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Michelle Obama talks about her role if she is First Lady


CHICAGO -- Michelle Obama gave a hint of what her portfolio may be if she becomes first lady at a fund-raiser Friday for Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson -- of Plamegate fame -- who has been stumping for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) -- was also a featured speaker.

Obama suggested that if she were to become first lady, she would take on women's and family issues, prompted by the stories she has been hearing from females on the campaign trail.
"And if I have the honor of becoming the next first lady, I want to continue these conversations like the ones I've had with these incredible women across the country. I want to ensure that their voices don't get drowned out ever again in Washington."

Michelle Obama's mention of her role as first lady comes as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has all but secured the Democratic nomination while Clinton struggles to keep her campaign afloat. On Friday, Sen. Obama for the first time pulled even with Clinton in the superdelegate count -- he gained nine party leaders and elected officials compared with two who came out for Clinton.

Meanwhile, over at the Obama national headquarters on Michigan Avenue, the push to convert undeclared superdelegates into the Obama corner was turned up a notch as a group of state party chairs were brought to the home office for presentations to get them off the fence.

When I last saw Plame in March, she was with her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, at a press conference in Philadelphia with Clinton, where they touted her national security credentials. When I last did a column about Michelle Obama in a solo appearance, she was in Haverford, Pa., just before the April Pennsylvania primary trying to counter charges her husband was an elitist by talking about her hardscrabble youth and troubles paying off college loans.

But the partisanship was subdued at the fund-raiser for Schakowsky, a national co-chairwoman of Obama's campaign, who filled a giant ballroom at McCormick Place with about 1,800 backers, mostly women; this annual event is billed as a women's "Power Lunch."

Plame's identity was outed by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak in 2003 following Wilson raising questions about whether the Bush White House bloated claims that helped clear the way for the U.S. to invade Iraq.

Plame told reporters that a reason she is with Clinton is "because in the darkest days of the story of the last five years it was Sen. Clinton who reached out to us on a personal basis and gave us her support. So we feel a deep sense of loyalty for that." Plame and Wilson are in a new ad Clinton is running in Oregon.

I'm used to seeing Michelle deliver stemwinders -- she can be fierce, persuasive, charming, mocking and sarcastic -- but on Friday she was businesslike and read from a text, sort of first lady like. It also made political sense since the crowd included Clinton backers.

The family campaigned together last weekend in Indiana and Obama recalled, "At one point someone asked Malia, our older daughter, what she enjoyed most about the weekend and she said, 'being with my dad,' and it nearly broke my heart."


It was nice to see a bit of the 'real' Michelle Obama in action.
No cleaveage---no pink top. Professional. Adult. Womanly.
But this woman has opened up a chasm in relations among even liberal women (black v. white)--a strange feat.
The Obamas will not win without Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton--the latter of which has helped the Dems and even Obama throughout this extended primary.
Michelle and Barack have some fences to mend.
And, yes, they owe Geraldine Ferraro an apology.
And Barack is going to need to speak with Don Imus (strengthened by that nonsense about comments more wisely ignored).

That's Sweet of Mrs. Obama...What happens if she decides that she's not proud to be an American again?

I can't imagine this thing as our First lady. Hillary was bad, but this will be the very bottom of the barrel. I don't think it will happen with all the past this man has. It would be a Sad day for America. It's not a Black thing. It's a racist anit-American Mr. and Mrs. Obama thing. Hezbollah is rooting for them. Obama aide wants talks with terrorists Hezbollah! That's all I need to know.

Can anyone please explain to me why Michelle Obama seems so angry all the time? It seems to me like life in these "mean" United States has been pretty good to her and yet she is always scowling and strident. It's hard to imagine her representing us in the role of a gracious First Lady. I'm sure she is smart and most definitely she is strong, but the lady really needs to chill out.

This is such a wonderful time in our country, when the 2 leading candidates for the Democratic nomination are members of groups who did not have the right to vote, in the early days of our country. It's historic that Barack Obama, who represents two dominant races and two dominant continents, in our nation's history, is the presumptive Democratic nominee and the next president of the United States.
The fact that Obama will deliver his acceptance speech for the party's nomination 45 years to the day, after King's "I have a Dream" speech, says there is something divine at work here.
I'm so proud of our country and all Americans. I believe our party will come together, based on what we have in common, rather than what divides us. I am so very proud to be an American!

Wanakee Hill

If I were Michelle, I wouldn't be measuring for the White House drapes just yet. Yowzer, talk about presumptuous.


too bad michele is out with valerie wilson...i'd stay away from people like that until after november...and hillary has the ad with them in it...sorta weird...

I don't think it matters about the Wilsons endorsement. They were outed by the bush administration because of a war that hillary voted for! A little hypocritical to say the least.

I like Cindy better.

Ummm.... Where is the part about what Michelle would do as 1st lady?

Michelle doesn't strike me as a messenger of hope. She seems to have a big chip on her shoulder. A very bitter & actually somewhat angry person. As a matter of fact I would have to say that compared to Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton seems warm and sultry.

And just what does"continue these conversations like the ones I've had with these incredible women across the country. I want to ensure that their voices don't get drowned out ever again in Washington" mean specifically? Michelle Obama says nothing new here -- or is she so removed from reality that she is not aware of the significant strides women's issues (and women) have made not only in Washington but all over the country?

I wish she had the dignity we've come to expect from our First Ladies? She's too much the complainer who can't seem to find anything good and decent about the country that gave her every opportunity (which she obviously took great advantage of). She has no "style."

"I want to ensure that their voices don't get drowned out ever again in Washington." Yeah! That Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has sure made it hard for women to be heard in Washington!

Maybe Michelle should wait until Barack has the nomination much less the election.

Maybe Michelle should wait until Barack has the nomination much less the election.

One has to wonder where these people lived before they hit the campaign trail. Do these people have relatives? ( Obama seems to have none, because we never see any of his numerous half-siblings)
Hillary and now Michelle act as if they had no idea of the plight of women before they encountered them on the campaign trail, and to be sure those were women who were sympathetic to their candidate. Maybe government and politics would be more real and effective if it involved people who live in the real world.

Don't worry about it, Michelle. There's no way Americans will elect such racist bigots into the White House. After November, you will be free to go back to complaining about the oppression you face as an elitist race-baiting gadfly who has never been without that silver spoon in your mouth.

Very misleading headline==in passing Michele comments are cited and then you go on to V Plame...not even in the same class.

