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Cardinal George muzzles Father Pfleger. George rebukes Pfleger's pulpit Clinton hit.


WASHINGTON--After attacking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) from the pulpit of the Obama family church, Trinity United Church of Christ, Father Michael Pfleger on Friday was rebuked by Chicago's Cardinal Francis George. Pfleger promised the Cardinal to muzzle himself when it comes to politics--and not even mention any candidate by name.

This episode--triggered by the media savvy Pfleger--comes as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is on the verge of clinching the Democratic presidential nomination and is working to win Catholic votes. The Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee meets Saturday here to wrestle with how to seat the disputed Michigan and Florida delegates.

George wanted to avoid having the Catholic Church caught in a political dispute.

"Racial issues are both political and moral and are also highly charged. Words can be differently interpreted, but Fr. Pfleger¹s remarks about Senator Clinton are both partisan and amount to a personal attack. I regret
that deeply," George said.

From the Chicago archdiocese....

Statement of Cardinal Francis George concerning remarks of
Fr. Michael Pfleger about Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton during
an address at Trinity United Church of Christ on Sunday May 25, 2008

The Catholic Church does not endorse political candidates. Consequently,
while a priest must speak to political issues that are also moral, he may
not endorse candidates nor engage in partisan campaigning.

Racial issues are both political and moral and are also highly charged.
Words can be differently interpreted, but Fr. Pfleger¹s remarks about
Senator Clinton are both partisan and amount to a personal attack. I regret
that deeply.

To avoid months of turmoil in the church, Fr. Pfleger has promised me that
he will not enter into campaigning, will not publicly mention any candidate
by name and will abide by the discipline common to all catholic priests.


Isn't it about time The Cardinal transfer's Fr. Pfleger out of Chicago, far far away ?

Cardinal George is quite right that the church should stay out of politics. So -- why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc.? By denying communion to Catholics whose political positions they oppose, the church is blurring the line between religion and politics.

Maybe he might also abide by the decency that is assumed to be common to all catholic priests.....

"And will abide by the discipline common to all catholic priests."

Oh, ho ho. That's a good one. I'll believe that when you transfer him from St. Sabina's after, what, 20 years?

Thanks Lynn.
Keep up the good work.
There are very few journalists I can stomach anymore.
and just about NO pundits.
It is always a pleasure however to see you on one of the talking head shows.
I actually stop my own screaming obscenities at the television when you show up.

thats it! thats all cardinal george has to say!

As a Catholic, I would expect the Cardinal to do the following: de-frock Pfleger - he is no longer a priest. Close St. Sabina's and deconsecrate it - then sell the property. This parish is not CATHOLIC. It is a PROTESTANT.

O silly me. The last time I looked Protestants were Catholic but not Roman Catholic.

Father Pfleger's comments were obnoxious, but my biggest concern is that people like Sean Hannity have added these comments to the montage of Rev. Wright comments and is looping them throughout his show. That is not to mention the way the rest of the media has presented these comments tying them to Obama. Must Obama be held responsible for every word uttered by every person with access to a podium?

Very disappointed in the Cardinal's slap on the wrist of Pfleger, this has further shamed the church just as it was coming back from sex scandals.
Deflock him and his Chicago church.
Shame on Pfleger and the Cardinal

When will people understand the difference between Moral and Political. When a child is murdered before birth or a women thinks she can carry another human being in her womb and not acknowledge that individual as separate from her is astounding.This is not political, this is humanity. I agree (though it is against my religion) that a women has a choice. The choice is whether to allow herself to get pregnant or not. That is where her choice ends. Homosexuality likewise is not a political choice. We as humans are doing what every failed society since the beginning of tine has done. You must have morality in a society or it will be destroyed. That is why he great people of the bible in Moses time were given these great rules to live by. This is why we must live by these rules or we will, as we are now, be destroyed.

Cardinal George should reassign Fr. Pfleger. This is what normally happens. He is treating Fr. Pfleger like a special case. Fr. Pfleger has promised to be obediant to his bishop. If he is not obediant then he excommunicates himself from the church. Maybe Trinity could use a new paster.


You think???? Good Lord, what kind of minister is he? I have to ask and I already know , but for those who don't know. My question is ...what would Jesus do ,if he were invited to that church? Now you know the answer. So, is their a wolf among the sheep? Or just birds of a feather, flocking together?

In order to received communion, you must be in communion with the church, which means you must believe what the church teaches. It is not political!

Obama's new pastor Rev. Ottis Moss III referred to Father Pfleger as a "beloved brother, and our friend". He also condoned Pflegers racist and sexist rant by stating " we respect the messenger and the message" - the parishoners cheered Pfleger along in approval too! It is quite apparent by now that Obama himself chooses to go to this "Church" because of the racist views they embody. I believe Oprah Winfrey herself also attended this "Church" , which is why I will not watch her show or promote anything she does. If we want to rid this country of hate then we should demand that our children are not exposed to its evils, by refusing to attend houses of worship that are so far removed from the teachings of Jesus Christ - We must remember to "first do no harm"!

We've all seen the edited version of Pfleger's rousing speech, but have you seen the full uncensored, unedited version?

Joaquin Cruz

I feel the same way. I am turning more and more to the print media - and those that focus on reporting. Thanks Lynn.

God forgive me but Pfleger is not a catholic priest, he is in the same class as the swine that attack, and disseminate hate from the pulpit. What kind of religion is that? must be devil worship. I have never been to church and heard anything like this in my life; it is disgusting and despicable. People like Pfleger, and wright are hate mongers, self hating, whether they are black or white, this sort of rhetoric is what begets more hate.

cardinal george should step aside too. In that weak statement, he basically endorsed a democrap.
What he should have done is reiterated the true Catholic position of voting only for pro-life candidates. If none are available, then either abstain or vote for the next best candidate (lesser of the evils...believe me, these democraps are completely evil in their quest for abortion on demand).
Both priest and cardinal should resign.


I am a born and raised South Side Irishman. I spent 12 years in Catholic schools and my two young boy's currently attend Catholic Schools. I am disgusted and offended by Cardinal George's response to this fiasco. The very minumum Father Pfleger should be removed from ministry and sent to Alaska. He is a embarrassment to the catholic church and fine people of Chicago. This video is a world wide event right now and I am outraged the George continues to let him make a mockerey out of the Catholic relegion.

Cardinal George should be as tough on all Catholic chicago politicians. Chicago's Mayor Daley supports abortion and has friends steal the taxpayers blind, day after day, after day. I would throw Mayor Daley, family and friends out of the Catholic Church long before Father "Phony" Pfleger. We need to do more for our poor black residents than preach, lets get more jobs! Patrick McDonough.

Why is a Catholic Priest supporting a politician that supports abortion to include partial birth abortion? This priest has lost his way! I question this priest's right to remain ordained.

Resident of the Diocese of Fort Wayne / South Bend

The hate that Fr. Pfleger spews was taught in the home. While it appears that he was raised poorly by his parents he is now a grown man & needs to learn that hate does not help this society move forward.

If this is how he preaches as a visiting preacher at Trinity, what in heavens name must be going on at St. Sabina,s? I looked at their website and based on what I read, I am wondering if the church is still a Catholic church.

