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Father Michael Pfleger mocks "entitled" and "white" Hillary at Trinity United Church. Video.


WASHINGTON--Hat tip to Politico's Ben Smith for the video. Last Sunday night, Chicago's Father Michael Pfleger ended his sermon at Trinity United Church of Christ--the Obama family church--home pulpit for years for the Rev. Jeremiah Wright-- saying, "sorry....don't want to get you into any more trouble."

This comes after Pfleger--a crusader for Chicago's down and out--who has known Barack Obama since his days as a community organizer--just wrapped up mocking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and may have sensed he strayed into trouble for his friend Obama.

Of Clinton, Pfleger said, pretending to be speaking in her voice, "I'm white, I'm entitled, there's a black man stealing my show."

Pfleger was introduced by Trinity pastor Rev. Otis Moss III



Hey Lynn,

The following story mentions the history between Pfleger and Obama.,obamafalsani040504.articl e

The Chicago Sun-Times, April 5, 2004:

“Obama says he reads the Bible, though not as regularly as he’d like, now that he’s on the campaign trail. But he does find time to pray.

“It’s not formal, me getting on my knees,” he says. “I think I have an ongoing conversation with God…. I’m constantly asking myself questions about what I’m doing, why I am doing it.

“The biggest challenge, I think, is always maintaining your moral compass.”

Friends and advisers, such as the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church in the Auburn- Gresham community on the South Side, who has known Obama for the better part of 20 years, help him keep that compass set, he says.

“I always have felt in him this consciousness that, at the end of the day, with all of us, you’ve got to face God,” Pfleger says of Obama. “Faith is key to his life, no question about it. It is central to who he is, and not just in his work in the political field, but as a man, as a black man, as a husband, as a father…. I don’t think he could easily divorce his faith from who he is.”

Comments like these make me sick. How is uniting? As a Catholic,I'm ashamed that he is a priest.

Keep it coming Father. Let the white people hear what you are saying. I heard it on Fox today and I bet Hannity will be on it tonight.
You should be proud of yourself because now the whole Rev. Wright thing will probably start coming up again.
Are you just stupid, or are you trying to make Obama look bad, or do you think nothing will hurt his chances of becoming President?
You are a disgrace to people of all colors.
Sure the foolish blacks and whites that are laughing and clapping and jumping up and down love you, but that is not saying much.
You have just made millions of enemies by your rantings.
Keep it coming Brother.

The thought of this man be the POTUS is mindboggeling! The litany
of associations, who he claims have influenced WHO he is, leave much to be desired. Axelrod, the lobbyist, all the while claiming
"freedom from lobbyists". Making a "big show" of separating from
Rev. Wright to just continue with Rev. Moss and Trinity and the
same Theology. It's been a masterful Chicago "shellgame".
There's alot olutter in the Obama closet and in due time it will ALWAYS does. Those who have subverted the process
even before the primaries began, have alot to answer for. That in-
cludes DNC leadership and some committee members. As a multiracial
individual and veteran, my family and I want the best person for
POTUS. To hear what is coming from Obama's supporter's about Sen.
Clinton does encourage me to vote for him.

Politicians are all narcississtic in nature. Obama is no different than any other candidate in that regard. One of the fundamental tenets of Christian faith is humility. I've seen very few politicians that sruck me as being humble. I think politicans are better off sticking to their take on the issuea and leave religion to those that truly practice it. That is true for both partys, especially the Democratic party. Those that don't practice faith see it being used in a campaign as a distraction, and those that do practice faith see it as hypocricy. Pastor Pfleger is at best unbalanced.

If the party doesn't want to fall apart,it's Hillary.
It always was.
Let's be smart.
The MORAL imperative for Obama, Edwards, Gore
and all the internecine Democratic party
fighters who have FORGOTTEN the GOALS are:'
1. The White House NOW!
and NOT 'who controls the Dem party for the next 4 years'.

well, im quite sure many feel, both black & white, what Pfleger said. Nothing would be far from the truth concerning hillary.

This problem has now reached critical mass. Birds of a feather flock together. How can Obama claim to be a man of judgment who believes in unity and mutual respect when over and over again we learn of his associations with bigoted people. The people at Trinity Church during Rev. Wright's rants and Father Pfleger's rant seemed to enjoy them and agree with them. So what was the great inspiring experience that kept Obama and his wife loyal to Trinity Church for 20 years? How could they take their children to church where hate is part of the religious agenda?

I give up. I can't bring myself to vote for him. It's interesting that so many of Obama's supporters use the same kind of hate speech against Hillary Clinton as we heard from Father Pfleger.

I don't believe anything Obama says. He's a fraud who blows with the wind depending on which audience he's trying to con. Now that Trinity has outlived its usefulness to Obama, he finds it difficult to throw them overboard now that they are an embarassment to him.

I just can't vote for this guy.

I love how JJH is, as a Catholic, ashamed he is a priest. What this man did is nothing compared to what many Catholic priests have done to children in the past, but THIS is shameful! Obama isn't that person. He didn't say it. He didn't agree with it. Get over it. People will say things in every campaign, but it's what the candidate him/herself says and believes that matters. Look at what Hillary HERSELF as said, especially to the Sioux Falls Editorial Board.

