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Hillary's Eight Belles derby filly runs second; leg fractures force euthanasia after finish.


RALEIGH, NC.--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) wanted Eight Belles to win the Kentucky Derby. The filly came in second, had leg fractures, was euthanized. Daughter Chelsea, in big hat, was at the derby. The Kentucky primary is May 20. For more on the political angle, click to the Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni LINK


Thanks for the limek to the Bellantoni piece. I didn't realize Indiana cared about the Derby but it all makes sense.
I remember Hunter S. Thompson's piece about the Derby, I think it was called "Derby Day."
You'll never look at a mint julep the same way.

The whole situation turns me off to the horse racing industry. The fact that Big Brown's owner and trainer continued to celebrate with the death of Eight Belles without even an acknowledgment or tribute to her is an absolute disgrace.

The name of the Thompson piece was "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved"

Would this happen to our country if we bet on her?

Did not Hillary bet eight belles would win, place or show, meaning she won some money on this bet. My question is how much money did she win, and what now does she intend doing with her winnings?

I knew there would be a snarky sharky Michelle Obama style attack on Hillary (without the fake smile and pearls above the cleavage popping out of the tight pink top).
Read newspapers--go back and read 20 years worth and then come onto these blogs.

The death of a wonderful filly much disturbed me and I don't sympathize with anyone making light of it for political or any kind of reason.

To Obamas = Spoilers - first, about that name of yours: if Obama ran as a 3rd party candidate against the Democratic nominee, then "spoiler" might make more sense. As it is, it sounds like you think Hillary Clinton is "owed" the presidency - that it was "her turn". I have admiration for Sen. Clinton but I just don't understand that attitude. Just because she started as the frontrunner with the most funds, the highest name recognition, and a 100+ lead in superdelegates, does not mean the nomination was hers by divine right. Her campaign unfortunately made some major mistakes in not planning for after Super Tuesday and not being organized even in some early states and irresponsible spending early in the season.

And why "Obamas" plural? Only one person in that family is a candidate. Making fun of Michelle Obama's appearance puts you in the same league with people who do that to Hillary. If by "snarky sharky Michelle Obama style comment", you're talking about the comment "If you can't control your own house, how can you control the White House?" - well, I was offended when I heard that until I saw the whole quote later in the NYT and learned that Mrs. Obama had gone on to talk about making sure to give enough attention to their kids etc. - -in other words, that sentence was about the OBAMA family, NOT about Bill's affairs. But some media truncated her comments and claimed/implied it was about Clinton, so they could portray it as a "cat fight". (I believe Faux said "The Claws are Out".) Too much of the media thrives on conflict and couldn't care less about honesty.

I HAVE been paying attention for 20 years of newspapers and I DO remember the horrific Gingrich revolution and the Contract on America. I hope that Hillary as Pres. would be able to accomplish good things if there were not a similar revolt against the Democratic Party in midterm elections...But I seem to recall Hillary's healthcare reform was messed up before that. I liked her and was hopeful about that but even I was disturbed at the secrecy and what we heard about her imperiousness and "with us or against us" inflexibility with other Democrats.

I'll support whomever the Democratic nominee is. When we go in that voting booth we have to not let our disappointment and anger prevent us from being realistic about which is the lesser evil. [Hint: It's NOT the other Democrat.] Do you know how many 5-4 Supreme Court decisions there are? McCain has promised to appoint more right wingers them like Scalia et al. which could have a terrible long term effect. And Justice Stevens is 88 years old.

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