I am not a Catholic, nor a Clinton supporter, but Fr. Pfleger's actions were appalling and clearly not appropriate for any church activity or public meeting. Fr. Pfleger's ego got in the way of his duties as a priest. He should be banned from public appearances.


You wrote: "Cardinal George is quite right that the church should stay out of politics. So -- why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc.? By denying communion to Catholics whose political positions they oppose, the church is blurring the line between religion and politics."

Your first sentence is correct. However same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc. are MORAL issues made political positions by politicians. The Catholic Church has a duty to address immoral issues.

The 'spirit' of Vatican II is still much alive. Not only the congregation, as well shown by the ignorant of Catholic Theolgy [or refusal to BELIEVE] remarks by BBC , but by clergy members. Liberation theology, secular humanism, relativism, cafeteria Catholic, I feel, I think, it should be this or maybe that. NO! IT IS WHAT IT IS!
My prayers are with people such as this.

Thank you,
John M.

P.S. I am waiting for the archbishop to take some proper action. Father Pfleger took an oath of obedience and faith upon his ordination. Obviously this means nothing to him. Either he leave the priesthood or make a full, truly repentful apology and promise never to do this again.

Cardinal George again is weak. This "priest" must be transferred away from his parish immediately. He needs a nice, peaceful retreat in Alaska. HE MUST GO!!!!

If the Cardinal continues to let this idiot and media hound do whatever he wants, Chicago Catholics of decency must protest by petition, organized marches in front of this idiot's so-called church, and finally, if no action is taken from the Cardinal, with-hold monetary support of the Church in Chicago.

Cardinal George, do your damn job! Enough Catholics are alienated already.

@BCC above:
"Cardinal George is quite right that the church should stay out of politics. So -- why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc.?"

BCC, when we say "the church should stay out of politics" it means the Church should not name a candidate. But denying communion is a matter *within* the church and the denial is done because the Catholic person is in complete opposition to and contradiction with Church teachings i.e. that the killing of children through abortion is a major sin akin to manslaughter. In that case, it is *politics that should stay out of the church by refraining from criticizing intra-church matters.

PROTESTANT????? How dare you boy, a protestant did not say all that crap. You are as about as ignorant as Pfleger is. Pfleger is a white man trying to be black. All everyone is trying to do is start a race war so lets drop this crap here and now and do something constructive.


It is a violation of tax law for these so called "churches" to be engaging in politics. YOU are subsidizing them because your taxes cover what they don't put in.

Cardinal, you made your bed, now lie in it. NO PRIEST or parish gets to veto who the Diocese sets up for their pastor. TRANSFER PFLEGER!!! You have allowed him to build a CULT of personality at St. Sabina's.

Also, if you watched the FULL video, I was left wondering---why is it that "Fr." Pfleger seems to think that to be FOR blacks, you have to be ANTI-white? This is NOT the way to bring people together.

Cardinal George is a coward. He's afraid to do what is right: expel Pfleger from the Archdiocese of Chicago and urge the Vatican to eject him from the priesthood. Forget politics. This Catholic priest preached hatred and racism and sexism from the the altar, the sacred altar. The video has been cut....the earlier version showed him inciting his congregation to violence. His brutal ridicule of Sen Clinton and his arrogant callous projection of the meaning of her tears was cruelty. This performance of his is the most unchristian behavior that I have personally ever witnessed in a priest. He has violated the Catholic Church. He has shamed all Catholics. He has violated his vows. He makes a mockery of Catholic priesthood and has distorted his ministry of peace and love and forgiveness and acceptance. . He should be removed from St Sabina's immediately. And if that congregation responds with violence, shut down the parish. He was entrusted with the care of St Sabina's.....he has destroyed that trust. He is a disgrace. He is dangerous. He is not a priest.

I'm wondering when the IRS will begin monitoring those churches that engage in politics from the pulpit, a clear violation of he 501(c)3 status churches have. Pfleger continually "preaches" politics, abusing the privilege he has been granted. If I was Catholic, I would be furious (as it is, I'm just extremely annoyed) over his confusion of when and how to be a citizen and when and how to be a priest.

Pfleger's behavior is just another example of the "Do Nothing" reaction of American Catholic bishops.

i am a catholic,have seen the church go through hard time, and i belonged to a sister chucrch of fr. pfleger's and have known for a long time that he does not like white people. in a time when people should be coming together and trying to heal differances, he lights fires and and throws gasoline on them to enrage. he needs to be transfereed out and a new face brought in to heal and unite people.

Fr. Pfleger I'm afraid took it too far. Cardinal George took the correct approach in meeting him and talking to him. Fr. Pfleger has done outstanding work within the community which many people do not know except for the recipients within the community.

I do not support any transfer of Fr. Pfleger until he decides to move on because he has always done outstanding work.

This is why this campaign needs to is too emotionally charged due to the failed policies of Iraq, the No Child Left Behind Bill, Katrina, the GI Benefits,and many other positions.

We need leadership and it isn't McCain-Bush.

If any of the undeclared delegates have not decided, please decide next week after election day so the democratic party can begin working towards the big big prize........We cannot do anything winning 2nd place in this race. The World is counting on us!!!

Father Pfleger should be either defrocked or sent to somewhere he could be more useful, e.g., Zimbabwe. At this point, I am sure Obama would, secretly, agree with me. How can anyone be so obtuse as to think this puerile rant would be helpful to the candidate he supports?


The church as every right, and the responsiblity, to speak out on moral issues (such as abortion) but it cannot endorse a specific candidate due to its tax exempt status. A bishop also has the right to deny communion to any Catholic who is publically prochoice. It comes with his office.

LEAVE PASTOR PFLEGER ALONE !!! He has done so much for That community than any other leader alive today...

Amen. Anonmous- This parish is Not Catholic And the Fathers of
the church St. Polycarp, St Justin Martyr, St Irenacus would be
disapointed. Forgive them Father for they not no what they do.


"Cardinal George is quite right that the church should stay out of politics. So -- why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc.? By denying communion to Catholics whose political positions they oppose, the church is blurring the line between religion and politics."

I don't know what your religious affiliation is, but the Catholic Faith teaches that those who are in a state of mortal sin are not in the proper disposition to receive the Eucharist. Sexual activity outside of marriage (between a man and a woman) and practicing anything other than NFP are considered mortal sins. It has nothing to do with politics, but with Church teaching.

"Father" Pfleger sounds and acts more like a Baptist minister rather than a Catholic priest. He also seems to denegrate the mass with his guest speakers and soapboxing sermons. Pfleger do us Catholics a favor, leave the priesthood and become a protestant pastor at Trinity United Church. That seems to be a better fit.

Fr. Pfleger's decades of work in one of if not the largest African American Catholic parishes in the country should not be discounted because of this huge error in judgment on his part. Rather, Mike Pfleger would do well to be silent and listen to Sen. Obama and others who understand that poverty is the common enemy of poor whites and blacks and latinos and...Pfleger's frame of reference for the dialogue on race is rooted in the 1960's. Sen Obama is looking deep into the 21st Century. No one but Mike Pfleger could do what he has done at St. Sabina's. But lots of us can do better than he did on articulating the roots of racial and gender discrimination in the 21st. centruy. Come on, Mike! More listening and less grandstanding. Lives are at stake here!


I have stopped reading newspapers and news magazines (canceling all subscriptions)and stopped watching MSM. I do occasionally watch Fox, especially Greta. You are one of the few in the media to whom I can bear to listen. Keep up the good work!

