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Sweet: Clinton campaign pays Maine South HS invoice.


WASHINGTON--After the story came out Tuesday that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) owed her high school--Maine South--$3,161 in a rental fee, the campaign paid the invoice the same day.

The Clinton campaign hosted an event at the Park Ridge high school in suburban Chicago on the evening of Feb. 4, the night before 22 primary and caucus votes.

Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said the bill did not arrive until late February; still, the fee was listed as a debt on Clinton's disclosure report. "Not a tremendous lag time there," Carson said.


How will this help voters decide which candidate is gonna break the US dependence on oil? Just asking.

Okay, I am a Obama supporter. I don't care for Senator Clinton's tactics of win the White House at any cost. WHY? It is not like someone close to her has not been there before, therefore I know it is a power trip issue with Hillary.

But using a different perspective, how many of us have rob Paul to pay Peter? In my neck of the woods we call it, "Do we eat or pay the light bill?" Sometimes when the weather is warm we decide it is easier to buy food, cook outdoors and not pay the gas bill, yet pay the light bill instead. In the winter time, the gas bill MUST BE PAID! I know I am speaking of small-fry issues here, but I won't hold this one against Hillary because this 2008 election campaign has become more exciting and will be memorable for other states still waiting to vote in primaries where the nominee would have been a foregone conclusion in the past.

On the negative side, if the Clinton campaign would quit uplifting the Republican candidate it would make it easier for me to stomach voting for her if it comes to that. BUT WE ALL KNOW THIS IS SENATOR OBAMA'S YEAR!!

So everybody, who have had a rough time paying bills in the past, don't act like you have not written a check and prayed like dickens it was not cashed before your next pay-check was deposit into your account.

I will let this one slide, but it can't become a pattern. (NOW BACK TO THE ECONOMY, HEALTH CARE, JOB CREATION for all United States cititzens. Stop this rediculous war, and try not to start anymore for the next 100 years).

I'm just wondering: did the Clinton campaign pay all of its other long-outstanding debts yesterday, too, or just those that received the most media attention? Guess I can check her FEC filings myself, but if someone's already got the info, please post it here.

Well, then get Senator Obama to work his day job, then. Get him to actually stop the war, then. Get him to stop global warming too with his brilliant energy plans. It's not like he hasn't started a job he needs to continue learning how to do. Why should Clinton pay off any debts right now, necessaril, wanderer? You got all YOUR bills totally paid up right now? NO. YOU DON'T. It's a nonissue.
Nobody has all their bills paid up. 90 days is what a lot of us do.
She already explained it. If the Obamites want to be remembered for costing us the white house, then keep up this ignorant thread.

This development should servre to free up more time for Lynn to fawn over her autographed fodo of Obamaboy and lay off posting vacuous dreck about HRC.

What exactly are you anyway? Robert Novack in drag?

omg you're not posting this !! waaaaaaaaa double standard !!

In response to golden oldie:

It's a matter of fiscal responsibility.

I submitted a second comment yesterday that did not get posted that listed links to each campaign's debt, and listed several more of Clinton's Illinois-based debts that were significantly more than what was owed to Maine South.

I also pointed out that Clinton owes more than 11 times what Obama owes, and she owes about 5.5 times what McCain owes.

Both Clinton and McCain have had to resort to taking out loans to run their campaigns.

Obama has not.

I want a fiscally responsible president, and from what I've seen of the three best remaining choices, Obama fills those shoes best.

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