Once again, the people with whom Obama chooses to associate with are not of the mainstream. Hey, that's fine -- but those of us in the mainstream may not think too highly of you as a result.

I am an HRC supporter -- and am sickened by this display. And you wonder why we will stay home in November, should that pretender be made the nominee...

Well it is clear that the lack of coverage of this story on CNN &MSNBC shows how they are just an Obama Infomercial. Had this been a Hillary advisor or a McCain Advisor, This would have been 24/7. Anderson Cooper is in pain just mentioning the story and constantly saying its a non issue. I beg to differ, it just one more in a line of people around Obama that has showed very power judgement and unethical standards. I HOPE the DNC wakes up and looks at these types of thing this weekend.

I have been a Catholic all my life and Father Michael Pfleger is a disgrace to the Catholic Church and should be defrocked. If the
Cardinal does not take action and publicly censor Father Michael Pfleger it will just add to the insult.

Pflager should leave the priesthood. Obviously his latest rant proves he is not someone for our youth to look up to, especially to create peace among races. Hey father, remember these words...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... You should leave the priesthood and head for Hollywood and the Academy Award, which is what you strive for every time there is a camera or a group of people to watch your performance.

Whether housing illegal immigrants or threatening to "snuff out" people, he is certainly one I would not want to face in a confessional or give me last rites. He should be the one confessing.


What I do not understand is why are these things being taped?
Why are the church members jumping up and down with excitement during these rants? I find this the most distrubing parts of these Trinity Church tapes.

if it is ok to talk about white hatred in a black church
then it must be ok to talk about black hatred in a white church?

how many times must obama sat through a similer speech and never walked out in his 20 years in his church?

are all black churches filled with such hate against whites?

just asking!

As much as I prefer Barrack Obama to Hillary Clinton, Reverend
Pfleger played right into her hands and those of her supporters.
But let's keep some perspective and remember that the reverend's
words were his own and not Obama's. In order to get a response
from an obviously receptive audience, he mocked Clinton, and
also other white people.

Apparently, it didn't occur to him that the lunatic right-wing
fringe, personified by Sean Hannity and his ilk, would jump all
over this. And somehow, there were people who didn't tar John
McCain about the two crazies who endorsed him. Obama is busy
campaigning and surely doesn't have time to sit at the church
to listen to that kind of nonsense. The whole thing is a red
herring, which is being presented as some kind of evidence that
Obama actually thinks that way. The character assassination practiced by the hard right shows the kind of destructive stupidity that resulted in the disastrous presidency of George
W. Bush.

Having said all the above, Obama should do himself a big favor
and permanently distance himself from that church. With friends
like that, who needs enemies?

I am catholic and with all the problems in the church already involving women being isolated from equality, this just takes the cake--it shows what the catholic priesthood is really about--screwing little boys and girls and insulting women. The racism and self-hatred also go along with the guilt of the :old "church" of the cold war era in the US. I am a white woman and I wish that some of the people who think only whites can be discriminated against could visit some of the single , poor white moms who live in the moldy, leaky trailers of the mountains and hollows of this country. Women bear the brunt and weight of the opression in this world, and many of the are white. Even the little old ladies who clean up after the priests, and put all their few nickles in the collection plate , have to pay for priests to live with servants, cleaners, cooks and free everything, including medical insuance--bbut that gives them the right to make fun of white women as an entitled group--make me vomit-you racist, sexist, ego-maniacal self-hating, creep--you are not a priest of JC to me.

I find it incredible that we have another Rev. Wright clone in the pulpit of the Trinity United Church. Same invectives, same gyrations, flailing of hands, spins, crouches. Like some kind of strange, native dance in the jungle. And in the background: wild stomping, people out of their seats, clapping and shouting their approval.

This Obama character seems to dismiss this insanity in degrees...depending on how much political damage he assesses it is causing him with each new revelation. He thinks his slick rhetoric and his snake-oil salesman approach to anything and everything...will quell the firestorm all of these continuing spectacles are creating for his campaign. Well...he is dead wrong...!!!

The guy is a loser. Big time. And the Democrats, by foisting him up as their "agent of change" of hope, and of peace...are going to have egg all over their face...come election time...when voters...who have refrained from the "Kool-Aid" dispenser...reject him at the polls in droves.


Talk about White on White crime!! Father Pfleger is just saying what a lot of people are thinking... HRC thought she was the presumptive nominee to the Bush Throne. Now, Hanity and others over at FOX News(no-news just spin) will play this up as Obama's association with the radical left wing liberals as a "new narrative about the Senator from the land of Lincoln". In fact, "Greta" at Fox was so bold as to say she does not associate with known racist?!like Father Pfleger!! The other person she was speaking to was off camera shoot back to her,
" Greta, I don't know everybody you know!" She later recants her statement,and put in a caveat about who she knows is/is not a known racist.
Look folks lets be real... HRC is trying to hijack the DNC and the party. The Clinton Machine has come up against a powerful foe in the Obama Group (OG's)...that play by the rules. HRC and The Clinton Machine have thrown the kitchen sink at Obama, moved the goal post for the nomination, has suggested that Obama could be killed in the month of June, just like Bobby Kennedy, courted super delegates, like flies to manure, and if she gets Florida and Michigan delegates...she still will not have the numbers to beat Obama!