The crying parody of Hillary presented by Reverend Pfleger is really nothing different than anything that I have seen on Saturday Night Live regarding the Senator and her unending campaign. Check the recent videos clips dealing with her quest for the Presidency.

Many of the blog comments at this site seem right in line with the mentality of gun-totting, Bible-thumping rural folk of the Old Confederacy, Appalachia, and central Pennsylvania. The angry white racist social types of the film "Deliverance" who would not vote for a Black man under any circumstances might not be totally absent in much of the media and this white-oriented blog.

Might I suggest an investigative visit to St. Sabina and Trinity to clarify any misconceptions about ministry in the Black community? These churches have wonderful liberating Gospel ministries successfully dealing with the poor and outcasts whom Jesus himself befriended in times of old.

As a God-loving catholic and republican, my apologies to Hilary, black and white catholics and, other non-racist white or black person who were deeply offended by this idiot racist - who is clearly not living his vow to be and speak as Jesus would. Jesus is LOVE and LOVE does not think and speak as Mr. Pfleger. He (Mr. Pfleger) is the one who has just finished raping and raping and raping the catholic faith for selfish non-christian objectives. All he accomplished was to equate himself to follow in the path of the typical sick racist persons who have unfortunately dammaged humanity across all cultures and countries. Yes - sadly there are victims of racisms, but for Mr. Pfleager to think that he accomplished rightoueness or justice for them is the ultimate example of blind faith. He's forgotten to ask himself the most basic principle of christian faith........."what would Jesus say"? I'm sad for the illed legacy Mr. Pfleager is building for himself and, God is even sadder.

Wow! Fast Action!

In 1963 my history class was discussing voting rights. The school was in the deep south and my class felt that blacks were not equal to whites. I reminded my classmates that "all men are created equal". I quickly became a very unpopular person, but I did not back down. I soon found out that I was the only person in a school of over 600 students that was willing to stand up for that principal. It was a sad day for me to realize that people could hate someone just because of the color of their skin. I have worked for over 40 years to do what I could to change that. I have seen great changes during that time.
Watching Rev. Wright and seeing the reaction he creates among his followers reminds me of those days when I was in high school. It makes me feel the same sadness. This time I see it coming from people gathered in a church.
Any two rival groups can always look at history and find support to justify their hate for the other. It seems to me that it would be more helpful to try and find support for liking each other. Hating white people because they are white is just as bad as hating black people because they are black.

As a Roman Catholic, I recommend that Cardinal George confine Pfleger to a monastery where there is absolute silence and seclusion or de-frock him. Pfleger has brought shame to my Church. If Cardinal George reads this, I made my First Holy Communion at St. Pascal's Church in 1936.

While Fr. Pfleger's comments might be viewed as divisive, they live in the same neighborhood as the truth. What's also true is that Cardinal George moved quickly and decisively to rebuke Fr. Pfleger. Too bad he quickly or decisively when he was getting reports that his priests were molesting young boys and girls.

Those comments make me sick to my stomach... You guys need to get better informed on the issues.

Fr. Pfleger,
Drop the pride. Serve God, not yourself.

Thanks for the article Lynn. Gee, the Cardinal is really being tough. Now I can see how the whole child abuse scandal went on for years, with tough action like this.... Pfleger's comments are unbecoming any man of the cloth - he should be suspended from preaching and transferred from his parish

Bill Cosby on Rev. Wright(and applicable to Mr.Pfleager)
Article from Wall Street Journal:
Rev.Wright epitomizes the thoughts and actions that have prevented and continue to prevent black America from moving ahead and achieving their potential as a people. He suggests that this United States of America made up of sons and daughters of immigrants (I'm talking of the millions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd generation immigrants in this country) of every race, creed, color and religion each and everyone of them who had nothing to do with slavery, some how owe something to a group of people who have never been slaves? Its amazing. It seems everyone is to blame for the shambles black society is in with its violence, drugs, high school drop out rates, misogyny, and a host of other real and virulent problems, except for the very people who engage in such behavior.
Enough. As a society, culture or people, they should look within themselves and fix their problems.
When did this man become the spokesman for the 'black church'? And of course his church is different, but that doesn't mean his message and philosophy is acceptable, or productive or non-offensive or not-racist or indicative or our greater cultural behaviors, values and norms Americans.
And yes, the link between this man and Obama really does matter. At a very minimum, it provides insight into the political and philosophical strain that Obama adheres to.

Catholic Priests particularly and all Christians are about love. Father Pfleger is preaching and endorsing hatred. He should be removed from the priesthood.

Would Jesus give such a sermon?

I think that there should be a formal apology to Senator Clinton for father Pfleher.. I am many of the Hillary supporters are outraged at the disrespect that the father showed Senator Clinton in his person attack.. I thought our fathers were suppose to project love.. I simply dont see this with Father Pfleher.. Maybe he should retire...

It was really sad to see Fr. Pfleger mocking a woman. Forget that she is running for office -she is a woman, mother and wife FIRST! As a woman, mother, wife, catholic and an activist, I am upset with what I saw on TV. However, he apologized and our christian faith teaches us to forgive. I also realize that eventhough he is a priest and leads the people into community - he is also human- just like you and I. He has also done a wonderful job in keeping the people of his church in community. I pray that he doesn't repeat this again.

Excommunicate Father Pfleger! He nneds to be de-frocked immediately! Please close the St. Sabina's parish and provide a parish that glorifies the word of God and not the political ambitions of a candidate and a mad, rabid priest.

To the individual whose comment is about the denial of communion, I would like to explain the Church's position. The political individuals have been denied communion based on their outward support of issues that are against our biblical beliefs. Since Catholics believe that the Eucharist is truly the body of Christ, our Priests should not provide communion to an individual who is unrepentant in their actions that are against the church. These actions include such immoral positions as support for abortion, birth control, gay rights, etc.. Only those who have gone to confession and are repentant in their actions should receive communion. These political figures may call themselves Catholic, but they clearly do not honor or follow the Church's teachings.
One might ask why do they seek communion with a church that is opposed to their way of thinking and actions? I love the Church and pray for these men and women. Thank you Cardinal George!

Three words and Don Imus lost his job. A rant of words and Michael Richards lost his career. A slap on the wrist to a man who knew it was wrong, he had his audience that was cracking up at his antics, cheering him on like he was a comedian or entertainer, no, he is a priest. Enough already. He is a priest and yes, held to a higher standard. Maybe a third world country would welcome someone so outspoken. He is an embarrasement to the church, the city and all races. Maybe Hillary won't win, but should she be ridiculed? Familiarity breeds contempt Father Pfleger. We may be stuck in the same place we are now with all the Obama cronies. Why aren't all of the Jackson family, Sharpton, Farrakahan outraged. If these comments were made in reverse, or about their wife or sister, you can bet they would be on every news station, protesting and posturing. Familiarity breeds contempt Father Pfleger and that "racism" door swings both ways. I am ashamed of the Cardinal for not sending a firmer message, but then his familiarity has been child molesters. This is not a priest and this is not a church. I am offended, appalled and saddened. Now, let's all pray for our future.

