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CNN projects Clinton winner in Kentucky by about 30 points.



As far as Hillary's win in Kentucky it has been projected right along the way that she would win by that margin. After all it is the state that she and her family spent these past three weeks doing several rallies each day. And the governor of Kentucky stated that it was Hillary country that she and Bill had been there often over these past years. What do you expect. She would do the party good if she just acknowledged that she LOST AND DON'T COME UP WITH NEW FINGURES THAT WOULD ALLOW HER TO WIN THE NOMINATION. SHE LOST!!! YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE RULES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME. THE FIGURE FOR THE NOMINATION IS 2025 NOT 2210 THAT SHE KEEPS STATING. 2025 WAS PUT IN TO PLACE BY THE DNC AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PRIMARY. SHE AND BILL WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT THE RULES NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM. HILLARY AND BILL ARE SORE LOSERS. AT ONE TIME I SUPPORTED THEM, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT IN WHAT HAS COME OUT IN THERE ACTIONS.

What happen to the entry CNN projects Obama winner in Oregon by 16 points with 88 percent of the precints counted?

I know you would like to see a woman as president. That is normal considering you are one. I would like to see a Black man as president considering I am one. That is normal too.

God Bless

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