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Gladys Knight to stump with Michelle Obama in Ashville, NC on Monday.



I don't care if the Obamas bring out the Pips too--It is NOT going to change the fact that the wins of the Obamas to date are as fake as Barack, as fake as Michelle.
Watch Michelle say the Clintons ruled by fear—I hope it was a slip—but I think it was an intentional slur on the Clinton years.
And I resent it.
- Contrary to what Michelle (hardly a fading flower opposed to politics as she portrayed herself complete with tight pionk cleavage revealing top) Barack did not run for Senate on this ‘speech’ he had to re-record because nobody recorded it in a quality way. No body paid attention to it.

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Michelle Obama's team is now DENYING she attacked Hillary Clinton in her 'ladies against women' tea party event "Women for Obama."
Yeah, right.
Watch the clip.

I hope Michelle won't wear any more cleavage revealing tops to PANDER to the male vote.
If she does, we could line up some economists or maybe astrologists to see whether it matters.

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