I too am a Catholic, I also would expect the Cardinal to tar and feather and flog Pfleger; he is not a true and sincere Catholic Priest, nor deserves the honor to be called "father". Disgrace, disappointment, and dishonor to the Catholics are too mild of words for a slime bucket like Pfleger. TO OBAMA: Birds of a feather flock together and the birds you flock with Obama REEEEEEKKkkkkkk, YOU lost my vote pal.

Just a question from a person who lives in Australia who likes Barack Obama and thinks he would be the best president your country has seen in a long time;

I dont get the big deal I mean Father Michael Pfleger isnt Barack Obama.. So why is he getting the blame for WHAT THE FATHER SAID ?

I mean Hillary Clinton's mocking of Barack with "Celestial Choirs" will sing and so on.

That was Hillary Clinton and the other comments came from a Preist not a candidate!

Watching the campaign unfold I truely believe the American media has it in for Barack Obama..

It is a fact that priests like Father Michael Pfleger are priests who throughout history have stood up with those in need. What father Michael said was the TRUTH. The bad thing about it is that he said it in the place he did and that he is a priest! Is Hilary white? Had Hilary not taken forgranted the nomination?Is n't Hilary the wife of Bill? Hasn't Obama appeared from Nowhere ? Haven't the Clintons try to influence the white voters in voting for them? So what is all the fuss??

And afterall why should Obama be kept reponsible for any dick or harry who declares that they support him and then they make a scene of themselves. Couldn't they be Clinton's instigators purposely infilitrated in Obama's camp inorder to trip him?

America is on the verge of making history. For the first time a presidential nominee of an important political party is about to be black. Before such a person just for harbouring such an inspiration who have been burned but times have changed. COME OBAMA you are nearly there !!!

Don't these activist priests care that their outspoken political acts subject their parishes to IRS scrutiny and risk the loss of their churchs' non-profit tax status? Are they so taken with their own egos that they willingly subject the congregations they leave behind with a lifetime of financial difficulties because of their rash actions?

BCC inquires "why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights, etc.? By denying communion to Catholics whose political positions they oppose, the church is blurring the line between religion and politics."

The Catholic Church does not deny individuals reception of the Sacrament of Communion BECAUSE the individuals support "political positions they [the Church] oppose". Rather, the Church denies Communion to Catholic politicians if, and BECAUSE, they knowingly and willingly hold opinions contrary to, and gravely violative of, the NATURAL MORAL LAW. The aspect of the individuals' opinions being "political" is a coincidental accidental characteristic and, therefore, wholly irrelevant to the core concept which mandates adherence to the NATURAL MORAL LAW.

I have a question for Cardinal Francis George: What about all of the curse words Father Pfleger used in the pulpit over the weekend? It is one thing to be concerned about his involvement with politics, but the fact that he cursed so freely throughout his radical performance is even more appalling and disgraceful.

The pulpit is to be used to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to lead people to the Lord ... and NOT to demonstrate an atmosphere like a Comedy Club with jeering, laughing, clapping and continual cursing made by the so-called priest.

Cursing seems to be the normal at the Trinity church .. Rev. Wright also cursed during his "sermons." Enough is enough and neither one of these two men should ever grace a pulpit again until they have repented and ask God to clean up their mouth!

Hopefully, the Cardinal will remove Father Pfleger from his pulpit and send him off on a sabatical until he has calmed down!

His racist statements about Hillary Clinton and ALL whites were offensive and unacceptable. Perhaps he thinks his remarks were funny and that he gained publicity from his outlandish statements, but God is definitely NOT pleased with his words or his spirit. It is time for people to take a very good look at Barack Obama and realize that what we are hearing from the two ministers is exactly who he really is!

Certainly, Barack Obama should never become President of the United States.

I find it incredible that we have another Rev. Wright clone in the pulpit of the Trinity United Church. Same invectives, same gyrations, flailing of hands, spins, crouches. Like some kind of strange, native dance in the jungle. And in the background: wild stomping, people out of their seats, clapping and shouting their approval.

This Obama character seems to dismiss this insanity in degrees...depending on how much political damage he assesses it is causing him with each new revelation. He thinks his slick rhetoric and his snake-oil salesman approach to anything and everything...will quell the firestorm all of these continuing spectacles are creating for his campaign. Well...he is dead wrong...!!!

The guy is a loser. Big time. And the Democrats, by foisting him up as their "agent of change" of hope, and of peace...are going to have egg all over their face...come election time...when voters...who have refrained from the "Kool-Aid" dispenser...reject him at the polls in droves.


Between Rev. Wright and now, Father Pfleger, I am really beginning to think there is a conscious effort by these two men to undermine Barack Obama's campaign. And the media, by beating this dog to death are complicent. These men do not speak for Obama yet their comments and escapades are played over and over again by the media (not to mention YouTube) and attached to Obama as if he were the one making these statements. Yet, how many times have the crazy statements made by the McCain endorsing preachers been shown on network tv? All McCain has to do is say he doesn't agree and they let it go without questioning the fact that he sought out these endorsements with the full knowledge of the statements and positions of these preachers.

The Catholic Church is a divine institution run by men. The Church with all its recent warts will prevail, maybe with only a thousand members, put it will prevail. Our problem is the decision makers are weak and corrupt. I would expect so much more from Cardinal George, but he is weak and cannot make decisions. This is sad. The Church use to be the moral compass of this once great nation. We are in no better shape than the nations of Europe. My fellow Catholics, keep the Faith.

Catholic church should no longer have a tax exempt status. The church preaches more politics than religion.

I enjoyed watching you on the talking points segments...when will go head to head with O'Reilly?

Speaking out politically is not the problem here; what about the notion of making fun of someone, anyone, ever, but especially from the pulpit as one of Christ's annointed? Leading the flock into a "funny" hate fest for Obama's opponent, who ought to be confronted on the issues, not on what Fr. Pfleger supposes to be her motives, (white entitlement)? Or worse, for her tears?
What a childish way to lead; grow up, Father Pfleger!

Father Pfleger's flamboyant delivery obscured a serious point. Much of the rhetoric coming out of the Clinton camp has been dismissive of Obama in a way that struck many as racially tinged. (The idea that the Obama campaign-not just his Iraq position was a "fairy tale, His victory in South Carolina was just a black thing, that if he were white he would not be where he is (by the way, I believe if he were a charasmatic black woman with the same record- Hillary would have been forced to drop out long ago.) Even HRC's teary claim that "some people haven't thought these things through. All these claims reek with an arrogance and dismissive tone that suggest a feeling of entitlement and white privilege. No one has addressed his point. Father Pfleger has been successful in part because he is able to use a hyperbolic style that is often -though not universally used in many black churches. Don't let style distract from substance.

For at least the last 20 years the radical right has carried out a virtual crusade, insisting that its particular religious views be injected into the government, whether local, regional, or national. As a result for the first time in our history this presidential campaign seems to be all absorbed with religion, especially as proclaimed from various pulpits. It is not surprising that an activist like brother Phleger would think it appropriate to enter the fray. As a Catholic priest I need to point out to "Anonymous" that my brother Phleger will always be a priest even if he were defrocked. While the so-called clerical state may be taken away the indelible sacramental sign would remain...just as a the sacramental sign of Baptism would remain with anonymous, even if he should someday become a secular humanist. Brother for his tireless labor in the St. Sabina community deserves praise not discipline.

