats" say they will not vote for the Democratic nominee because supporters make statements that they do not agree with or find offensive. A difficult to understand position, but I could almost respect that decision.

HOWEVER, why are those "offended" people only bothered by comments made by "supporters" (not sure if Wright is really a supporter) of the Obama campaign when the supporters, surrogates, candidate and candidate's husband have made numerous divisive and offensive comments which do not seem to bother them in the least.

If you are truly offended, make a choice ... vote Republican or Independent, or for the eventual Democratic nominee (if you believe that there are still enough significant differences between the parties), but don't sit home and sulk like a two-year-old.

It is retarded to hear so many people talking about sitting out the election process because their favorite candidate did not get the nomination. Participate in the process. Vote for the best of the available candidates, and quit sitting on your couches whining about what is wrong with America. No wonder the rest of the world thinks that we are clueless, Presidential elections should be view seriously and won on serious issues (Iraq, economy, etc) not fluff (bowling scores, better drinker, etc.).

Obama chose to spend 20 years listening to Wright, who visited Mumar Kadafi with Louis Farakan. Obama gets endorsements from Farakan, Pfleger, Hugo Chavez, Hamas, Ahmadinajad, Castro ... and, some people still say "Poor Obama is the victim"??? The Clinton's gave service in the White House, which provided our country with peace and prosperity for 8 years. What has Obama and his supporters done for this country??? McCain, was tortured for 5 years defending this country. What has Obama and his supporters done for this country? Pfleger says the whites have a sense of entitlement, but then he says America has to pay the price to people of color, for things that happened 100 years ago ... so, who has the expectation of entitlement??? I say ... elect either Clinton, or McCain for '08 !!!

Here we go again, the republicans grasping at straws to derail the the barak freight train, while the hillarites cheering on the derailment attempt.

YES!! What pfleger said is sick and sad and uncalled for. For people who don't go to church, you need to understand that preachers/ministers/speakers sometimes get caught up in "moments of unedited/uncontrolled thought extractions" where things come out of their mouth that they would not normally say in a conversation MUCH LESS to the person's face directly. We all have horrible thoughts about each other....sometimes about our very loved ones, but we DO NOT SAY THEM. Does that make us a saint and people like PFleger the devil!

Get a life you negative story Jack Rabbit hoppers. If you want something juicy to drink, try the Bush term coming to an end with possible indictments to follow. If you put McCain in office, you could kiss that beverage goodbye and just suck on the hard rock of a Bush economics and war extended for 4 more years. WAKE UP Y'ALL!!!!!

Entertaining thread.
On record, I support Obama, as the candidate who suggests we may turn the huge mess we’re in around, if we pull together.
So I smile at the semi-literate rantings. That all the uncontrolled rage comes from those opposing Obama seems encouraging in what it says about his constituency.

For myself, I though Fr. Pfleger put on a bit too much blackface, but I didn’t actually see anyone upset; no doubt some were. But his message, not one of hate but certainly of righteous anger, was in line, Biblically speaking.

If Nineveh had reacted to Jonah with angry rants, they wouldn’t have gotten out from under God’s wrath alive.
Isaiah, Jeremiah, ...Jesus? Those commissioned to speak God’s word to the hearers speak terrible judgments, and calls to turn away from and repent of wrongs done, of failure to love God and one’s neighbor.

Listen to yourselves. Obama doesn't even know this man. He did not invite this nutjob to speak. While you are harping about Obama's associations with this person and that person remember this. Rev Wright was one of Bill and Hilary Clinton's spiritual advisors during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Check your facts before showing your ignorance.

It's amazing how few people seem to have noticed that Michael Pfleger is not a member of Trinity UCC, nor is he on the pastoral staff. Michael Pfleger is a Catholic priest who appeared at Trinity as a guest speaker. The Obamas are not now, and never have been, among his parishioners. It also is amazing that Senator Obama is continually called upon to apologize for and denounce any and all offensive comments by any and all people he has ever known. If I were held to that standard, I would have to turn my back on half my family!




This is simple.

