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Obama closing North Carolina TV ad



I hear Elizabeth Edwards might give a pro-Hillary signal of support. Oh I hope so. I liked Edwards' platform, but he too was kind of a little sexist piggy about Hillary.
What bothers me is that Obama was not forced by the news media to debate Hillary. He and his cleavage revealing tight pink shirt-wearing wife were allowed to tell the news media ‘talk to the hand’ but they were not asked any RELEVANT questions about their dirty origins in admittedly dirty Illinois politics.
Obama has dirty money (did I say I think they’re dirty?) fueling his campaign spending—WAY more than Hillary and this stupid ad is part of it.
This TWO MINUTE! ad (who can afford THAT?) is identical except for changing Indiana for North Carolina (‘[values’, or ‘he’s visiting to cities and towns across the great state of bla bla). Great announcer voice.
I hope people in North Carolina are sick of campaign ads!

When he wins the nomination, the true scrutiny will start. I can just see the ads about Michelle and Barak: It's the first time I've EVER been proud of my country and those simple rural folk cling to their guns and religion in times of stress. Yep, if the slate of candidates from both parties is the best we can do, then we need a massive restructuring of our political process and election laws.

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