Pfleger's wily commitment to not refer to any candidates by name leaves him an enormous amount of wriggle room.

I'm disappointed in this rather meager response on the part of Cardinal George. It's pretty clear that Pfleger preaches hate against white people and encourages the ill-treatment of those he perceives to be in his way.

Cardinal George's comments are a limp wristed response to outrageous conduct. Pfleger is an un-Catholic, un-American poseur. He is an egotistical fraud who loves the limelight more than he does the Lord. His manner and his words resemble those of other fascist mob leaders. He should be silenced and sentenced to cleaning floors in a Catholic hospital in some remote region where he can no longer lead the faithful astray in the manner he has misled the parishoners of St. Sabina.

The Church needs to also chastise. Monsignor Jim Lisante who performed this week at the New York State Republican Party dinner by mocking Sen. Obama. This dinner was attended and enjoyed by Vice President Dick Cheney.

"One more thing, Lord," Lisante said during the invocation. "Please tell Senator Obama that maybe change is a good thing and that maybe he should think about changing his favorite preacher

"I know a lot more of us would be comfortable with his judgment skills if he hadn’t sat for 20 years through those words offered by his preacher of division, bigotry, and --honestly -- half truths without a word of objection from the Senator. That is, until the media brought it up, and now he doesn’t want any part of the guy. I’m willing to be his new preacher."

Perhaps Pfleger is the only one rebuked because he is only a priest. My guess is that the rod is spared for the Monsignor...
I am a practicing Catholic and I think they both need to be removed from the temptation of making fools of themselves and degrading my religion.

M. Dean, I acknowledge your anger, please however, do not assume that all of the hundreds of protestant denominations are alike. That would be doing the same thing Pfleger did in assuming that because Senator Clinton chooses to exercise her RIGHT to continue in the campaign, that she is exhibiting white entitlement. The prejudices and assumptions are exactly the same. It seems to me that anyone in the public arena will now need to avoid affiliation with religious leaders or churches if we continue on this destructive path. We don't hold the Kennedy's accountable for priest pedophiles, although the catholic church clearly made poor choices. Why? because organized religion is run by people, and people are not perfect. It is our right to listen to whatever we choose concerning religion. It is our right to question what our politicians listen to. It is not our right to assume that everything one hears, one agrees with. America cannot not survive the suppression of freedom of the pulpit.

BCC asks: "why does the church deny the sacrament of communion to Catholics just because they support same-sex marriage, women's reproductive rights."

You have cast this question in political not religious terms. Religions think of extension of fellowship in terms of what they consider to be adherence to shared morality. If one does not share this morality, they place themselves outside the fellowship of the church.

Now let me recast your question as a matter of religion, not politics:
"Why should the church not deny the sacrament of communion to people claiming fellowship as Catholics just because they promote, participate in and encourage homosexual relations or abortion, both of which are considered by the church to be immoral behaviors."

Father Pfleger's remark is not only racist, it is sexist. Cardinal George's very weak banal response demonstrates that the Church learned nothing from its experience with pedofile priests. The all male bastion of the priesthood appears not to take abuse of children or women too seriously. What next?

Christianity is based on someone with a radical message (according to the establishment at the time) that spoke to the poor and frightened the establishment. That message was very political in that it claimed that the son of God came to earth not for those in power, but for those without it, in essence a call for revolution. That is why he was put to death - for his ideas that threatened the politial establishment of the time. Throughout history (with the exception of recent history in rich nations), Christianity has been on the forefront in the fight for social justice and highly influential in the politics that surround that fight. Jesus was a revolutionary and is a personal hero of mine and the poor everywhere. Keep the Church out of Politics? To keep the influence of Christianity limited to the realm of personal enlightenment is a threat to the teachings of Jesus and a threat to the disenfranchised everywhere.

BCC, same sex marriage, abortion (which has nothing to do with reproductive rights since the process to reproduce has already been started) are not political issues. They are moral issues. But I am sure that not being able to see that gives you cause to bash Catholics who do. We Catholics also do not believe in murder, robbery, or rape. But I guess you would consider those to also be "political" issues.

Pfleger (I refuse to honor him with the title Father) should be removed from St. Sabina's to some nice quiet monastary in the mountains of Tibet (although the Chinese would not have him) as he is a disgrace to the very collar he wears. Chalk it up to Pflegar's Marxist views (the basis for Black Liberation Theology), his white guilt and his burning desire for attention. Hardly a man of God.

Can a book be far behind on how he is prosecuted by his own Church and how evil white people are?

And where does a parish priest get the kind of money he donated to the Obama campaign? Most priests I know struggle to pay their car notes and insurance.

Another black eye for the Chicago archdiocese: I have been a Catholic in various Chicago parishes over the course of my 52 years. As the demographics in Chicago changed, we parishioners in more wealthy parishes have been asked to support "sister parishes" in less well off areas. We have supported this effort enthusiastically because we knew the values of Catholic doctrine and a Catholic education. My money will no longer support this effort. Father Pfleger's diatribe was the last straw. He has bullied the Archdiocese when they have moved to relocate him like all pastor's periodically are ("for fear of upsetting his parishioners") and has taken many anti-white, anti-catholic positions on issues for almost twenty years. This last fiasco shows him for the racist that he is. Any other priest would have been removed years ago but he stays on because our Cardinal (past and present) don't have the backbone to remove him. (Essentially what Cardinal George said was "I warned him not to do that again"). NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The racist words that spewed from his mouth do not represent the Catholic church that I and many other Catholics in Chicago and worldwide were born and raised with. To think that our contributions that we have generously given over the years to those in less fortunate parishes were likely used to incubate hate against those that would help. I will no longer support a cause that has turned around and bitten me as a way of saying thanks. I will no longer support the Church and urge Catholics to let the the Archdiocese how you feel by hitting them hard when the collection plate is passed on this Sunday and every Sunday until he is removed.

I have been very upset over Michael Pfleger for the past 2 months since I first heard of him. I even asked a priest if he was really Catholic? I could not see him as one. I thought this just can`t be! But I was wrong he needs to be sent away from the Catholic Church he surely is not God like at all. And has no business preaching what he is doing to Catholic people. I have never in my life been to a Catholic Church like he is running. If I were to go there for Sunday Mass I would have lost it. Get him out of there. Close it down.

Cardinal George is quite right. Waht Fr. Michael Pfleger was preaching from the pulpit was pure hate. We are Roman Catholics very active in our chaurch and are ashamed that our church has such a priest in it. He should be strongly disciplined for what he has done.

The discipline common to all catholic priests is to be transfered every few years so they will not build up the cult of personality that Fr. Pfleger has created. What has happened by leaving him there for over 20 years is bad for that specific parish, bad for Fr. Pfleger's own soul, and bad for the church as a whole.

These comments coming from protestants are ridiculous to say the least. This is the first time I have even seen a priest acting as such. The riteous indignation directed from protestants toward the Catholic Church over this is humorous as I left the portestant faith and returned to Catholicim directly because of so many protestant churches being inflamed by this type of vitriol.

I find it also quite humorous that so many protestants are just once again fueled by disdain for the church dut to their apparent law breaking by ading "illegal immigrants". Well, first and foremost a human is a human far before they are citizens in terms of their inherent worth and so be it I would have to suffer such privation in the name of God.