Obama's core beliefs run concurrent with those of Rev. Wright and Fr. Pfleger. He believes that institutionalized raceism by the white majority against the african american minority has existed in our society for 200 years and still exists in our socity today. He believes this because that is what he has been told by his friends, advisors and pastor for the last 17 years.

Embedded within this belief, as highlited by Fr. Pfleger, is the notion that because of this raceism, (we'll call them european americans for the sake of consistancy) european americans somehow owe the aferican american population of the United States compensation for years of oppression.

How do we know that he believes this? Because though he denies that he adheres to some of the more absurd clames by Wright and Pfleger such as:

1. the government created AIDS to kill black people and
2. Hillery Clinton is entitled to the Presedency because she is
white and
3. the government deliberately ignored New Orleans during Katrina
so more black people would die

Obama has not denied the underlying racist viewpoint that spawns this kind of obsurd nonsense. And no matter how much he states to the contrary, he can not have been a member of that church for 17 years and listened to that kind of viewpoint for all those 17 years and not been influenced by that type of speech.

What frightens me is that he is simply hiding those personally held views for political expediency in order to get elected.

In the past 40 years the government has worked to hard to legislate out institutionalized racism and discrimination. And I think it has done a remarkable job. I'm not so naive as to believe that racism and discrimination no longer exist. I just know that it is illeagal in the United States. 200 years of hearts and minds need time to change. And get real. White on black slavery was hardly a new idea. Every society and I mean every society throughout history has either taken slaves or been enslaved. White, Black, Asian, Egyption, Jewish, Slavic, Germanic, Irish, Roman, Pershian.....the list is endless. Aferican americans don't have any more to claim aggrieved status than any other culture.

If Obama gets elected I believe that he will, in an effort to fulfill his core belief that european americans owe african americans some sort of compensation, that laws will change. Affirmative action (just a fancy word for discrimiation) will become law. Income redistribution (just a fancy word for unequal discriminatory tax policies) will be institutionalized. Socalized medicine will be instituted and become another huge unmanagable government entitlement program that will fail in 60 years as all other entitlement programs have.

These and other government programs designed to legislate inequality based on a false sence of deserved restitution will set the United States back 60 years and perpetuate the racial devides that we are trying to elliminate.

Do not elect Obama. He is playing politics. He is hiding his core values from us. He may superficially denounce Rev. Wrght and Fr. Pleger but I think he truely believes in their ideals.

At this point I thoroughly believe this is the type of racial resentment that Obama believes in - The most distubing part of this tirade was Pfleger (I am Catholic and absolutely will not call this disgracefully behaved man Father)going on about reparation. Ultimately if Obama gets to the White House - White America will be told they must pay out of their "401k's, inheritances" etc, to the Black Community for the past sin of slavery. Frankly, whites who are 1st or 2nd generation American - and whites whose families fought and died with the Yankees to free the slaves are particulary insulted by what feels like a demand for a handout. Are they going to ask any of the Blacks from Africa for restitution since those were among the people who sold them in the first place?

I have absolutely no problem with a black man as President of the United States.

I have a BIG problem with THIS MAN as President of the United States.

Father Pfleger's remarks are neither Christian nor facts. I would never go so far as to suggest that Obama feels that same way as Revs. Wright and Pfleger. Still, I do not find it encouraging that to fill a Chruch on Chicago'a South side the sermon has to involves anti- white comments.

How odd that so many people support Barack Obama because of his message of hope and unity, but people whom he has known for years aren't inspred by this message at all. I don't hold out a lot of hope that anyone in Washington will be inspred by it either. I hope Obama has a Plan B for running the country should he be elected.

this election has allowed us to see the inside of a black church
where hate is the sermon of the day..
all are friends and advisers to obama for many years
so he knows what they believe
they want this to be a white vs black vote
ok then why not give them what they want?
it's going to kill me.. a life long dem to
cross over but i think that is what the rev and father f
want us to do? and don't call me a racist until you see both videos! I think that the message is very clear...obama can't
be trusted to run the country if these are the people he is going to have around him at the WHITE HOUSE...

