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Clinton new South Dakota ad




The funny thing about this ad is that she talks about not spending money the government doesn't have but she is in debt because she has spent money her campaign doesn't have.

Oh shouting Phill--must you constantly attack?
The Clintons have tons of money cuz they are so VERY popular. Had not your messiah decided to make points by tearing down the only two term dem since FDR maybe you would get it.
This is a great ad.
Turn off your t.v. stay off the computer read some newspaper microfilm at the library about the first Clinton presidential era.

go ahead obama bots get mad guesswhat@? we got a big suprise for you at the convention its called flip the super dels,thats right clinton is much stronger with white blue collar workers and unions love her thaats why osama bin bama is going to get punked in denver,we are still the majority in america no democrat has ever won the ek election with out taking w virginia ohio and o pennsylvania get ready to be flippe out and shown the door prize oh he will be offered vice president ms watch and learn baby this is reality big bill got juice?///???? go hilliary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is going up with two spots at the moment. One is a 30-second ad for TV; the other, for radio, clocks in at a full minute.
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