(For context --I am a middle aged white guy who has a long Republican (but not partisan) leaning, who was totally converted when I read The Audacity of Hope, and have been a supporter ever since.)

I find the entire family to represent exactly why I have hope for this country. Michelle is a feisty and honest woman. I will be proud to have her and Obama represent me as an American.

It is a shame that Hillary and Bill are so intent on destroying the Obamas simply to promote their failed agenda. In my pre-Obama conversion I acquired a greater respect for the Clintons as I saw what a disaster Bush was. They extinguished that respect very quickly.

Good luck to this wonderful family. The nation will be lucky to see you win.

God help us if that woman becomes first lady. Is she going to continue her complaining how hard she has it, paying off loans, chauffeuring her girls from one appointment to the other while making $400K/year as an "administrator"? If she had class she would be grateful to have been born in our country where she had every advantage bestowed upon her because she is black. I understand that Ms. Obama was admitted to a top university with substandard grades, what else does one need to know about this ingrate? The constitution speaks of "pursuit of happiness" it doesn't guarantee it.

Here we go again
another first lady that thinks she is a co-president
didn't we learn with the Clintons??

The title of this article is Michelle Obama talks about her role if she is First Lady. I would like to see Mrs. Obama address many of the remarks she has made both in speeches and articles concerning her dislike for this country.

This is really a non issue, Michelle needn't worry about being first lady - as McCain has this election in the bag considering that about half of Clinton's supporters have said in multiple polls that they will either vote for McCain or not vote at all. So like I said - this is all talk for nothing.

what a scary thought having Michelle Obama as first lady

Amazing. Mrs. Obama trying to be the "frist Lady" is absolutely ridiculous. She has such anger and bigotry issues that I cannot image her managing to keep her "image" as a President's wife. She will ultimately make Mrs. Clinton's tenure as first Lady seem meek and mellow. I pray this woman never steps foot in the White House except as a visitor because she is a self-centered, divisive person.

Thank GOD she won't be able to fullfil her wish.

You hubby ain't getting elected sweetie.

PUKE PUKE. GIVE ME A BREAK. Its no wonder the DNC is so disorganized and a weak party. Hillary start your own party, if it aint you Hillary then were voting McCain. Dont give up Hillary, everyday your supporters are making it clear we will not support Obama.

I feel that Michele Obama will be an excellent first lady and we are very fortunate that in addition to a great leader like Senator Obama there is such an intelligent, well spoken, wise woman to act as our first lady.

In the Philadelphia debate, both Hillary and Obama regurgitated their familiar mantra that they would veto the falsely maligned Bush taxcuts which resuscitated the U.S. economy from the inherited Clinton recession; but, which Hillary and Obama say favor only the rich. That tired old populist ploy of "soak the rich". However , a brief review of IRS statistics related to post-Bush tax cut revenues reveals exactly the opposite. Specifically, the share of individual income taxes paid by the bottom 40% of American taxpayers, as a result of expanded child tax credits and earner income tax credits, was reduced from 0% to a -4%; and, took another ten million low income Americans completely off of the tax roles. That is, a very significant four(4) % decrease. On the other end of the scale, the tax burden on the top 20% of income earners, the so-called rich, increased to a full 85% of the total tax burden. For examples on the lower end of the scale, a Single Individual making 30K paid $8400 in taxes under Clinton; under Bush $4500. A married couple making 60K: under Clinton $16,800, under Bush $9000. So Hillary/Obamaspeak, an economic strategy that left our Nation in a RECESSION on the Clinton's departure from the White House, would damage the poor more then any other group. One can summarize this quite simply by noting that IF Hillary and Obama's Marxist philosophies of soaking the rich were valid, Communist societies throughout the world would be exorbitantly wealthy, in lieu of economic basket cases a' la Castro's Cuba. The same can be said of their forced plan for Socialized Medicine. A program which is failing miserably in such Nations as Canada and the United Kingdom. Canada, as just one example, is now experiencing a dramatic shortfall in physicians. Greg Neubeck

Why is it that, no matter what the issue, Mrs. Obama never has a positive thing to say about this country? Based on her comment one would believe that women in the US have no voice. Her glass is always half empty!

To think that M. Obama will take the place of Laura Bush, to me is beyond belief. I have followed this woman, her writings, her speeches,and assorted interviews, to me I see a Racist, its simple as that. She is mean spirited, harsh to the eye, and all I can say is I hope it doesn't happen. Condie Rice, makes this woman,well no contest.

R.Sapp - Seattle

More giveaways at our expense after your hubby raises taxes again, Michelle? Ugh. Just what this nation needs...more dependents.

I don't get it. The Obamas admitted they had trouble paying off their overpriced are they supposed to be in charge of our national budget? Is this some kind of joke?

I already know what her role will be: crazed, racist, chip-on-her-shoulder wack-job. I hope she will never be first lady. She might be as much of a mental patient as Kerry's wife, just in a different way..

She'd make a fantastic First Lady!

Let's do this!

Do you think Michelle Obama will address the issue of why women in politics have been such ineffective leaders? Since Miss Nancy has become Speaker of the House, Congress has become more of a lame duck than any President ever has been. They were elected on the premise they would pull us out of Iraq yet that will never happen util there is a stable democratic government there, as Bush originally insisted. Nancy promised to "drain the swamp" in congress, yet her good buddy Murtha remains one of the all time big pork spenders. Don't get me started on Murtha and why he should be in jail now...look again at the FBI video clips. Since Nancy was elected Congress' approval rating is lower than the President she criticized.
Hillary was caught with several hundred stolen FBI files in her personal White House quarters. She refused to answer sobpoenas regarding her Rose Law Firm billing records and yet was not prosecuted for willfully disregarding a sobpoena?
When are women in politics going to be held accountable for their actions? We're waiting???

God help us if this nut cake makes it to the white house.

Michele Obama first lady?

oh so to post you have to be pro obama.
duh the second amendment?

Plame's identity wasn't outed by Robert Novak. It was 'outed' by Joe Wilson when he published their names in a Who's Who in Washington.

It's one thing to be a partisan. It's another to not get your facts straight.

Ms. Obama appears to be in the Miss Hillary vein as a potential Presidential wife, except she can play the race card when the going gets tough. Mr McCain ain't Bob Dole.

If she thinks the past five years has been dark for her and the "Big O" then she needs to grow thicker skin.

Of course she's pretty flammed about Plame who should be cooling her heels in a jail cell instead of being fetted by Dems for giving the war and Mr. Bush the (non racially prejudiced) black eye.