I have been called a Right Wing Christian Radical because I am a white Southern Baptist man. Even though I don't agree with EVERYTHING in the SBC, I am still label as a backwoods hick who should keep my mouth shut. Jerry Falwell was vilified by some of the remarks that he made. Those remarks seem very tame compared to Wright and Pfleger (neither of which are reverend) comments, but now we hear only "don't associate Obama with the people he associates with. He is his own man." Sorry but you have associated and labled me for associating with Falwell and James Dobson so now the shoe is on the other foot. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If I sat under Jerry Falwell for 20 years then I would naturally have to agree with his doctrine. Obama and his klan (oops, clan) need to heed the biblical verse "live by the sword, die by the sword". America needs to wise up to this charleton.

As a catholic I am deeply disappointed in Cardinal George today.Father Pfleger should not hold a place as a priest in the Catholic church. Father Pfleger has been allowed to break all the rules of our Church.
I attend church regularly and have never heard my pastor preach about politics. That is not what I want to hear when in church.
I respect Cardinal George as a kind and caring man. He must however, stop Father Pfleger in this situation otherwise I believe he will regret this action.We have been through too much in our church by by Bishops not acting swiftly enough with our priests in the past. We are all struggling to get through the situation with the abuse that was allowed to take place in the past years.
I am deeply ahamed of Fr. Pfleger.

I am a Roman Catholic and am OUTRAGED at this Priests' racist comments. He should be thrown out of the Catholic Church, where is the Pope when things happen like this??? He is not a good example thats for sure, he needs to be removed. Things like this make me as a Roman Catholic feel like throwing in the towel to the "so called" mother church...

It is interesting to note that all the people who are saying that Fr. Pfleger is a racist who "hates white people" - Fr. Pfleger IS white. Explain please?

Also, for the poster who said they had never heard Billy Graham or MLK say stuff like this - you haven't been listening then.

MLK said in his sermon to the striking sanitation workers in Memphis two weeks before he was assassinated "America is going to hell". This one isn't all over YouTube along with many of his other very confrontational speeches that were delivered during the last two years of his life. MLK had moved beyond the civil rights stuff and was railing against the Vietnam War and economic injustice around the world. Most of those speeches have been conveniently "forgotten" in our history of that era.

Billy Graham has also said stuff like this - WHEN HE WAS AT THE WHITE HOUSE when Nixon was president. I don't have an exact quote from him but even though he did say incendiary stuff - he continued to be a favorite at the White House through both Democratic and Republican administrations.

John McCain has now thrown Hagee and Parsley under the bus so to speak. But other preachers (all of them white!) are still in positions of influence and power. Pat Robertson has also said that 9/11 was a judgement by God against abortions, gay people and the like. He also advocated for our CIA to assassinate the President of another country. Yet he is still much admired and called upon to act as a media pundit all the time. And there are many others....

I think a lot of the posters on this thread have never actually heard Rev Wright's complete sermons - and if they had - they would know that the one that contains the "God damn America" line he is quoting someone else - a WHITE ambassador. Those are not even Wright's words.

You people need to get a life.

If you really want to know about scary religions - check out Hillary's association with her secret society.

At least Obama's stuff is out in the open - unlike this.

The statement belongs to Pfleger. Obama did not induce the priest to utter those words.


Obama cannot hide anymore...The U.S. is now seeing the real Obama. Pfleger is a "joke" and a reproach to the Catholic church. He needs to be OUt of the church. This group that is filled with hate.

Obama did not only stay 20 years with Reverend Wright church but also must have sympathized and believed in what he teached. Proof?? Michelle Obama's speech on "USA is a mean country".

I notice that Cardinal George of Chicago doesn't have the guts to put an e-mail contact on the Archdiocese website...does anyone have any contact information for these "leaders"????

According to the Cardinal's message on his website the disgraceful Pfleger "has promised me that he will not enter into campaigning, will not publicly mention any candidate by name and will abide by the discipline common to all Catholic priests."

Go to Sabina church website and right on the front is this message: "Senator Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, love America, are passionate about its future, and desire at their very core the best for this country and for each and every one...The truth is we need both!..."

The archdiocese of Chicago should lose its tax free status for this outright endorsement of Obama...

If the Cardinal had any guts I would be all over his e-mail too. In the meantime I am going to go to the parish website at

Here is Pfleger's contact page...I sent him a respectful but stern comment myself.

