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Wright not guarded by Nation of Islam members, his church says.


WASHINGTON--The Rev. Jeremiah Wright was not, contrary to a report in some outlets, guarded at a speaking event on Tuesday at the National Press Club, by personnel who belong to the Nation of Islam. Security was provided by a local Baptist church, according to a spokesman for Wright's church, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.


Who cares! Even if he was. Folks who dont like can send their security.

What is all of this hoopla about anyway? Mr. Barack Obama has not been elected to the Presidency. The route for the registered voters of the U.S. of A. is to vote for anyone other than Mr. Obama.

That's not true. There was a guy on stage standing toward the left who's from Chicago and a Muslim. So Trimity church may not have known this information. That guy is my cousin's associate.

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