Sounds like her pride in America is directly related to her distance from the White House. Barack needs to give her some more acting lessons.

Wake up America and smell the BS!

Yup! I'm one of those hard working white guys without the handicap of a "liberal college" education. Common Sense 101 evidently is not required at those institutions. Guess that's why I can smell crap BEFORE I step in it.

Yikes. The last thing we need is this Michelle Obama behind the curtains. Obama may have publicly distanced himself from that racist white hating preacher but she had not.

If we cannot get Bill Clinton for first lady then it is a no brainer to vote for McCain. Just wish that Rice or Powell will take the VP spot...

The reason why Plame still supports Clinton is quite obvious. Birds of a feather flock together, they are both liars, manipulators and a huge embarrassment to women like myself who have achieved great things through hard work and competing like everyone else, not by blaming every ill on being a woman and expecting things to be made easy. Every time Hillary invokes the feminist crap she infuriates me and does harm to all women. I talk about how bad she'll be for this country to almost all of my patients.

Isn't Mrs. Obama credited with the quote, regarding her husband's run for the Democrat nomination, "This is the first time in my adult life I have felt proud of my country."?

This a good start for a prospective First Lady, don't you think?

Thank you Michelle for making it okay to bake cookies and be a mom dealing with family issues.

You will be an incredible first woman. Accomplished, smart, good mother and wife.

Thank you for your example for the future. will make a fine first lady. Can't wait to have you and your amazing husband in Washington.

Michelle Obama will become first lady when Senator Robert Byrd is drafted by the Washigton Redskins. She has the elgance of a fire hydrant, and the appearance of Sunday morning hooker.

Yikes. The last thing we need is this Michelle Obama behind the curtains. Obama may have publicly distanced himself from that racist white hating preacher but she had not.

If we cannot get Bill Clinton for first lady then it is a no brainer to vote for McCain. Just wish that Rice or Powell will take the VP spot...

With all due respect to Obama, I will not vote for him a Democrat if Hillary is out i will vote for McCain . Obama is very charasmatic but i really do not believe he has been vetted and also is not seasoned enough to take on the collasl problems we will be facing for years.

This was a lovely article. I sincerely hope Michelle will be our next First Lady. She has everything it takes and more. I can understand the personal loyalty issue of Valerie Plame. That was a dreadful time and I'm sure Hillary's personal support meant everything. I hope it won't be long before Barack and Michelle will be able to spend many hours together in the White House.

~ Elizabeth

We know from Bob Novak that Hillary ain't going to be Veep because Michelle Obamarosa hates her guts & wants to be queen bee along with Nancy P. who kept her fellow CA congresswoman off the Intelligence Cte Chief job because Cong. Harman is ten times as smart as Nancy. Lynn Sweet is evidently sweet on Valerie Plame in the biggest fudge factory production the Dems have pulled off since Watergate. Lynn can't quite cut the mustard on these issues---as an ex-Chicagoan I know the Rezko problem is being swept under the rug.

I went to college with Valerie. No one outed her. She wanted to be known. Why must you always try to blame conservatives / Republicans for everything? She married an ambassador, much older than herself, hoping for high levels of attention. Please, lol.

What I find interesting is that they allowed their child to speak.Chelesa is almost what thrity and she does not speak.When is this woman going to be treated like others in an election run.

Nice to hear that Plame and Wilson are supporting Clinton for personal loyalty rather than because of a belief that she would be the best Presidential candidate. Politics as usual.

So la brutta Michelle who never liked America much is now considering herself a First Lady. I admit (as a European) I find the American presidential election campaign baffling with little groups of people here getting delegates, a sort of quite large general election there getting other delegates and one or two two states not allowed to have delegates.

But is she not counting the chickens before they are hatched? I mean I am aware that Obama gets 95% of the black (Africans-Americans) vote but only 40% of the white vote. (Is there a more recent American term for this?) . And that percentage of 40% whites is of the Democrats only. And no one mentions the Hispanics who I understand are almost twice as numerous as the blacks. Whilst black people would normally vote as near enough to a 100% block, which is understandable, it is also understandable that the Hispanics would not vote for Obama. I theefore think that it is highly unlikely that in the States there will be a black Marie Antoinette.

You're still spinning the falsehood that Plame was an undercover operative and, by implication, that her "outing" as such was a violation of some law. It must be nice to be able to re-write history.

You'd think Michelle Obama was the one running for president. Ever listen to her speachs? Reminds me of the Black Panther retoric. This is one controlling b-t-h!

Unbelievable overreaching, hubris, counting chickens before they are are hatched. First ladies are at the minimum patriotic and gracious.

Michelle Obama as first lady? How refreshing. At last someone who is smart, unassuming, has a sensitivity to "real people" and has the guts to state her position. Welcome Michelle!

Women's issues 'drowned-out in Washington'? Give us all a break, Mrs. Obama...our body of laws concerning women and family issues has tilted so far in the woman's favor that women have surpassed legal parity and are now in the Cat-Bird's Seat in virtually any legal matter. Moreover, workplace protections and redress for grievance for women far exceed those available to most men.

The best way for Mrs. Obama to serve the nation after Nov. 5 is as an observer of national affairs from her home in the South Chicago area.

Obama: The Wright man for the White House ?

This woman has a scowl on her face in 90% of all pictures we get to see.

These people are like the lone bullet in the pistol that is to become American Roulette / American suicide: If they get in, she spins the chamber and all we can do is hope they fire blanks.
They are the Muslim toehold into our society and it seems like we the people are the zombies they need - how sad this is for the american dream

Plamegate?? What a laugh! Plame's super-secret highly classified identity as a... wait for it, secretary was common knowledge in Washington. Please correct the error in your story, she was NOT "outed" by Mr. Novak. She was "outed" by Richard Armitage.

Michelle will never be First Lady, because she is no Lady.

So she's going to make sure women's voices are not drowned out in Washington?!? Why have I been listening to Hillary and Pelosi and Boxer and Feinstein and Sheehan et al shrieking for all these years. If she was really for change maybe she make these women talk some sense to the American people for a change.

But wait, I guess by "women" she also smeans pro-life, pro-NRA, non-elitist women will have their say as well....right?!?

And finally, look at the picture with this piece. I honestly never thought there would be an uglier 1st lady than Hillary and never one as shrill.

And what a classy First Lady she will be!

What's wrong with this country? Were in enough trouble. We don't need dreamers like the Obama's in the White House.