And here is his e-mail address:

I would love to know if there is anyone from Pfleger's past that can shed light on whether or not this man has always suffered from the delusion that he is black....... I don't care, personally, if the man is green or yellow or white or black. I just don't understand why he has to go to these great lengths to prove he's one of the brothers. (Kind of reminds me of Steve Martin from the movie "The Jerk:" 'I was born a poor black child.I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi.')

If Pfleger ever actually cooperates with his boss and leaves his current parish (as all other priests are required to do), I am left to wonder if he would pick up, say, a Polish accent if he wound up in a primarily Polish parish. Kind of like Madonna in England.

Doesn't he realize how he actually loses credibility by looking like a lunatic?

Beyond the politics, Obama has a responsibility as a Christian to counsel his brothers and sisters at Trinity to act in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. To stand by a pastor who invites a hatemonger to the church to teach the family, to stand by while his brothers and sisters cheer for messages of hatred, makes fun of a human being for crying, promotes racial division and lack of harmony, etc., is sinful. Barack has a responsiblity to admonish his family at Trinity and, if they don't commit to change, and they likely won't, then he must remove himself from their company. Or else be further stained himself which I believe is increasingly becoming the case. Poor Barack. Read Paul in your Bible Barack.

Sen. Obama has demonstrated by his choice of Trinity United Church Of Christ and his decision to support Rev. Wright and
his kind of messages for 20 years, along with his continued
participation with this church, this congregation, and the same
kind of messengers, Meek, Farrakhan, and now Pfleger that he is
a militant black with a militant message, not the message of
unity, hope, and the ability to be color-blind. The Audacity of

Pfleger needs someone to pull him to the side and teach him an old fashioned lesson!
Get the drift?


I think this would be a good time for Obama to say he is withdrawing his membership to Trinity Church due to a conflict between his beliefs and the statements being made on the pulpit there. It is a shame that a man of Obama's character with his positive message is being undermined by the negativity of people like Rev. Wright and Father Pfleger who seem to see this candidacy as their opportunity for their 5 minutes of fame.

to Not Shy: Obama does know that nut job. And has gotten him several hundred thousand dollars worth of grants over the years. And his campaign manager, David Axelrod, was putting together a documentary on Father nut-job before Obama's presidential campaign.

Senator Obama would NEVER speak about anyone [male or female] in those terms because Obama never has been KNOWN to have done so!


Kathy, Obama's national campaign co-chair, Jesse Jacskson, Jr., treated Clinton in exactly the same way on Hardball. He made fun of her moment of emotion and said that she was crying over her appearance but she couldn't be bothered to shed a tear of Katrina vicims. His national security adviser made jokes about a 60-year-old woman "finding her voice". Both of those men work closely with Barack Obama. They spoke disrespectfully about Clinton, assigning motives to her that they could not know, just as Pfleger did. All three of these Obama surrogates attacked Clinton on the basis of her gender.

Obama apologists seem to spend hundreds of thousands of hours trying to convince rational people that Obama is not responsible for these attacks. It's not true and it's offensive. Human beings should not attack others based on their gender, race, age or culture. Obama's campaign has trafficked in manufactured racial slights and offensive gender and cultural stereotypes.

Under his leadership, Barack Obama's campaign has become a campaign of bigotry. The Democratic Party should not reward this move into the politics of hatred.

Senator Obama would NEVER speak about anyone [male or female] in those terms because Obama never has been KNOWN to have done so!


Kathy, Obama's national campaign co-chair, Jesse Jacskson, Jr., treated Clinton in exactly the same way on Hardball. He made fun of her moment of emotion and said that she was crying over her appearance but she couldn't be bothered to shed a tear of Katrina vicims. His national security adviser made jokes about a 60-year-old woman "finding her voice". Both of those men work closely with Barack Obama. They spoke disrespectfully about Clinton, assigning motives to her that they could not know, just as Pfleger did. All three of these Obama surrogates attacked Clinton on the basis of her gender.

