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Michelle Obama to Puerto Rico on Wednesday.


CHICAGO--At the last minute, the Obama campaign announced Tuesday that Michelle Obama will stump for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Puerto Rico on Wednesday.


I would hope someone in Puerto Rico asks Michelle Obama about the sentiments she expressed in her thesis that she submitted to Princeton University titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community". I believe they contributed to her husband's refusal to seperate himself from the Reverend Wright.

Question: Will Michelle claim there that she told Barack not to go into politics there?
Will some REAL Chicago or national investigative journalists write for the Puerto Rican newspapers HONESTLY about this guy?
He's a SPOILER candidate---Hillary's the only one left standing to rise to oligarchy levels of money needed to be our president--without getting indicted.
This author--at this url (
bar.htm) indicates that maybe there is IN FACT other indictments about to be presented.
If that's the case--then Hillary should NOT be discouraged to leave the race--and Obama has NO BUSINESS recruiting super delegates.
Let them vote in Denver.
And Michelle--she's Obama's link to the Illinois Combine via Jarrett--the key to the cushy U of C post.
= = = = = =
In 2003 and 2004, his finance committee raised the money as the Planning Board scheme was set up and the scandal unraveled. Yet Obama told the Tribune in regard to Rezko, "at that time, there were no indications that he was involved in anything inappropriate."

Apparently, Obama expects the public to believe that nobody on this committee bothered to tell him he received a single contribution of $10,000, and the money came from a person he just recommended for the Board.

Other members of the committee included Rezko's wife Rita, and Valerie Jarrett, who got her jump start into a lucrative real estate career in the Combine's Daley administration. She now serves as chairman of Obama's presidential finance committee.

Jarrett racked up eight years in Chicago government, first as deputy corporation counsel for Finance and Development, then as deputy chief of staff to Daley and finally, as commissioner of Chicago's Department of Planning and Development, according to a summary of her achievements obtained from the Business Week website on April 8, 2008.

While serving as Commissioner, Jarrett "consolidated the Department of Planning, Economic Development and Urban Renewal; implemented a model program for the revitalization of three Chicago neighborhoods; and created a business express unit to cut red tape to service Chicago businesses," says the Cook County Information Center.

Obama's introduction into the "Combine" came when his wife Michelle was hired by Jarrett in the early 1990s, and served as Jarrett’s assistant in Daley’s office and followed her to the Department of Planning and Development.

Jarrett was appointed chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board in June 2006. She was also made chairman of a newly created Executive Committee of that Board, according to a June 13, 2006 University announcement. In addition, Jarrett was named vice-chair of the University's Board of Trustees, the announcement states.

Michelle landed a high paying job at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Two months after Obama became a US senator, she was appointed vice president for community and external affairs. Tax returns show the promotion nearly tripled her pay to $317,000 in 2005, from $122,000 in 2004.

On February 14, 2008, Wilhelm endorsed Obama in a call with reporters, citing the senator's "masterful" campaign organization and strategy as well as his "undeniable momentum."


Clinton, Obama and McCain are all patriotic outstanding Americans. Yes, we can smear Clinton from here to eternity, we can smear Obama, we can Smear McCain. Want me to do it for you? It wouldn't be hard. But, why don't we think about who will be the best president to lead the country. Certainly it is not John McCain. So Clinton or Obama. Both are outstanding. The only comments against Obama is that we are afraid he might be different. He UNDERSTANDS how blacks can be angry and cynical. But that doesn't mean HE is angry and cynical. He doesn't always use the best words, he slips up. Clinton slips up too, doesn't she? Shall I give those examples, too?

Nope, it is easy to see why the democrats are divided, two outstanding candidates. Clinton is very well known. Much better known than Obama. And Clinton's hope is to scare people about Obama so she can win the nomination. Remember that Bill Clinton said to not trust people who try to scare you. What we are hearing from Clinton supporters (not Clinton herself) is that Obama is scary because of Rezko (but Obama did nothing illegal or unethical according to the people who have looked into it). Did Clinton do better or worse than Obama in the Whitewater deal? Travelgate? Etc.? Obama was in a Church run by an angry bitter black man who volunteered to join the marines during the Vietnam war when Dick Cheney took the deferment that Wright could have taken. He came back to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Jr., only to see his MLK, Jr. murdered. Yeah, he's bitter, but we know why. Obama understands Wright, but he doesn't agree with Wright. Listen to his speeches on the Wright issue. Be informed voters, don't be fearful because of a knee-jerk reaction to a smear campaign.

Hillary Clinton shouldn't be president because we have one lying and unethical president in the White House so we don't need to put her in there. Hillary has several FEC investigations pending and will be going to trial for campaign fraud. She was fined by the FEC for filing false campaign donation report. She was fired for lying and unethical behavior when she worked at the White House during watergate. Hillary was caught lying about her trip to Bosnia and didn't admit to it but called it misspeaking. During her husband's administration, Hillary was for NAFTA but then when she ran for President she claim that she was against NAFTA. Once her White House schedule was released it showed that she did support NAFTA. Hillary has association with people who have been convicted of Felony and the people who surrounds her have been investigated for unethical behavior. People in her inner circle has been convicted and sent to jail. Her recents investigations and campaign fraud trial may land her in jail in the very near future. We certainly doesn't want Hillary as our next President. Bill Clinton disgrace the White House and we don't want them back in the White House to disgrace us again.

Got five words for you...

Peter Paul VS Hilary Clinton

Get a clue and get over this insane notion that Hilary is somehow "owed" this nomination.

You can try and play guilt by association all you want...however, Mrs. Clinton gets to personally appear in this fraud and corruption case against her in Novemeber. Have fun!

Obama 2008

It is ironic that racist America is critisizing Michelle's Princeton Thesis, when White america is the one who determined when people of color is not white, for example, one drop of blood in your body make you black. It would be nice if white folks would stop classifying themselves as white, when in fact they are not. We now know that all races eminates from Africa. This the finding of your most eminent white Anthropologist. So stop playing the race card.

I think he should be concentrating on bigger issues.

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