Obama/Hillary? Dems "dream ticket"? Sounds more like a nightmare to me. The Clintons have a penchant for trying to destroy their enemies. Obama and Michelle in the White House,
Bill and Hillary at Blair House? Obama would need to triple his Secret Service protection, continue to watch his back, and stay out of Fort Marcy Park.

"30 something Chelsea does not speak so why was lil' Malia allowed to?" ...

Chelsea has been speaking in all 50 states on behalf of her mom. The point being made is that candidates sacrifice their family lives in a campaign. In this particular campaign two young children gave their dad to us for over a year, and one of them said that she missed him. That would break any mom's heart.

I find Michelle Obama refreshingly honest. And she is very intelligent.

Also-for all these Hillary supporters who threaten to vote for McCain-go ahead. Cut off your nose to spite your face! You sound so childish.

McCain supports the RNC platform of Anti-choice, Anti-women's rights, anti- consumers-pro-business, pro-school vouchers, and the fact that the next president will probably appoint at least two Supreme court judges;Judges that will affect YOUR rights and your children's rights!

All of these issues are important to remember when you cast your vote in November. So get over your anger at Hillary not being the nominee, and get on with electing a DEMOCRAT who will help heal America from the damage that 8 years of Bush policies has done.

"Can anyone please explain to me why Michelle Obama seems so angry all the time? It seems to me like life in these "mean" United States has been pretty good to her and yet she is always scowling and strident."

Because wealth and privilege are not enough for her. She wants power.

I'd like to add my "Oh-Lord-not-HER" to the others.

WHY would we want an American-hating bigot as our First Lady?

Michelle N Barack are a couple who have used the system every step of the way to reach where they are !!Barack will do anything to appear to be the " Savior" but "shit is going to hit the fan" if this couple gets in the White House!! Goodbye Democrats for the next 16 years for securing the Presidency again!

It is no accident that he joined the Trinity when he got in to Chicago,he used them on his climb and has done so every which way to secure a political future based on compromises.

Greg in Oregon:

get informed - would ya? Obama has voted IDENTICAL to McCain - both calling Hezbolla the terrorist organization that it is.

Obama has consistently said, the same which the current administration says, until Hezbolla renounced violence, acknowledges Isreals right to exist and meets the pre-conditions set out in previous agreements, the US administration would NEVER talk with them.

Obama's stance on talking to COUNTRIES we don't like is in line with Regan & Russia. HEZBOLLA is not a country. Obama has said it over and over again.

You need to get the dirt outta your ears and listen.

If/when Mrs. Obama becomes '1ST. Lady', I'd like to see her address 'Planned Parenthood', (as counter balance to the 'pseudo-piety' of the (NeoConic), Reagan, Bush, Sr. & Bush, Jr. 'brownnosing' of the 'Rev. Minister Hagee/anti abortion' crowd.
The first family needs to become/remain aware that it has constitutional oligations to ALL Americans, including the straight, gay & transgendered, the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, NeoPagan, (like ME!), Agnostic & Unbelieving... Not to mention the poor & homeless, etc.!
I'd also like to see Mrs. Obama repair the damage done to U.S. prestige by the 'For_Proft_Follies' of the past some-odd 1836 days since the "Mission_Accomplished" {NOT!!} photo-op from the U.S.S. Lincoln!
Finally, if there are any prosecutors listening, I'd like to see an inquiry into the democratic superdelegate reported by Lou Dobbs, CNN, who is 'offering his superdelegate vote' for a $20,000,000 'donation' to the candidate who enhances the illegal immigrant workforce...
Of course, as a college-graduated, economically displaced 'American citizen_survivor' of the pseudo-piety of muslim apostates, (Sept. 11th., 2001, N.Y.C., downsized from my latest, 'year or longer duration f/t employer', July, '01!), I fully admit to (repeatedly) violating the 'G. Usurper_Bush, open borders, any illegal entrant/by any method/via any port of entrance' National Security effort, (domestic version)...
...And, if my 'lack of faith' in the Iraq/Afganistan corporate welfare giveaway sweepstakes brands me as 'disloyal, I stand proudly convicted!

The question seems to be: is Michelle Obama a negative for Barack? Judging by what I truly believe is the non-judgmental opinion of a waning supporter, I have to say yes. Her overbearing personal negativity and apparent hair-trigger anger and hostility has driven me to question his freedom and ability to make serious decisions in her presence. I would guess his seemingly passive aggressive personality subconsciously seeks her approval before deciding issues large or small. I suspect he did not really have his wedding ceremony performed, his children baptized by or attend Reverend Wright's sermons for the past twenty years. Rather he dutifully took his place in the pew beside her as expected. Don't take my word for it. Just view C-Span or news footage with an open mind and the sound turned off of their appearances together. Especially the informal settings. I think they are revealing and disconcerting.

Michelle Obama talks about about this country as if the American people have been wandering around the wllderness for the past 232 years......lost, hungry, and clueless. Most Democratic candidates invoke the names of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Wilson, Truman, even Clinton, in order to remind people of great Democrat leaders that we've had in the past. Mrs. Obama gives the impression that all of these past presidents, along with the ones whose faces are carved on Mount Rushmore, are midgets and her husband is a giant.

How can one not conclude that she wants to completely overhaul our system of government and replace it with a European socialist nanny state lorded over by a Mao/Castro/Lenin like figure?

Michelle Obama as first lady will be a welcome change from silver-spoon-fed Laura Bush who doesn't have the sensitivity to refrain from talking about her daughter's wedding during a press conference about the thousands of deaths in the Cyclone disaster in Myanmar.

Bush and Laura are so out of touch with the average American, they're so used to having servants do everything for them, and they surround themselves with yes-men who never give them the true picture of what's happening in the world. If they were born during the French revolution, they'd say "Let them eat cake!" when told that the people are starving and they'd get their heads chopped off.

Well done on missing the facts on Valerie Plame. She wasn't outed by anyone. Her identity hadn't been a secret for years. She was working at a desk here in the States.
But hell, if it makes the GOP look bad, print it! Journalistic standards be damned.

Hopefully Michelle will also address African issues...

If this woman is allowed to be first lady, she will make Hillary "The former First Lady" look like a Saint.