Obama apologists seem to spend hundreds of thousands of hours trying to convince rational people that Obama is not responsible for these attacks. It's not true and it's offensive. Human beings should not attack others based on their gender, race, age or culture. Obama's campaign has trafficked in manufactured racial slights and offensive gender and cultural stereotypes.

Under his leadership, Barack Obama's campaign has become a campaign of bigotry. The Democratic Party should not reward this move into the politics of hatred.

I hope the super delegates are watching the videos of Obamas collection of longtime extremist and controversial friends and spiritual mentor's His church needs to be reported to the U.S. Tax office....pull their tax exempt number...THIS IS NOT A CHURCH....It is a POLITICAL HATE SPEWING ARENA......of division ...not uniting...except in inciting others to anger, hatred, and polarity of the races..."tell me who your friends are, I will tell you who you are."

Pfleger...another angry, hate spewing,race inflamer, who spews untruths against innocent people, and in GOD's name.....let's get real... there is no GOD in this so called church!!! is a political arena of hate ............ their own selfih issues and agendas.

God does not preach hate and people trashing! What is wrong with the people there as well....for staying there! This is not spiritually uplifting stuff....this is race enraging...without factual truth.....and trashing people...including America...NOT WHAT GOD HAS IN MIND........someone needs to take their free tax status away...they are NOT a CHURCH! ....not even close!

Super delegates if you read this, please accept that the leaders in the Democratic party made a BIG mistake....this man is not electable...please do not perpetuate this mistake any further.......please take a stand for what is in the best interests of our country....stand up for America.

Obama PICKED this church, CHOSE to stay in it for 20 years....

That tells me he AGREES with the sentiments of Wright, Pfleger, Moss, Cones and Farrakkhan...

If Obama did not agree with the hateful, racist rants of these ministers, then Obama would not have CHOSEN a church that preaches "Black Liberation Theology"....

Father Pfleger should be tossed out of the Catholic Church. He is an embarrassement to all Priests everywhere. If my Priest spoke like that on the altar I would walk out in 20 seconds, not 20 years. My Priest speaks of love, caring for each other and goodness and mercy for all. I know now where Michelle Obama got her views. I cannot believe they let their children listen to that. Anyone who condones that behavior and sits and listens to it is as demented as Pfleger. It sure has helped me make up my mind when I go to the polls.

Fool me once, shame on you (Rev. Wright)
Fool me twice, shame on me (Fr. Pflager)

Sorry Barack. These two people speak volumes about the real you, and may have cost you the white house. Today there are rumors that a video tape of your wife exists that shows her ranting about "whitey" from the pulpit of TCC. What a shame that it's existence is even being considered! But given the past few experiences we've had with your personal life, it must.

I see a day when a person wearing an Obama t-shirt will be looked upon the same way as a white mean wearing a KKK hood. Again, what a shame!!

I'll most definitely elect a black man President when that man embodies everything about the American dream - not just an empty suit.

Alan Keyes, you get my vote in 2008!

Who the hell cares what this idiot thinks!!!

What is with these men of the cloth spewing their political views to their lambs. I thought their work was to serve the LORD, not themselves. they are not very good ministers of love, hope and fact, they spread a kind of hatred that promotes racsism and divisiveness. I hope they don"t think this helped Obama.

There is something pathetic about a white man trying to ingratiate himself to a minority group, especialy when he tries to imitate their accent. For years we've heard the expression "Uncle Tom". Now I expect that "Father Pfleger" will become the caucasian equivalent. Father Pfleger pfucked up big time.

It is interesting to note that all the people who are saying that Fr. Pfleger is a racist who "hates white people" - Fr. Pfleger IS white. Explain please?

Yeah. He's white. At least on one side of the family are German immigrants (yes, Pfleger is a German name). They must be turning over in their graves.

There's something unbalanced about a Caucasian man who identifies more outside of his ethnicity that with it. One can honor other cultures but Pfleger is a loon who doesn't seem to know who he is.

The Archdiocese of Chicago needs to give him walking papers, but they won't, they're a bunch of "politically correct" cowards.

More embarrassment for Catholics.