As far as denying communion it is not your right to recieve communion if you are in violation of critical traditional values pertaining to salvation, justification, and the sanctity of all human life. A woman's reproductive right? How many would have desired for their parents to have had an abortion? This subjective and speculative notion of truth and human rights are exactly the reason why the jews were gassed. The redefinition of value and morality according to the social mores and conditioned perspectives of existence by way of expediancy.

Pfleger should be removed.


There are different sides to politics. Pure politics and moral issues that have been politicized. The Church cannot and will not be silent on matters that although politically charged, are moral issues. So called "Women's Right's" is a gross mis-characterization of what abortion is. It is a fallacy. What about infant rights? What about equality for unborn children? What about the right of the father? Why is the father not allowed to determine if their baby lives or dies? Ohh wait they don't have rights because they can't vote Democrat. It's ridiculous. Abortion has a strangle hold on our country and no one seems to care about the 4000 plus babies that die every day.

Both preachers sound like they have a screw loose. What kind of person listens to this sort of crap for 20 years?!

Pfleger is a disgrace to the Catholic Church. He should not only be muzzled, but it is long past time to remove him from St. Sabina's parish. Most pastors are only allowed a few years at a parish and then they are transferred elsewhere. Why has Pfleger been allowed to stay in a parish for so many, many years?
De-frock the bastard!

Fr. Pfleger, has been a disgrace to the Church for years, who does he think he is, he's supposed to be a priest, say mass, etc..not lead parades etc.
i go to church every week, for over 70 years, and donate to the church even after the pedifiles were caught...But if Cardinal George, doesn't send him to some remote far away place, where he can't be heard anymore, then my contributions to the church is over....

Oh my, Father Pfleger is in the wrong vocation. Should be a regular on SNL. Has quite some comic talent, should not be wasted on the church.

I like to e mail him. I am Catholic. I never met any priest who acted so sick like him. Please remove him from the Catholic Church. He must be de-flocked.. I don't support Hilary... But his behaviors are wrong.

Why should the Cardinal defrock Pfleger? Are we to believe his comments are worse than the deeds of pediphiles who are allowed to remain in the church and to whom Catholics still allow to give Mass? It appears that there is a pervasive sickness in the Catholic Church, and Father Pfleger ain't it.

I guess it is okay if you are Rethug priest.

I'm reading these postings with fascination, and several observations.

(1) As a career-long English teacher in the Chicago Public Schools on the South Side, I've been chronically depressed that my fellow African-Americans can't spell or write the English language. I spend almost no time in the on-line world, but reading these posts I don't know whether to mourn or take comfort that a great many white Americans, at least the ones that inhabit the blogosphere, can't write their own language properly or intelligently either.

(2) Mike Pfleger was my pastor for many years before I changed parishes a decade ago, and I've long found it distateful that he was trying to curry favor with us not just by mimicking black preachers, but the most extreme of them. I got tired of it. If I want to hear a traditional black preacher, I know where to find the real thing. I stayed at St. Sabina's so long not because of Fr. Mike's ranting but because of the wonderful community of people who really are faithful Catholics and who celebrate the Eucharist faithfully together as the people of God. Most Catholics know that a Catholic's first loyalty in the church is the parish, not the priest. Being a member of St. Sabina's (or for that matter Trinity UCC) doesn't necessarily mean one likes every word the pastor says.

(3) Most of the writers above mistake ANGER for HATRED. There is a difference. White Americans make a dreadful mistake when they feel they can dismiss black anger because it sounds like hatred. Hate-speech of the kind uttered by fools like Mike Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright should be condemned--but at the same time, intelligent voters should ask themselves, "What makes them say such things?" Please, voters of white America and white Catholics, wake up to the fact that in the black community there is a great deal of anger about a great many things. Much of it is misdirected or unjustified, but much of it is legitimate. When Fr. Mike urges white America to accept the blame for slavery, he's missing the point; when black Americans translate all their problems into just another working-out of slavery, they too miss the point. BUT there are good reasons TODAY for black Americans to be angry TODAY for things that afflict our community TODAY. While a greater dose of self-criticism would do us a world of good, the kind of self-blaming and self-hating that Bill Cosby has been peddling lately is no more helpful than the universal hating and blaming of whites that is peddled by Fr. Mike and Jeremiah Wright.

Commentators on the far right have been stirring up hysteria lately about "race war"--a term used once or twice on this page. They are silly; but their claims are exaggerated--not erroneous. If white America continues to label every expression of black anger and black frustration--and every discussion of racism--as "hatred," and thereby turn a blind eye to the real things we are angry about, then our political system will feel the strain and a radicalism like that of the 1960s could well return--especially if we quit medicating our anger with drugs and alcohol and begin to take it seriously on its own terms.

(4) Further--black anger isn't the only kind of anger out there. Poor and disenfranchised whites are likewise angry, and likewise self-medicating. The convergence of the decline of rural white economic fortunes and the proliferation of rural meth labs is no accident. The burgeoning of super-violent "wrestling" on TV is a great video ritual about the anger of struggling and working-class whites. (I now teach far enough south in Chicago to have experiences of both black and white anger.) Both black anger and white anger have cultural territories where it seems permissible to express or at least ritualize their anger (hip-hop; wrestling; crack; meth), but sooner or later the self-medication may stop, and America will have to confront the fact that most Americans just aren't keeping their heads above water, their families together, their children safe, their bills paid. Keeping poor blacks and poor whites angry at, and blaming, each other sooner or later will dissatisfy all of us, and serious social upheaval is probably in our future.

I am a practicing Catholic who is finding it ever more difficult to defend the Church. I was shocked to see a Roman Catholic priest guest-speak at Trinity and say such inflammatory things from the pulpit. Why? And why does the bishop not remove him? Bad behavior by priests cannot be tolerated. I don't think this reflects as badly on Senator Obama as it does on the Chicago Archdiocese, and I admire his courage to leave Trinity.

As a Catholic I find Fr. Pflegar's actions dispicable. He is another open sore on the church and should be removed. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton but with everything she and her husband are they are not racist hate mongers as Pfleger and Wright are.
There is an old cliche' "Birds Of A Feather Flock Together". Obama seems to have surrounded himself with such figures for years. He must believe it or it would have left it long ago.
I consider him no better than Wright or Pfleger.

The church does not play politics when denying the Eucharist to politicians. It simply shows such great respect for the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist that it denies its reception to anywone who promotes a position that plces them in Mortal Sin.

I will not give the Catholic Church another penny until Pfleger is dealt with. He is a disgrace. Period. Not another penny!!!!!

Cardinal George is a do nothing Cardinal from child molestation to this priest who needs to be relieved of his duties. Going to church is a religioue experience not a political experience and needs to be dealt with immediately. What is the Catholic church turning into? We need a new Cardinal as well as to get rid of George. He and Phleger are a disgrace to me religion.

Pfleger is an embar"ass"ment to Catholicism, along with his side kick, Wright. Frick and Frack should take their sideshow on the road. As far as I am concerned, they are well on their way on the road to hell...

Since these egomaniacs like to rant and rave regarding politics rather than what they were called upon to do, preach about God, their churches should not be tax-exempt.

Pfleger tries so hard to be black, by his speech and mannerisms. Sorry, his blond hair gives him away.