It's time now to pull together and I will enjoy haveing Mrs. Obama as first lady. My fear is to have a verbally abused battered woman like Cindy Mccain! Any woman who would allow her husband to call her a trolip and a Cu@t in front of people or even behind closed doors-------does not understand what a verbally battered wife is. I also,Fear Mccains temper and physical abuse of another senator, and wonder if that physical abuse has over flowed onto his wife! So, yes as a woman I will welcome a good family mom, who happens to be intelligent and able to reach out to other woman with problems in America, who will also have a Presidents ear to keep him informed of our problems, and what we need in solutions to those problems! It's not unusual for woman to be bitter at the treatment they recieve. As it goes" come a long way baby", but we have a long way to go to be equal in the eyes of most men!I'm for a Woman president, Just not Hillary and I certainly would never want Bill for our very first Gentlman.

You know what is so strange about all of this to me? Hillary fights like a thug and she is applauded for it. Michelle is powerful and emotional in her speeches, which shows the fighter in her and she is always considered ungrateful, angry, and whatever else people can think of, it makes me wonder about the double standard for her and Obama. It seems they are always the target of unpatriotic, angry, mean, racist attitude gang.

Well as a powerful speaking black woman myself, and the daughter of one, I get the same thing all the time, except the unpatriotic slams. I was born with the voice I have, I have been raised to tell people what I think and not lie about it to make people feel good, when they should simply be able to handle the truth better. Even my family members that use to call me to side with them on issues, do not call, because they said I am too blunt, but I don't know how to "sugarcoat the truth," so I guess people will go on thinking this way, but it's OK for me, I am not in the public eye.

However, I enjoy and appreciate Michelle's honesty and bluntness. I would not have any other way, I love people to tell me the truth and let me make my decision based on that truth.

I also know that White people are different from me, in that they do not understand the ways of a black person, and they tend to see things as they would for themselves as speakers, but blacks see this from birth and only see a strong black woman in Michelle. We understand that Michelle's statement about being proud for the first time in her adult life had nothing to do with what white people are trying to make it. It was simply that same as what many people feel. We have never seen our country come together and forget black and white, but come together and get involved politically in a presidential race to move our country forward. We have never seen so many young people across the board rise up in America to fight for their country, and not in a war zone, this is truly amazing, and for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of America and being an America. I think it is awesome.

Please don't call me crazy, I know what makes me proud. Not that I have not loved my country, not that I hate whites, because I don't, I love all people. But please don't tell me I can't be proud of the process and the fact that the first woman and African American are running for President in my life time. Yes, for the first time in my adult, I am proud of America! It has nothing to do with me first hating America.

you people save 1 are vipers, venomous self-righteous, self-loathing, non-repentant, racists in denial. What other rationale could possibly justify such inhumane hostility? Shall I consider myself less than human(3/5th of one maybe?)based on a polls and 20 year old electoral strategy?

I thought this country was better than this, for God's sakes you people elected George W. Bush, who do you want running this country, life-time businessmen, life-time Politicians, life-time soilders, or people who have helped in the darkness of social invisibility completely removed from the poker table of public opinion and the punditry pipeline of media mind manipulation. consider this we have had many times over the Businessmen-President, as have we the Politician-President, as have we the War-hero-President, these are not roads that lead to change, if so we would have been there decades ago. We can hire or locally elect people to do those other important things such as those other things cannot be our national symbol of pride and inspiration. The RACE CARD BS I hear going around is hillarious I laugh every time I hear it. WHY on God's Green(for now) Earth would Sen Obama bring up race (12.5% of the pop. with 30+% of young males ineligible to vote many for non-violent offenses) proposterous, truthfully Sen. Clinton could have ran from day one on the "I can get the White vote" or "I can get the Womens vote" that approach completely nullifies any electoral college strategic disadvantages and renders any argument to the otherwise a mute point. PEOPLE WE ALL KNOW THAT HALF THE POPULATION IS FEMALE AND 65%, now what?

Does anyone see it yet?

Here goes:

The only way that such a argument could validly exist is if that person was


THERACECARDFARSE same as THEREVERSERACISMFARSE pointless political spin and slander, this is precisely what divided us and got us into this mess
lest you forget the under-currents of the Republican corting of "Reagan Democrats" many people are still incarcerated now you know for non-violent offenses committed during his first term.

your term Race cards is laughable, but if you want to see a real race card google (race "lynchings" postcards South) those images reresent "our" country too those cards, (the real ones's) are as much a part of black America as Ronald Reagan or Mount Rushmore is to anyone elses.

There's a easy way to get past the past, and there's a hard way..

It looks as though this country would rather take the hard route.


If Michelle gets in the Whitehouse I think we're all going to see some unexpected and un-welcomed surprises, remember John Kerry's wife?

You've already seen them in action. If you don't see that both Harry Reid and Pelosi will be the perfect obsequeous fools for Michelle, you need to open your eyes. They'll be just like Obama, "Whatever Michelle wants, she gets." Stand by for truely nutcase bills coming your way through congress.

Michelle be the best first lady this sorry country will ever have.
She be black and she be brave.
Who be care if she say she never be proud of her country. She only be saying the truth.
So what if McCain be in Viet Nam prison and tortured every day.
If Obama be President there be no more wars.
We be have change. That what we's need.
I just love that Rev. Wright. He be need he own T.V. show.
Where he be lately?

she can not be a first lady she is too bitter and not proud of her country until her husband ran for pres. She never smiles and looks mad at the world. Has a chip on her shoulder, but everything she has she would not have if she were not black. She has no class and she could never take the place of Ms Laura Bush. Wake up

"Is this the carpenter's son, Jesus" That was how Jesus was referred as not elite by worldly standard to be the Messiah. America today is in a similar situation with the emergence of Obama to challenge the assumptive notion that, it is impossible for a black person to be the President of United States. God has allowed Obama, the unusual black, the unusual name Obama, not John or Michael, to force and challenge America's wisdom at a time we have unusually become borrowers and not lenders to fund a war that has divided us and removed our grandstanding in the world politically and economically. It’s not about race or color that would shape this country; otherwise we would not be where we are now. It’s about a change from our usual notable way we judge and make choices. No one foresaw Obama's coming and it’s not by fluke, it’s by he unseen divine spirit. It is this reason; America is struggling with itself and beating his heart not ready to accept the truth of where Obama is today. God is in charge, and God is good. We cannot profess “one nation, under God” as people of different race, created by God who is indivisible, and do the opposite. We are being challenged by our pledge of allegiance and must be ready to exercise it truthfully, for “In God, we trust,” that harmonious listening pleasure of the black and white keys of the piano, also represent harmony in the fabric of our lives.