This is all about race. All of the previous comments from whites are based upon race and fear. That is what this particular election is about. Scared white people looking for an excuse to get rid of Senator Obama. The true ugliness of the white man is being revealed. Your reaction to what these "spiritual leaders" have said tells more about you...than it does about Senator Obama. It does not make him look like a racist...your letting fear control you and not your intelligence...if you have any. Senator Obama is being held to a much higher standard than any other person in the history of the presidential election process because he is a black man who dares to run for president. And of course whites (the perpretrators of all the racism that we blacks are forced to live with everyday)don't like Rev. Wright or Father Pfleger. If you had to walk a mile in our shoes (your not strong enough) you would be able to get some understanding from those sermons. Pastor Wright is misunderstood because he speaks from an Afrocentric prospective. He is all about uplifting the black race thru economic, education, and social means. On an elementary level Pastor Wright teaches that blacks must help each other to rise (economically, socially, mentally)together to the exclusion of all other races because he feels that blacks as a race need to work together to better our stations is life. We need to not depend upon white America to suddently become decent people and to begin to treat us the way we should have been treated from day one on this continent. The American Dream has not manifested itself in our "collective" lives as it has in other races lives. Now some interpret that as being separatist and therefore racist but it’s only what whites and other minorities have done to survive and thrive in America.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen and Countrywomen... stop being so shallow. No one can control all their friends. Can you?

What frightened me about the speech was the reaction of the audience, wildly cheering and applauding. Did Obama stand up on his seat, applaud and cheer Reverend Wright's racist rant? I don't want that man for President if he sat there for 17 years and listened to those racist rants.

To White Grandma

No, I will not sleep well at night, if Obama is elected because he ain't got the chops to deal with the dictators of the world. He will give away this country. Not only is he an empty suit, but he is an empty brain and a liar to boot. "No, I don't believe in same-sex marriage." Three days later, he was saying to a gay rights group. "I promise you if I am elected....." Gues what the rest of the quotation is. As for his so-called poverty-stricken childhood -- single mother raising him alone. That is a lot of hogwash. She was single for a few years, then married, atarted another family and had considerable help and support from her family.

Father Pfilger isn't affiliated with Obama. He was a guest preacher at the TUCC. He's a Catholic priest, he has more in common with my religious ties than Obama's. Should I denounce my religion because of Pfilger? Nope. My quit going to St.Sabin a, might not..if it's the closest church around. It's about the worship service, not about the pastor of the church. Some catholics go to the catholic church that they can get order to participate in the Mass and Sacraments. This whole 'quit your religion" makes religion seem like a choice. My religion isn't a choice for me, or maybe it is, but it's a choice I think should be mine alone..and no one else's.
Here's an article by Fr. Andrew Greeley:

lynn sweet is obama's servant.
lynn when you finish shining my shoes.
clean my car tires with your tongue.
and prepare a better speech for michelle.

What is illuminative about Senator Obama is he repudiated what Fr. Pfleger said in mocking Senator Clinton, but - by his silence on the matter - approved of what Fr. Pfleger said about all whites being racists.

Does Senator Obama agree with Fr. Pfleger's assessment of white America being all racists? I think that's an obvious and valid question under the circumstances. Not that any of the sycophant media is going to ask the Senator, but I'd like to hear it answered directly.

I'm not holding my breath.

For the apologist of Obama, keep on kidding yourself. Keep on saying it was not his priest,that they do not speak for him, etc....
Yet Obama sat through services at that church for how long and never once heard such things from the Pulpit? Please, I have some swamp land you all may be interested in as well.
Seriously people, take off your blinders. You want change at any cost? At what cost, and what change? The man when he is specific comes across as incredibly naive, and blundering almost. When it is not a prepared speech, a prepared speaking opportunity he has no depth.
His "record" in Illinois? Can anyone say political grooming? That is and was certainly the case there, as none of the Legislation that carried his name was of his own work. It was all others, and his name was put on the bill by a powerful patron who saw a potential National Candidate.
Beware of flowery speakers, like the most beautiful flowers have thorns or a poison involved.