These two idiots should be banned from the church, as they are both a disgrace to all things considered holy.

I hope and pray Obama loses the general election. Twenty years at Trinity and he never heard any of this rhetoric? Doesn't he know telling "white" lies is a sin????

By the way, I am white and "ENTITLED" to my opinion.

God help us!!!!

I hope this gets posted- I believe i speak for most Catholics who follow the doctrines of the faith-Phelger is not behaving as a PRIEST! one only look to the catchesism of the church and read description of PRIEST_ AS usual my disappoint w/ Cardinal George/per his tap on phelgers hand speaks of FEAR! I am disappointed W/all our bishops-we need strong LEADERSHIP in the Catholic CHURCH to speak up on a variety of issues from abortion-to genocide-euthanisa-to same sex marriage- re:communion @ the catholic table is REAl meaning YOU MUST BELIEVE AND BE WILLING TO DIE FOR THE BELIEF THAT TEH WAFER YOU are comsuming is GOD_no ifs ands or buts-your welcome to join under this belief- To lynn thank you for yourgreat follow up please get message of Cardinal Georges reprimand as amere slap on the hand back to him as per catholics who respond to this issue-most are insulted and ashamed-The DEVILS work is best seen in what he does to our priests-OUR catholic LEADERSHIP is FAILING us badly that is why the church is not as bountiful as it was in yrs past- lynn do you happen to know of a journalist in CLeveland Ms Connie Schultz[married to Sen
Sherrod Brown-she writes for the Cleveland P.D. she is so openly
hostile to all things that are of a conservative bend and is given free reign to spread lies and deception-i have it out via voice messages and by leaving posts w/the editor-she is a disgrace
to this City she was an Arts and Living writer-won a Pulitizer for some article and is treated as the 2nd coming many in the community cannot stand this woman-she is an evil source will write on light living etc-than move quickly to slam Bush and all that is decent to preserve this land-please look her up.

I hope this gets posted- I believe i speak for most Catholics who follow the doctrines of the faith-Phelger is not behaving as a PRIEST! one only look to the catchesism of the church and read description of PRIEST_ AS usual my disappoint w/ Cardinal George/per his tap on phelgers hand speaks of FEAR! I am disappointed W/all our bishops-we need strong LEADERSHIP in the Catholic CHURCH to speak up on a variety of issues from abortion-to genocide-euthanisa-to same sex marriage- re:communion @ the catholic table is REAl meaning YOU MUST BELIEVE AND BE WILLING TO DIE FOR THE BELIEF THAT TEH WAFER YOU are comsuming is GOD_no ifs ands or buts-your welcome to join under this belief- To lynn thank you for yourgreat follow up please get message of Cardinal Georges reprimand as amere slap on the hand back to him as per catholics who respond to this issue-most are insulted and ashamed-The DEVILS work is best seen in what he does to our priests-OUR catholic LEADERSHIP is FAILING us badly that is why the church is not as bountiful as it was in yrs past- lynn do you happen to know of a journalist in CLeveland Ms Connie Schultz[married to Sen
Sherrod Brown-she writes for the Cleveland P.D. she is so openly
hostile to all things that are of a conservative bend and is given free reign to spread lies and deception-i have it out via voice messages and by leaving posts w/the editor-she is a disgrace
to this City she was an Arts and Living writer-won a Pulitizer for some article and is treated as the 2nd coming many in the community cannot stand this woman-she is an evil source will write on light living etc-than move quickly to slam Bush and all that is decent to preserve this land-please look her up.

My immediate notion, when
viewing this display, without the knowledge, of
who it was, was that it was
certainly demonic in nature!!

Pfleger is a race baiting, America hating socialist. George hasn't learned a thing about how Cardinals not taking action (sex abuse cover-ups) has dessimated the Catholic Church. Cardinal - grow a set, do your job and throw Pfleger's sorry ass out of the Cathoic church - or sit back and watch more Catholics leave the church, and the continuing downward spiral of priestly vocations intensify.

Father Michael Pfleger is a disgrace to the Roman Catholic Church; he's preaching hate and racial divide. Cardinal George should do more than just muzzle him, the Catholic Church has no place for people like Pfleger.

Fr. Pfleger issued a so-called "apology" for last weeks comments, mocking a political candidate for President, and mocking the white race in general.

Firstly, he made no apology. What he said was that he "apologizes FOR anyone who was offended by his comments" - not that he apologized TO anyone who was offended by his comments. In other words Pfleger is saying that he apologizes to the world FOR anyone stupid enough to have been offended by his comments! I assume this would include Cardinal George since he stated to Fr. Pfleger that he was offended by his comments. This twist of words is no accident. This is what Pfleger has consistenly done and the church has consistently let him get away with it.

I think everyone would agree that had Fr. Pfeger made similar comments about ANY other race of people , he would have lost his priesthood the very next day. Why is a priest who is foments hatred between the black and white races from the pulpit, allowed to continue in this position? Why does the church discriminate against the white race in this way, when it is the white race that has so consistently supported the church? Why does the church poison the minds of young and future generations of black children in this way, when we have come so far in correcting the rift between the races?

Fr. Pfleger is a pariah who seeks self adulation by demeaning others. Is this this accepted behavior for a priest? He MUST go

Race baiting of the type Pflegler got caught doing has been the prime tool of those who profess to be leaders in the African American community for decades. They do it because they are addicted to the attention and power they derive from it. They are forced to do it because most Americans went beyond race a long time ago. We work and interact on a daily basis with people of multiple races. We watch them on television. We cheer them in sports of all types.

Pfegler got caught only because he was using Hilary Clinton as his target instead of a Republican.

Cardinal George's weak response offends me as a Catholic. It's time for him to go.

Father Pfleger apologized. Now let's forgive him as Jesus would have done. Let's all put the cat-o-nine tails back in the closet.

Although, I don't condone Fr. Pfleger, I think it is sheer hypocrisy. black Churches have been hosting political leaders in their churches and endorsing candidates from the pulpit for years and no one ever says anything, but let a white clergyman make a political statement in a church and all hell (pardon the pun) breaks loose. I live in Philadelphia and every general election, the democrats come to the black churches and politic like crazy at Sunday services. They don't seem to be in any danger of losing their 501(c) exemption.

Another disturbing element in that video was the black people in the audience (I can't say congregation, because it was more of an entertainment rather than a worship service) wildly applauding that hate filled rant. Is this what goes on in black churches? Maybe if these black churches had some heirarchy or central authority, this would not happen.

P.S. It was a pretty bad imitation of a white dude trying to be a black dude. Another self-loathing white man? didn't somebody tell him his 15 minutes was up?

Only Father Pfleger can make pedophile priests look good.

Father Pfleger is not just bashing Hillary, he's ranting about him being a victim, about repreation for slavery by all non-blacks surrendering their 401K's as restitution. He's into left-wing poltics, I've never seen a Catholic priest so political, he's an embarrassment, he needs to go.

As a catholic, this is ridiculous. The monsignor of my church was not removed when they found out that he was molesting children...multiple children. They covered it up for years.

People in this country are a joke...a joke!!!!!!!

Pfelger has been the voice for 33 years for the powerless and disenfranchised. People dont know him nor all what he has done!!!

Pfleger was at a conversation about race at a church other than his. He was not in St. Sabina.

