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A bigot by any other name is still a bigot. Jeremiah Wright is a bigot ( and racist) of the highest order. Every time he opens his mouth he makes Obam look like a village idiot for having sat in a pulpit in rapt attention in front of such a bigot for 20 (!!!) years. And, then there is the santimonious and self righteous Michelle Obama, who comes across as a Reverend wright without the fire and brimstone. Ah, to think that Obama probably still believes somewhere in the bowels of his heart that he can still become elected president of the United States of America. And Michelle Obama is somewhere daydreaming about becoming America's first lady (heaven forbid!).

Jimi A.

A posting on another article talks about the unfairness of "snippet" journalism. I agree with that observation, but I don't think Americans can handle in-depth discussions from these candidates on their future policies and how they are going to implement them. We get "snippet" journalism from the media because the candidates themselves do nothing but hurl out one rosy platitude after another. Over the decades, we have allowed the alphabet media to get lazy. They don't exercise due diligence in attacking or examining poor ideas. They don't go in-depth with pro or con analyses of the candidate's ideas. So, all we are left with are sound bite "snippets". It is probably a good thing for the three candidates that are left, because there is nothing substantial or unique about them. SameO, sameO. Rev. Wright is the unfortunate object of "snippeting", due to the lack of actual analysis of the candidates and their proposals. Although, one could reasonably argue that Obama's relationship with Wright reflects on his character. I'll leave you to decide whether it is a positive or negative reflection. With a media that no longer is objectively delivering the news, (ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBS Democratic--Fox and almost all of talk radio, Republican) we are left with nothing but "snippets".

Thanks for posting this Lynn--it's a bit different--not in terms of WHAT he said, but how he said it.
Instead of dealing with class issues, he's a DIVIDING presence and apparently a welcomed one, in the Barack Obama 'uniter' express.
He's focused on the past.
I would like to see someone explore the crypto acceptance by some African American christian churches the black Muslim stuff.
Particularly regarding women.
No problem with it being accepted.
Moyers didn't probe the acknowledgement of Wright's 'special' relationship with Farrakhan. Who also resides on Chicago's South Side.

Glad this is posted here. Imagine if Geraldine Ferraro had said anything approaching the inflammatory material in this speech.
Part Two is particularly bad because Rev. Wright is extrapolating data found about CULTURAL performance differences between black and white children and acting as if it's a genetic difference.
And then the lampooning of John F Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson--and the ties to the abuse he says black children suffered by being told they didn't 'talk right'--is beyond the pale.
All kids who spoke 'wierd' in the 60's had to go through this. My sister had a Bostonian accent in Michigan and went to 'speech therapy' to learn to say her 'r's.
C'mon Rev. --there's a lot of stupidity in society--and not ALL of it just hit the African American community.
If he thinks this is going to help us get Obama on the ticket, he's wrong.

I listened to Rev. Wright’s televised NAACP speech and while I reminded myself of the forum he gave it in I honestly can’t see how this can possibly help Obama in his quest for the Presidency. While I agree that different is not deficient his nationally televised remarks will only further polarize the electorate as they are carefully examined by a much wider audience. I know many black pastors and churches who do not espouse these things. It is becoming increasingly clearer that this comes from his theological framework of liberation theology which always pits one class against another. I am still scratching both sides of my brain after hearing his remarks about “eurocentric white children” learning from the right side of the brain and “afrocentric black children” learning from the left side of the brain and that the educational failure in the black community was related to an educational establishment which teaches to the right side. While he obviously is an educated man having been educated in a predominantly white upper class high school in Philadelphia he needs to revisit Plessy v Ferguson and Brown v Board of Education because these remarks taken to their logical conclusions would call for separate but equal schools where blacks could be educated using a methodology that teaches to the left side of the brain while whites could be educated using the existing methodology that teaches to the right side of the brain. Rev. Wright is doing great damage to the numerous advancements and contributions made by many African Americans. This is what happens when you put ethnicity or race above faith. He ought to re-read Galatians 3:27-28. While not ignoring America’s national sin of slavery and “racism” race itself is really an illusion because at the biological level all human beings are the same. When will we understand that anyone who has been born in America or has become a naturalized citizen is an American period. Certainly more has to be done to improve our entire educational system and address the underlying socio-economic conditions of many poor Black, Hispanic and White children that interferes with their education and accounts for an increasing dropout rate but Wrights remarks when analyzed in the next few days will be seen to have contributed very little.

We are truly living in historic times! It really makes me chuckle every time I read one of the posts on the internet, like the one above, regarding Pastor Wright. Simply name calling,throwing conniptions, and failing to address any of the so called racist statements made by the pastor. It would be different if these "name callers" cited something this man had done or said that was untrue and hateful but I have yet to see it. The simple fact of the matter is that most of these people who think like the person above would rather not deal with African presence in the United States. But if you believe in any power greater than mankind, be it spiritual or scientific, you understand that balance is the nature of the universe. You can not endlessly exploit, murder, rape, loot and pillage in the name of profit without an equally opposing force for retribution and truth emerging.

I would implore the above commentor to please provide evidence of Rev. Wrights' alleged bigotry. From what I've read this man has actually lived according to the true teachings of the gospel- feeding the poor and hungry, housing the less fortunate, and bringing people together under the banner of truth; which in America's case is coated with the blood of humanity- Red, Black, Brown, Yellow and White!

Humans are fairly primitive in relation to the universe and europeans are the youngest of the human family.

The historic truth may be harsh, but it is the truth. It may be controversial, but the truth indeed. It may hurt those who validated injustice for centuries....but the truth it is.
I invite you all to commit to the truth so we can all finally bring about the changes our nation so much need.

Clearly, by the statements made about Rev. Wright's Speech, many of you do not or cannot understand the place where he is coming from, you have not walked in his shoes, or had people writing blogs calling you names because you speak the truth based on your life experiences.It is hard to speak about things you have no knowledge of and it is clear Ms. Sweet, BM needs a part 2 and Racist Bitter One, not only misquoted him (must work for the press) but have little to no exposure to the world he decribes not divides in his speech... He left out the part about entitlement complexes and arrogant assumptions... But I am sure he will speek on those next time...

FYI... Racism is a process and practice not a person. His opinion is based on the people he has encountered in his life, you cannot take those away from him, even if you don't like the sound of his truth.

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