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Boehner's statement on Obama and Israel challenged


WASHINGTON—House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) got some strong pushback Tuesday because he selectively picked out quotes from an article in The Atllantic to put out a release Monday asserting that Sen. Barack Obama is wobbly when it comes to Israel and Jews.

The author, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote in his blog LINK that Boehner needs to put out a correction.

“I have no doubt that Mr. Boehner will issue a correction to his press release in which he states the obvious, which is that Obama expressed -- in twelve different ways -- his support for Israel to me.”


It looks like Obama is not just wobbly but has two left feet, it looks like Patrick Fitzgerald has a lot more on Obama than anyone thought before. Read the attached

John Boehner is the Minority Leader...

And he got strong pushback not just because of his selective half-quoting but also because he then lied about the parts he chose to pluck.

Hence reporter Jeffrey Goldberg's request for a correction.

Lynn--why won't you post this? You had posted one Sat morning prior to Carter's announcement that Obama was planning a Mid-east trip. Then you pulled it.
What gives with that?

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