So, let us recap...
We have one Democrat candidate who claimed to have ducked sniper fire in Bosnia... and did not.
We have another Democrat candidate who claimed never to have been in the pews, IN TWENTY YEARS, during Rev. Wright's racist rants... and was.
With these two glittering jewels for "change" and "honesty", it's tough to decide... REALY TOUGH!

I'm all for Michelle for First Lady!

Look at the alternative - a beer heiress, ex-beauty queen, trophy wife to a senator, who used to steal pain killers from her own "non profit organization" for her own drug addiction? Please.

Amazing negativity against a woman who just MIGHT be a huge positive for this country!

I guess those who don't want Michelle as 1st Lady have forgotten the faces of other first ladies, including Ms. Hillary Clinton. Most of them gained "grace" with age, and some still only looked fab in posed portraits. I agree, her face tends to look angry, her voice sounds forceful even when she is obviously having a good time. IF that's the face she inherited, it's not her fault. The passion she feels about the issues she embraces, comes across as just that. Intense passion. Perhaps time will change some of that. Perhaps not. If you don't know the woman, and I don't, it is rather unfair to judge her heart by her face. (Has everyone missed screechy, bug-eyed Hillary when she is passionate about a topic! People have made awful comments about her appearance forEVER!)

I wonder how many presidential hopefuls would have lost the nomination because of their spouse's face? Or because of her intense passion over an issue? We have not had beauty queens as first lady MOST of the time. Good grief! We have not had HUNKS for presidents. Jackie O and JFK were the first dynamic good-looking couple in my lifetime. And, actually, IMO they were also the last.

I am continually amazed at the way the woman is misquoted in her comments about why for the first time in her adult life she is proud to be an American. She did NOT say it was because of her husband's candidacy. She specifically stated "and NOT just because...." she said it was because hope seemed to be making a comeback. In the eyes of many, hope for positive things has been gone for quite a while. It seems to have gone with the jobs that left. Personally, I would not have used those words, but I do understand the sentiment. And, the voices of the women she is talking about, I doubt, are those of the femmes inhabiting the political scene. More likely, they are the voices of the women who are struggling with family issues, jobs, healthcare, etc.

And WHO could possibly think the woman had a silver spoon in her mouth? Have you paid attention to all that has been revealed about her life. Her birth family was not wealthy; she and her husband were not wealthy. To finally be able to pay off school loans, which EVERY American citizen has access to, by the way, is a wonderful thing, for those of us who have done it. Actually, it is commendable, since there are so many who obtain loans, complete their educations, secure high-paying careers and refuse to repay the loan. On the money they were making prior to the Obama book sales, it is commendable that they repaid their government for the loans.

Why is it considered inappropriate for her to speak of what she would do should she have the honor of becoming First Lady of this country. Hillary has been saying for months what she would do when she IS president. Barack has said what he would do when he IS president. Hillary and Bill announced what they would do as President and First Man and what she would have him doing, as well as what he would choose to be doing! Why the attitude about Michelle saying what she would do IF....?

Deciding to hate someone you do not know is amazing!

Michelle will never be First Lady, because she is no Lady. She can be the First nappy headed ho though.

To all of you saying she is being presumptuous & measuring the drapes a little early. Can you not read?

"And if I have the honor of becoming the next first lady,...."

Geez, your hate is obscuring your basic reading skills.

This is ridiculous! The people negatively posting about Michelle here are obviously, jealous, angry, and bigoted. Barack and Michelle Obama, unlike any other current presidential contender, have had to work 100x harder to achieve the success that they have in life. To call Michelle bigoted or racist is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Blacks in this country have been oppressed, beaten, brutalized, and used for centuries! Now because things have only recently gotten better they are supposed to just stop and ignore the awful history that this country has bestowed upon them?? Many blacks love this country and have worked extremely hard for it, but they are not going to turn a blind eye to the injustices that still to this day exist. Those who really care about the country want to fix what is wrong with it and make it stronger (the place it should be). Those who just want to pretend things are fine are happy being complacent. What it boils down to is that some people cannot stand to see two successful brown-skinned individuals in the position that they are currently in!

Can somebody please tell me what Michelle Obama has said or done that they consider racist.

I have been following these primaries closely, and while I've heard Hillary and her surrogates talk race and sex all the day long, I've never so much as heard Michelle utter the word race. Where does this racism claim come from?

When the primaries began, Barack had more of the white vote than Hillary. Take a look at How the Clintons led us into a racial divide.

First...Michelle Obama will NEVER be my first lady. I will never accept her in this role. She is a hateful, militant person with a huge chip on her shoulder. I'll campaign like hell just to prevent that scenario.

Let's give Michelle a break here. What about Cindy McCain who was supposed to be volunteering to take prescription drugs to medical centers and hospitals a few years ago but stole the drugs and used them herself and became addicted and had to go to rehab.Since she was RICH she didn't have to serve time. This is a first lady that we want in the White House???

So many people so full of hate on this board, I'm embarrassed at such infantile behavior. Have it ever occurred to anyone that a journalist or someone else at the event had most likely asked her what she would do if she were first lady and she is merely replying? Everyone just attacks what seems like a common question to those who have a spouse running as a public official. She obviously has a strong personality because she evokes such strong responses out of people. It's embarrassing to see such misogynistic and racist comments during a possible historic time in our history.

Let's see, Michelle, as First Lady, is going to speak for an aggrieved minority, and in that capacity will demand more government attention/money/perks for that minority. Great, we need more of that, lol. And it wasn't Novak, but Armitage in State, who revealed that Plume was a CIA agent (married to Ambassador, lol), and of course some unrelated 3rd party got the conviction (Libby).

But let's not get too much into the facts. Let's see, this is an article in Sun Times, and yet spot the difference between this article and a press release from the Obama campaign. None.

Michelle Obama doesn't hate America , I think she just hates white America. It's the 'black liberation theology' speaking , when she said, she was never proud to be an American, until now, that her husband (African-American) is running for President. You notice , there were no comments from her publicly regarding Rev. Wright, her children went to the same church as the parents.

She's a little presumptuous, isn't she? If the Democrats end up sticking Barack under our noses for election, they better send Michell to charm school. And if they stick Hillary under our noses for election, they had better have Slick Willie neutered! Because if they don't, the white house will become nothing but a whore house.

After patiently reading every comment above, I am forced to draw the conclusion that few Americans have a clue about what is going on in the world. There is a conspiracy to repeal the Constitution and dissove the American republic. A single ethnic cabal is at the root of it, and they simply use all the stupid Democrats and Republicans as their pawns. Anybody who can't see the need for a viable THIRD party to bail us out of our dilemma has been thoroughly brainwashed, and is part of the problem, not part of the solution. May God have mercy on the few remaining patriots who really care what happens to them, their children and their grandchildren. A vote for Billary, Hussein or crazy McCain is a vote in favor of tyranny.