IF you were Obama and the presumptive Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America...would you want HRC to be standing behind you as V.P.??? Think about it America.

Rev. Pfleger was wonderful?

There are people out there who don't know that black people in this country have a different understanding of America than do many white people?

There are people out there who don't know that we *have* to discuss these things before am African American can be elected President?

The issue is: how many white Americans are still living in the
zone of imaginary mis-belief so succinctly described by Ronald Reagan as, "...before we knew we had a race problem?"

Such a shame that race and bitterness and hatred and vitriol were on parade in the pulpit, but the gospel of Jesus was nowhere to be seen. When we stand before God in the final judgment, he isn't going to ask us if we were white or black or whatever, he isn't going to be concerned about race, but he is going to look to see if we bowed our knee in faith and invited Jesus to cover our sins with his payment on the cross. Where is the spirit of love and humility and character in this entire service? Racial offense has blinded the eyes of all those people clapping!

Right because racism and hate have NEVER BEFORE BEEN IN AMERICAN POLITICS!! Certainly NOT when Jefferson said 'all men are created equal' except of course for the SLAVES I OWN but NOW you all want to have standards?!! And the o-n-l-y thing I find 'sickening' Liz is the absolute and utter hypocrisy coming from most of you!! And last time I checked this was a FREE country and he can say whatever he DAMN WELL PLEASES none of you holier thans had a-n-y problem with Shrillary and her sneaky and divisive tactics since day ONE of her campaign and no DUH judging from most of the comments on these message boards a lot of you DO think you are entitled to the whole damn world. Like the hypocrites who have the nerve of nerve to complain about this but said NOTHING when Hillary happened to 'accidentally' mentioned Bobby Kennedy's assaination where was all the high and mighty 'outrage' then?!! Oh but white people aren't racist or hypocritical right,right?!!

This issue is not only about the racism surrounding Obama, it's also about the misogyny from Obama supporters--particularly from this so-called "church." If the black community were really interested in getting one of their own elected as president, they'd have been behind people like Shirley Chisholm, who stated that she "had met far more discrimination because I am a woman than because I am black," according to one of her campaign organizers, Jo Freeman. Freeman also details how she met with sneering negativity from the likes of Jesse Jackson when attempting to enlist the support of the black community for Ms. Chisholm.

And how about former US Rep Cynthia McKinney? She is much more qualified than Obama to lead this country, plus she enjoyed a strong relationship with her father--an American citizen who not only was one of Atlanta's first black police officers, he was also a grass roots Civil Rights activists, often taking young Cynthia along with him. She also introduced a controversial bill which would bring sealed assassination records concerning Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to light. (A similar, corresponding bill was co-sponsored in the Senate in support of McKinney by Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton, coincidentally.) McKinney is also the only member of Congress to propose articles of impeachment against Bush, Cheney and Rice for their culpability regarding the Iraq war. She left the Democratic party in disgust when she sought support in 2006 for a possible 2008 candidacy. She remains marginalized by her own black community.

If black leadership had wanted to support an intelligent candidate, they've had more than ample opportunity with the above two viable potential candidates. The reason Chisholm and McKinney have been brushed aside and dismissed? Merely because they are women.

That is also why that nut-case who passes himself off as a Catholic priest dislikes Sen. Clinton--she is a woman. Hillary is the only candidate in the race who has had to sit in the back of the bus, figuratively speaking. She remained in Bill's shadow for close to thirty years, assisting him in his quest for the presidency--and his own personal glory--even though she was the more qualified of the two. It's obvious that this nation of multi-colored good ol' boys is not ready for a female leader. Shame on the men of America.

Also, a related issue: if I had been sitting in the congregation while this kooky priest pretended to be a black man--mocking black men, in my opinion--I'd have been offended by that and would have walked out well before he even got to the insults regarding Hillary. Wake up, Trinity members! You're being duped! You're being horn-swaggled! You're being bamboozled!

People are outraged oh yet again, more detritus; Obama's associates, Trinity Church, Hillary's mistreatment, blah, blah and blah some more. Invectives hurled back and forth but no one gets it. Pfleger was speaking the truth white people. Forget what he said about Hillary, he was just using her as a metaphorical point. Try for once to deal with what he actually said. You have a problem. Deflecting it off on Obama, Trinity, Wright, Hillary, DNC, Catholicism is all a pathetic defense because you can't face the truth of who you are and what you did. Everytime someone picks at that sore (again a metaphor) you all scream in pain about everything but the problem: race. Race and your collusion, delusion, participation and subsequent inheritance of this country's largesse. A country built on the backs of my ancestors (but not Obama's, may I remind you). A country who's shameful past of enslaving people due only to the color of their skin, and how you have never atoned for it, apologized for it, or made any retribution for what you have done, your ancestors did and what you continue to do. Now deal with that.

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