Obama is naive or in denial, especially when it comes to understanding what Church membership means to the general public. It makes no difference to me that the church's representatives allegedly do not represent Obama. He had to be deaf, dumb, and blind to think that being connected to Trinity would not follow been him to a general election. The country is not a macrocosm of Chicago, Illinois, where characters such as Wright and Pfleger simply blend into the woodwork. Americans are not going to turn the other cheek when hearing about being "white" and "entitled." There are many whites who feel entitled, and guess what? There are many blacks who feel entitled. People shouting out these things in any location - let alone in a church, is offensive! The excuse that anti-white rhetoric is spewed "in a lot of black churches" does not make it acceptable. It's not acceptable. Chicago has been noted to be the most segregated city in the country. You'd better be preaching love and togetherness and have evidence of this in your history, if you are a presidential hopeful hailing from Chicago, because it's no secret that in the city of "neighborhoods," many of the "neighbors" are preoccupied with defending their cultural/ethnic identity and turf. Obama was looking for a place to belong and to gain a political foothold, and he accomplished both by belonging to Trinity. But you can't "belong" and then say that you don't "belong" -- that you've never heard the sentiment of Trinity Church. Obama showed poor judgment in choosing to ignore his past, and was naive about his relationship with Trinity Church, and with other of his "connections," or perhaps he was dreaming that nobody would notice.

Michael Bobier,

This is what makes you leave the Catholic church. A mans speech. Not the kids being sexually molested by priets.

The pulpit in our Churches and Synogougues has one purpose. To deliver God's word! It is not a venue for politics. People are hungry for God's word. Remember Jesus who said his Father's House is a House Of Prayer. Politics has turned some Churches into a den for theives. There are plenty of venues for politics, but not the Church. What if you went to the emergency room with a broken arm and the doctor just wanted to talk with you about global warming instead of treating your arm. Pulpits are for the preaching of God's word, not politics. Pastors and Rabbi's need to return to their first Love and start preaching God's word again. Leave Politics to the Politicians.

Rev. Pfleger is NOT the disgrace, the Catholic Church and other pretender heirs to Jesus' message are the true disgrace. I am a white American and have just two words to my fellow white Americans "Wake up!" Take a look around. Father Pfleger was absolutely right in what he said. Whites may or not feel privileged but WE ARE. Do you even understand that this slavery was worse than any in history. When the Romans enslaved, slaves maintained their humanity. In American slavery, African slaves were treated like cattle, they were afforded NO sense of humanity. Families were ripped apart, people, tiny babies killed if it was economically convenient. Where was Christianity then??? You don't just make a law to end slavery, continue its legacy LEGALLY for another 100 years, continue it in consciousness and spirit even until today and expect that it's all better. It isn't. We have such healing to do but we can't do it until we open up our eyes and see the reality of race in our country. And as inappropriate as Father Pfleger's manner was, HIS MESSAGE WAS RIGHT ON. Let's move on. We are all children of God. Let's start with ourselves by eliminiting hateful talk and hateful jokes and opening our hearts.

It is funny that mainly "White America" is offended by this. I guess we all are lunatics because these comments are not new, they have been said many times, many ways in the home, public, media, and in the education system (college). This "White Privilege" that the priest is talking about are discussed in Communication Courses across the global, none though have been expressed so passionately like that. However WE are not responsible for everything that goes on in the church, public, education system. There are several things I dislike about my church but if I left I will only find one the worst or the same. If everyone in the church followed what the preachers said then we will all be lost. Remember he is still a man with many flaws and should not be reflected on others.

Yo, Paulie:

My sentiments exactly. Did he clap, cheer and stand on his chair? Another question: When Oprah left Trinity, didn't she talk this over with her great friend Obama and his flame-throwing wife and counsel him to do the same? Didn't Obama thinks ahead and say, "this may hurt me when I run for President." he probably did, but he is so flushed with arrogance and superiority that he thinks all whites are on a guilt trip about slavery and will overlook anything and make excuses. As for the Michelle tape, it must be out there or someone heard it, because the word "Whitey" is floating all over the internet. Anybody see Michelle's much-lauded thesis at Princeton. I read excerpts of it last night and I wondered whether she was in the 7th or 8th grade when she wrote it. It reminded me of the elementary school composition that we all had to write entitled: "What I Want to be When I grow up." In her case -- a professional victim.