I think the sharp attitude comes from a deep seated ressntment that she is not the candidate and that he is the candidate. I also suspect that her handlers have told her to dial down her personality on the campaign trail. This does not sit well with her either.


We do think that Michelle is going to need some 'handlers' to help her develop a less abrasive, brash style. She could use some advice, maybe, from some of Hillary/Lady Di's handlers as far as fashions and style. Would like to see her stop wearing those tight-butt sheath dresses that accentuate her overly large behind, and also would like to see her walk BEHIND or NEXT TO her husband, instead of striding in front of him, yanking him by the arm! Show some CLASS (and a tad of humility), lady, please!

Other than that, we see no reason why she cannot develop into a nice, charming, dignified First Lady. Her husband has more charm and reserve than she does at present, but people CAN evolve. (Let's hope so, for all our sakes.)

Best wishes to them both.


A first term Senator who has voted 140 time 'here' and his ignorant wife should never be considered for this important position.

I honestly don't want to vote for John McCain but if Hillary Clinton does not get the nomination I have no choice.

I am begging God to wake up the Democratic Party before we lose everything for many years to come.

Not to worry, no way is this country going to elect BO. Not because he's black, but because he is not ready, perhaps in
2012, ( and he can duce it out again with hillary. ) Mr. President
for 2008-2012 will be the white guy in a suit.

I cannot understand how the public can vote for Obama or Clinton, can't anyone remember all the scandals Hillary was involved in? The Clintons act they are entitled to the White House, remember all their friends jumping on the Lincoln bed, such disrespect does not deserve the office. As far as Obama goes, he has no experience with the war or the economy. Only John McCain can get us out of the mess's he knows what it is like first hand. I am also sick of people blaming Bush for everything, a lot of the mess is cleaning up behind Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately I don't think B.H.Obama becoming President will be enough to make someone as bitter as Michelle happy. I suspect he'd have to be elected King or possibly declared the second coming of Christ before she will "forgive" white America for the horrible ($400,000/year job, Ivy League College, private jets, luxury homes) lot in life they handed her. Fortunately for her, the blind toadys following him will gladly do just that. Cult of Personality. Look it up. After the Clintons spent a lifetime hammering the DNC into a working political party, the moonbats have destroyed us. Fine. I'll walk across the isle and vote for McCain. Maybe after ANOTHER 4 years of Republican insanity, the DNC will nominate someone I can vote for. Hillary will still be around. She's Florence Henderson compared to whiney Michelle.

I say let Michelle keep talking. She is like an albatross around Barack's neck. If anyone can sink his candidacy, it will be her.

Where is the part where she says what she will do? This is typical of the reporting about the Obama's. They say nothing but the press inserts what they want to hear or what they wish they had heard. Ridiculous! If you are going to report something then do it. This woman is angry, arrogant and she is the one who is down right mean. It seems all of Obama's picks of the people who play an important role in his life are questionable. American haters all.

Does this mean that if Michelle is first lady we will have to continue hearing about how all American women are downtrodden, helpless, poor, uneducated and in need of rescue by nanny government? Don't Democrats know any healthy, successful people? Isn’t it sad that a political party can only win elections when they convince the majority of the voters that the country the candidate wants to lead is a failure?

In Texas - to call people who don't support or even like the Obama's racist is very simple minded and designed to shut people up. I am not racist and do not think these people are who they claim to be. I would call Obama the Manchurian candidate handled and paid for by George Sorros. The Obama's are the one's that belong to a racist church and lie about knowing it. They are the ones with questionable friends and associates. They are the ones that say one thing and do another.

I think she has class and will make a very good first lady. At least she showed her tax returns more than what Cindy has done. What is she hideing? The McCains will never make it to the White House. He is a Flipflopper from way back. I live in his home state and I know him first hand.

For all of you Michelle-haters...GET OVER IT! You're all pathetic. She has more class in her little finger than you all could ever hope for! You make me sick!

"We do think that Michelle is going to need some 'handlers' to help her develop a less abrasive, brash style".

yea, right!!!!!!!!! That will never happen. As first lady (sic)
her husband will need damage control office set up just for her. She is a very angry women..............................

And since she will have her husbands ear one will want to be ready for anything that will be promoted into law that will have a very dramatic effect on American life. Such as supreme court nominations that will come into play of the Constitution.

"And if I have the honor of becoming the next first lady, I want to continue these conversations like the ones I've had with these incredible women across the country. I want to ensure that their voices don't get drowned out ever again in Washington."
When have they been drowned out, Mrs. Obama?

What an angry, bitter, small woman.

Interesting thing about this blog ... you can send a non racist pointed post about the ISSUE, and the blog runners don't post it but instead use your name on a disgustingly racist post. Having a little problem with the TRUTH Lynn? I know, I know 1st amendment ... freedom to lie. Oink

I continue to be amazed at the shallowness of people who write comments. All the men and women running for president, the candidates and their spouses are incredible people, educated, responsible people with long careers. To denigrate any of them based on a comment taken out of context, or because you support an opposing candidate, is so not useful to this country. What does it contribute to your life when you act in such hateful ways?

It is Geraldine Ferraro and the Clintons who are playing the race card to the hilt and owe all Ameericans an apology for stopping at nothing to win the nomination. I am a white South African and I feel ashamed that the Clintons have nothing better to offer this country than to play the race card. Obama has risen above their divisive politics and offers some real solutions to the problems that this coutry is facing.

Go Obama '08!!!!

B. Hussein Obama and his spouse as 'first couple.'

As far as I can tell, neither are even remotely qualified to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

His only acheivement since being elected to his current post: running for higher office.

Her only achievement since his campaign started: telling America how much she hates it.

And to think, there are enough gullible people in this country to believe his BS and ignore hers.

How ironic that her hatred for America & all things American has given her these delusions...

To JLT: I about threw up reading how Obama is going to save the world. I think you'd better do a policy study on his beliefs. As for you being a former Republican; who are you trying to kid.

A first lady does not have to have ANY role in the administration. The only way she is going to be happy as first lady is if she shuts her mouth and does nothing. The first time she hears a criticism and goes off on a nut the media will eat her alive.

