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NARAL abortion rights PAC endorses Obama.


WASHINGTON--The NARAL political action committee--one of the nation's largest abortion rights group--decided to take sides--both Obama and Clinton are pro-choice--and on Thursday handed its endorsement to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). This will help Obama fight the charge--used by Democratic rivals in the primary--already teed up by the GOP for the general-- that he may be wobbly on abortion because he voted present on abortion related measures while an Illinois state senator.


I'm not surprised. From an electoral action perspective NARAL is morally bankrupt and out of step with women in Illinois. Most Illinois women and men have given up on them because they seem determined to make their endorsements based on their perception of who has the better chance to win, rather on who is most committed to a women's right to make reproductive decisions. Perhaps that is why NARAL has no real presence in Illinois. Today is a sad day for women.

Good goddess.
We're doomed.

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