As to Pfleger -- Is he a self-loathing white person?

Is Sen.Obama just a poor judge of character or do his values align with this cast of characters who have come to light over the past few months? We have Rev Wright, Tony Rezko, and Father Pfleger. We can now add Rev Otis Moss to the list, whom Obama praises during his "resignation from Trinity" speech--the same Rev Moss who gave a glowing introduction to Father Pfleger--and praised the message and the messenger after his sermon! Is Obama’s judgment that impaired? If so, then it is no wonder he wants to negotiate with Iran!! Is this someone we can trust to represent our country’s best interests when he has such poor judgment of his friends and associates?

I can see one mistake in judgment or even two—we’ve all made them, but it doesn't usually take 20 years to find out who these people really are! He expects us to believe that these are not the people he once knew? Give me a break!! He knew perfectly well who these people are and were, it just is no longer politically expedient to be associated with them. Is it poor judgment or do his values truly align with all these people he has associated with for the past 15- 20 years?

Obama is quoted in the Huffington Post: “And while Rev. Wright's statements have pained and angered me, I believe that Americans will judge me not on the basis of what someone else said, but on the basis of who I am and what I believe in; on my values, judgment and experience to be President of the United States.”

Besides your lack of experience, your values and judgment are most certainly in question, Sen. Obama and it has nothing to do with your color!

Well we do live in a country that has 'freedom of speech' and now it has been used, albeit a bit too flamboyantly than some would like. But let's be real Trinity United Church of Christ is not the only black church that feels the way these ministers have spoken of. They just happened to be the first to speak up. The white folks are so used to black folks just being quiet that it throws them for a loop to realize we have an opinion too, that just may not agree with their way of thinking. They are so used to demeaning, hating and degrading us that when the shoe is on the other foot, it stings. . . . .

To "Not Shy - Listen to yourselves. Obama doesn't even know this man. Check your facts before showing your ignorance.":

Of course Barry knew The Pfleger! They have been politically acquainted for 20 years. Both were activists back when Barry was a union agitator and when he was first elected to the Illinois legislature. This may be the first time that Father Pfleger appeared at the pulpit of TUCC, but it was far from the first time they were associated and worked together politically.

It is amazing how people want to look at Mr. Obama in a negtive way behind the statements his former paster made. If You think about it, Rev. Wright can absolutly talk about how wrong the white man has been, He has lived through it. These are scars that will never go away.When the father Michael Pfleger made his comments I to felt he was being truthful as well as Rev. Wright. I am not big on politics however last I looked this is america we can have our own opinions and it should not reflect on the capabilities of any man or woman. I did not hear of an apology from Hilary after the statement she made about Bobby Kennedy in reference to Mr. Obama. "NOW THAT WAS WRONG" prejudice is very much alive and even in the White House. This is where Rev. White was trying to go. Let's be truthful The government are the ones bringing in the aids, drugs,ETC. we all know it. It's time to face the truth. Let that man (Senator/President Obama) do what so many of us know he can "President" The best part of this is Black families survive off of our savior(GOD) we do things differntly. We pray together, We have Sunday Dinner together and go to church together that 's what this country needs. They took prayer out of the schools and look what happened. It's time!!to get back to the basics. If Oprah Winfrey backs Obama, and we all know how she does her homework, there should be no question. He is the man with the plan and it's a general plan a plan to get this country back to where it belongs. it belongs to all of us. "equaly". Wether a victory for presidency or not, he and Mrs. Obama have made a change and will make the change for the better. I pary every day...

And yet another "Advisor" resigns. This time he was another "good man that is misunderstood". After railing against Countrywide with "These executives crossed the line to boost their bottom line. We should be reprimanding them, not rewarding them" Barack Hussein Obama (as opposed to Hillary Rodam Clinton) apoints a man to his VP advisory post who received a $5 million loan and he never had to repay Countrywide. Mcain dumps his lobbyist advisors without a second thought and Obama defends his, WOW.
Fool me once...Rev Wright
Fool me twice....Billy Ayres
Fool me thrice...Father Pfleger
Fool me yet again....Jim Johnson
I won't be fooled again!

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