I'm utterly shocked at and disappointed by the majority of comments to this article. The racism, bitterness, and hatred literally pop off the page. Is this really what we Americans represent? To take a few words that Michelle Obama has said (without knowing and acknowledging the context of and complexity behind those words) and to completely bash her as a woman, and to even add demeaning racist remarks? If such animosity exist against our own citizens - and against a potential First Lady - what kind of "proud" Americans are we?

Obviously race isn't the primary entity that divides the citizens of this country. It alway amazes me how people living under the same umbrella can have such a variety of viewpoints. Remember the old jump rope game: Who shall I marry Tom Dick or Harry? Rich man poor man beggar man thief, doctor lawyer Indian chief? We are divided more by class than race. The rich want to keep all their money and not share. The poor want some help which it's assumed is there from all the taxes we pay. The educated swirl around in the clouds of their own personal acadamia. The bourgoisie don't care about anything as long as it doesn't effect them. The well-meaning volunteer time to help those in need. The military families lives will never be the same from their sacrifice for a war they may or may not believe in. What a hodge podge of humanity makes up this great but faltering country of ours? Negative attitudes like those shown on this blog make me shake my head in disbelief that we could all ever work together towards a greater good. But I do believe that the Obamas are our latest great hope in turning the United States of America back on the right track. People - where does this hatred come from? And where has it gotten us? There ain't no answers blowin' in the wind. They lie within. Think about it. The truth shall set you free.

Umm, yes, let get that adulterous drug addict thieving Cindy Mac in or return Bill the philandering rapist.

BHO 08!


I used to complain that I was not born in 60s and missed one of the greates eras of change. I am the result of all the changes this country went through and yet can only look at it as history. Well, the comments on this board tell me not really. The same old tired fights are apparently alive and well.
For the record. Michell Obama chose her words poorly and came back and corrected them (the media NEVER made a big deal of it because it doesn't draw headlines)

Ms. Obama has a lot of grace and has done a great job of avoiding any negative statements of the opponets (either party)

Ms. Obama is a strong woman who is also very pragmatic

Ms. Obama spoke about student loans in explaining that both she and the Senator know what financial struggles is about ( for goodness sake she worked full time so her spouse could do community work @ approx 12K per year)

Ms. Obama was kind and attentive when campaigning in small towns Iowa when tv cameras were nowhere to be seen ( can you imagine that!)

While in these small towns...Hold on She even sat down with older white women, white women with low income, and mothers (of all economic status), and children and talked with them like any other woman.

People love her here! But then we got to know her without the 30 second sound bites. We know that she will be a Great First lady. One thing is for sure, she will not bite her tongue when it comes to mistreatment of children. she has consistantly said her #1 job is her family (HER CHILDREN and her HUSBND)
sounds like another first lady.
The last first lady I really admired? Barbara Bush (the quite storm- no nonsense)

Wow, I sure hope no one is swayed by comments on the internet. There are far too many mischaracterizations and inaccuracies in this thread to even begin to correct.

Personally, I've followed Michelle and am wholly impressed with her sincerity, intelligence, and poise. She's not a trophy-wife, but she's also not a co-President. I think she strikes just the right balance.

I love being an american but I have not always been proud OF THE COUNTRY, like when this country said it's okay to enslaved anothe person... Anyone who was proud of that american at that time is SICK..I was not proud of american when I vice president said SO to the fac that so many lives had been lost in this sensless war. NObody is proud of anything all time, not your husband, your children or this country. I LOVE IT BUT AINT ALWAYS PROUD OF IT.

I love being an american but I have not always been proud OF THE COUNTRY, like when this country said it's okay to enslaved anothe person... Anyone who was proud of that american at that time is SICK..I was not proud of american when I vice president said SO to the fac that so many lives had been lost in this sensless war. NObody is proud of anything all time, not your husband, your children or this country. I LOVE IT BUT AINT ALWAYS PROUD OF IT.

Those that have posted the below are off base about race as far as I'm concerned. To me the Obama's are not ready for office. It has nothing to do with color of skin.

If I were to vote for a women I would vote for Rice in office. Some might say she would not fit. So what!!!!!

Last time I checked she was Black and her family did go through Jim Crow. Plus, having crosses burned on her front lawn when she was a little girl.

Just because I don't want the Obama's in the Whitehouse doesn't make me a racist. That is using poor judgment on those you don't have any idea what they are about. I don't vote your way so you think I'm a racist. People like that are so full B.S.

Posted by: BillinColorado | May 11, 2008 05:05 PM

I continue to be amazed at the shallowness of people who write comments. All the men and women running for president, the candidates and their spouses are incredible people, educated, responsible people with long careers. To denigrate any of them based on a comment taken out of context, or because you support an opposing candidate, is so not useful to this country. What does it contribute to your life when you act in such hateful ways?

Posted by: Randy kunkle | May 11, 2008 06:19 PM

I'm utterly shocked at and disappointed by the majority of comments to this article. The racism, bitterness, and hatred literally pop off the page. Is this really what we Americans represent? To take a few words that Michelle Obama has said (without knowing and acknowledging the context of and complexity behind those words) and to completely bash her as a woman, and to even add demeaning racist remarks? If such animosity exist against our own citizens - and against a potential First Lady - what kind of "proud" Americans are we?

Most of these posting sounds like they were written by extremist terrorists! And you call yourselves Americans


Those of you whom are not going to vote for this half black, half white man whom wants to turn hard time around for all americans should just stay of the net because he is leading and that says a lot for the angry looser, rebels. Confederates, you've already lost so get over it. Michelle was only speaking politically about not liken her country and that be the government which no body has been proud of during the last 8 years. Is this a Republican Rebel site? your days are almost over, see ya!!

Michelle Obama has needlessly alienated a lot of folks.
And to label that alienation as racism is just plain stupid.

Michelle Obama as "first lady?" Unthinkable! Heck, with her vision of Amerika, who needs enemies?


a beer heiress, ex-beauty queen, trophy wife
Couldn't ask for better qualifications than that!

Especially the first. Mmmmm beer.

Michelle Obama is a militant black woman bringing her children up to hate this country as evidenced by the rhetoric in their so-called Church. I work with plenty of these Black women, making lots of money, have everything in the world and yet still express all this anger about how oppressed they are. Michele Obama is completely unfit to live in the Whitehouse and so is her husband.

Why is Michelle Obama angry? Her kids will receive a full ride to any college they desire while the rest of us struggle to put gas in our cars. We will regret electing this angry, leftist pair to the White House.

hey i just want to say love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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