The late Pope John Paul II condemned Liberation Theology for its Marxist (non-Christian) analysis. Black Liberation Theology is worse: it's racist.

Cardinal George-
If you don't deal with Michael Pfleger in a meaningful and and decisive manner, you won't have an ounce of authority left.
Cardinal I really feel for you. Pfleger gave the former Cardinal
a run for his money. now you're the center of attention for his distructive personality. But for God's sake stop allowing him to use his Roman Collar to destroy the Catholic church. Cardinal I've a catholic all my life and that's a long time. I've seen rogue priest come and go, it's time for Pfleger to go.

Cardinal George-
If you don't deal with Michael Pfleger in a meaningful and and decisive manner, you won't have an ounce of authority left.
Cardinal I really feel for you. Pfleger gave the former Cardinal
a run for his money. now you're the center of attention for his distructive personality. But for God's sake stop allowing him to use his Roman Collar to destroy the Catholic church. Cardinal I've a catholic all my life and that's a long time. I've seen rogue priest come and go, it's time for Pfleger to go.

Phleger makes Cardinal George look stupid. He's been doing this for years and years. What kind of priest spouts all of the bilge that he has. Enough already. The punishment is not enough. I wish he would take his hatred to a less-racially charged area. But everyone will cause an uproar about Phleger's punishment, George will cave-in and he'll be back at Sabina spreading more hatred.
Viva La Blue-eyed Sno-Bro!!!!

Two weeks away from St. Sabina just doesn't cut it. Rev. Pfleger should not only be transferred, he should be demoted as a Pastor. He has been in the same parish for 27 years and during most of that time has been an embarassment to the Church. If Cardinal George does not act, then the Pope should. Rev. Pfleger should be placed in a parish that is in the middle of nowhere.

The behavior of this so called priest was disgraceful. He is right in line with Jessie and the so called Rev. Al. All of them are phonies and trouble makers. Cardinal George should be ashamed of himself to let him get off so easily. He needs to be thrown out of the priesthood. As for Obama Hussein nice name for the whitehouse he will not get my vote after listening to that other hate mongrel for 20 years. I will vote for a respectful man like John McCain. thank you.

Many people "quote" Cardinal George as saying that the church must stay out of politics. He never says that. He says, "a priest must speak to political issues that are also moral." Please read HIS words and not the ones speaking in your emotional imagination.

Interesting that people go from this topic to other topics like homosexuality, pedophilia, and abortion.

The church must practice justice but also public forgiveness. I think Cardinal George must condemn what was done but then forgive the man. I must add that I find it interesting that many who want a priest (or a sister) removed from a position (for a statement) would never consider for themselves or family members the possibility of a life of service to the church as a priest or nun.

Finally, I think Chicago is very lucky to have a man as deep and intelligent and holy as Francis George. A rare combination.

Father Pfleger is shouting just like an evangelical pastor, but then again that was his audience. By endorsing Obama he is saying pro-choice is okay. That is out and out murder to the worst degree, babies are sucked ut limb by limb. If they pregnancy if too far along they put an incision in the back of the neck and suck the brain out and crack the head to be able to be extracted. This done without the us of anesthesia, can you imagine the pain. If by chance the abortiion is blotched up the baby could be born alive and in that case they are left to die on a cold metal table. For illustrations of abortions go to or goggle abortion. See it for yourself. Death during war time, through natural disaster, starvation, diseases without cures is horrible, but we turn our back to abortion. If a mother gives birth by herself and stuffs the baby in the garbage that is murder???? What is the difference the aborted babies end up in garbage cans.

Father Pfleger has been political for as long as I can remember. No one told him to be quiet when he was down in springfield about gun law. This would not have been in the news if he had not been at Trinity Church. It's funny that no news reports said he had lied about Hiliary. After that last speech she didn't concede and the whole speech consisted of me and I. If the catholic church feels his church should be taken for this how come priest who were sexually messing with boys and being moved from church to church with the same aligations for years ??????????? I thought free speech was a right for all Americans. Today people are losing jobs for speaking freely. I guarantee if you go to a catholic church with hispanics they are talking about immigration and how they are not being treated right and holding meetings that are politically motivated on church grounds. Churches have been the speaking places for congregations concerns throughout history.

Father Pfleger has brought to the attention to the archdiocese of Chicago, his neighborhood, and all the political leaders and activists that have visited St Sabina along will the entire world that racism is wrong. He has preached tirelessly from the pulpit Sunday after Sunday that our nation will always be in turmoil because what you do to the least of Me you to all of Me. For decades parents and relatives have buried their youth in a neighborhood not even 20 minutes from downtown Chicago primarily because of the color of their skin. No one has corrected this injustice. Their parents continue to produce and pray for their children even though society allows them to be slaughtered like cattle in the streets. Our world has decided that black skin is the worse curse that can be bestowed upon anyone. Father Pfleger and I see differently. The black skin of America has played a vital part in every institution and industry in America yet has reaped the least. I don't understand how Christians who claim to love Christ only love the Christ in the people of the same skin color. Believe in a Savior that can do anything if the person has the same skin color they have. Will go over in other countries to rescue orphans when there are children within 10 miles that would appreciate if you would spend the time to take them to a baseball game, babysit so the mom that has to work two jobs can sleep knowing her children are safe. Christians that will spend $5 dollars a day on coffee knowing that families within the company that they are employed cannot even afford the services they provide for others on a daily basis. Christians go to lunch and pass a co-worker that sits at the desk without lunch and thinks nothing of it. The plight that America faces is of her own making and the comments of my pastor echo the sentiments of all those that have no voice to speak on their own. You see me and you don’t care. You can help and you do nothing because I was born with the skin of Kings and Queens and you are afraid of me. There is truth in your fear but I am not one you should fear it is the One who created me. He has vowed to never leave nor forsake me so you see He knows what you have done to me and while I will also pay for my transgressions so will you. God Bless.

Father Pfleger is TOO GOOD FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. HE SHOULD LEAVE! Blacks have no business being Catholic...the White congregations are racist and have no respect for them. I wouldn't be Catholic if the Good Lord himself came down from heaven and told me so.

They holler about racism and bigotry (when it's directed at them) but are some of the worst BIGOTS in the world...RIGHT UP THERE WITH HITLER. Their religious leaders where stone silent during the horrific lynchings in the South against Black people and were not a part of the Civil Rights Movement (some rare exceptions). And lets not forget most of those European immigrant bigots. Don't you dare talk to Black people about solving their own problems. YOU DIDN'T SOLVE ALL OF YOURS. If the church and the federal government hadn't stepped in with programs to help your asses when you came over here, you wouldn't have made it in America! So spare me and my folks your drivel about how you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. And if you did, you should have - THERE WERE NO LAWS STOPPING YOU FROM DOING SO!

You holler Father Pfleger's remarks about Hillary Clinton - SUCH PHONIES! Behind her back YOU say YOU won't vote for her because she's a woman, she's this, she's that, etc. I've heard Catholics in my office say a whole lot worst than what Father Pfleger has said. Plus, LET'S NOT LEAVE OUT THAT RACIST THING YOU CALL THE POPE...attacking the faith of the Jews. SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!

Catholics my foot! Such phonies. Only fools would send their kids to their schools. I'd pick s#!t with the birds before I'd subject any child to their teachings or child-molesting priests.


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