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Hillary's people ecstatic, predict 'shift of psychology' among superdelegates

PHILADELPHIA -- Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) survived Pennsylvania, winning Tuesday by 10 points, and the mood is wildly upbeat at her election night headquarters here at the Park Hyatt Hotel. Tom Petty's anthem, ''No I won't back down, you can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down,'' is playing when Clinton takes the stage.

While waiting for Clinton to speak, I stood next to New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine as he hugged Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio and then saw Philly Mayor Michael Nutter -- a young, change-oriented African American -- come by with the latest Clinton battle cry: ''A win is a win. . . . The money will come.''

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said the Clinton victory was the ''equivalent of a political earthquake.'' Hyperbole, perhaps, because Clinton was always ahead here. But Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) was closing in on Clinton as this long primary contest took its most nasty, negative turn in Pennsylvania even as bread-and-butter economic issues were tackled by both rivals.

Obama invested so much in Pennsylvania in time and money -- the Clinton team estimated record-breaking spending, $11.2 million alone in media. He outspent Clinton almost 3-to-1 as his team grew increasingly concerned that Clinton would come out of the Keystone State with a double-digit win.

Delegates are awarded on a proportional basis -- so Obama is still the front-runner this morning in this close race. But the Obama team's worry has been that a Clinton victory -- especially the 10-point margin she earned here -- will open up all sorts of arguments for the uncommitted superdelegates -- party leaders and elected officials -- whose votes will decide who becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

''There is beginning to be a subtle shift of psychology of a lot of the uncommitted supers,'' Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said. Or hoped.

Obama goes into May 6 contests in Indiana and North Carolina wounded by the combination of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, flag pins and ''Bittergate,'' reasons, perhaps, why he tried and failed to pick up blue-collar voters. All this will be fodder for arguing who is stronger to take on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the GOP nominee-in-waiting.

Clinton did well with many voting segments. Late deciders broke in Clinton's favor. Obama won 92 percent of the African-American vote while Clinton picked off seniors and white men. Obama leaves Pennsylvania winning big in Philadelphia but not in the suburbs and the rest of the state. His coalition never materialized.

Obama's Internet fund-raising magic is giving him a decided financial advantage over Clinton, who has a $10 million debt. The Clinton campaign said that as of 11:30 p.m., $2.5 million had come in since Pennsylvania was called for Clinton, making it her best night ever.

President Clinton and Chelsea beamed while Clinton spoke. ''Some people counted me out and said to drop out, but the American people don't quit."

Clinton taunted Obama earlier during a stop outside a polling place in Conshohocken. If the front-runner Obama is so good, said Clinton, ''Why can't he close the deal?''


That was John Edwards' theme.
Barack Obama is in the 9th circle of hell--damned if you do and damned if you don't re: the CBS debate. That audience READS, unlike the gobama crowd.
But if he DOESN'T debate he looks like he's running away from mama--like a naughty teenager.
Still, given that both candidates right now are taking the AIPAC talking points regarding Iran, maybe it's best they take a break from the debates.

Why can't he close the deal indeed!
Free speech is not as important as DEFERENTIAL BEHAVIOR of reporters and even citizens/fans around a political candidate treated by his supporters like he's a MESSIAH. Obama should NOT act like GW Bush would to 'naughty' journalists. But that's just what he did the other day at the Daily Show taping. He had a McClatchy journalist thrown off the pool! Somebody alert Greg Mitchell! Julie Mack! Angellight--get on this!

Here’s what’s relevant, I feel, to note from a candidate dodging the next debate (waaahhh I can’t debate mama very well now that it’s just US and journalists are being half as mean to me as they were to Hillary and Kucinich and Edwards earlier!)
First—mistreatment of a journalist and Second---the myth of bin Laden and Third--both are so belicose about Iran and Israel.
1. The mistreatment of a journalist by Obama and camp per Mararet Talev McClatchy
“On the way into the studio, I asked Obama why he felt it important to respond to the late-breaking Clinton ad with an ad of his own and what he thought of her ad. “Are you supposed to be doing this with the pool?” he asked, and laughed. Then he sat down and had the earpiece put in. I asked him if he’d give us a comment after the taping and he said, “Maybe, it depends on how well behaved you are.” But then after the taping, I was whisked off ahead of him and didn’t get to bug him again.”
2. The myth of bin Laden per Margaret Talev McClatchy
“In between, I asked strategist David Axelrod again about the Clinton ad. His response: “The irony of it is, she supported the president on the war and that’s one of the main reasons why Osama bin Laden is still free. And then you know to include him in this ad and emulate the sort of fear-mongering that we’ve seen over the last eight years is really ironic. She didn’t have the judgment to see that we were diverting our attention from bin Laden and now she’s using Bin Laden in an ad to say that she is the one who is ready to be president?”
Here's the link to the David Frost inteview with Benazir Bhutto in December where she tells him that she's been warned to watch out for the same guys who KILLED bin Laden in November of 2007 are also after her. (this is 15 minutes LONG but it's good attention span experience for the Gobamas) :
But, finally, BOTH of them need to back off from the 'we'll bomb for Israel' stuff. 4 Billion a week to Israel, or is it monthly? We should be using diplomatic methods over there. Commit to that and this will be easier for the PARTY to close in the Fall. The right answer the other night woulda been--we'd have to see what's in the U.S. best interest in determining how to respond.

Senator Obama should really step down and start supporting Senator Clinton before the Democrats loose this Presidential election to McCain.
I am an older woman and want a Democrat to win the White House.
There are just too many issues that are surrounding Obama that make him unelectable.

Here is a list of just some problems that McCain will attack:

1.}Reverend Wright: Obama's connection with this man and the church it represents. The church has supported Louis Farrakhan, radical anti Semitic leader.

2.)Anton Rezko:
Syrian Criminal that is supporting Obama. Red flag for the Republicans

Obama has acted too "out of touch" to many men in America. His speech in San Francisco which really made fun of them and their values has made him appear "cocky" to many blue collar Americans. They love their religion and don't blame the government for attending churches. They also have guns for sport. Lastly, to relate their bitterness to not liking immigrants or people who look like them was a slap in the face.

4.) William Ayers-Weather Underground Terrorist Group
Recently there has been too many questions about Obama’s relationship with this man by working in the Woods Foundation with him. Obama ignored this connections. McCain will not let this issue slide.

5.)Not seating Michigan and Florida:
Americans want these delegates seated. McCain will want them counted and will bring up these issues also. The only reason that Obama wouldn't want these states seated is because he would lose immediately

6.) Many people in my community would have voted differently, if they knew what they knew now about Senator Obama. He is being vetted now and many people don’t like many issues that are coming to the forefront

7.) Obama can’t win the big states: California, NJ, NY, Ohio, Pa, Florida, Michigan, Texas. He can’t get the support he needs to win from the older voters, white men and white women. He spent three to four times more than Clinton in Pa and still couldn’t close the deal.

Wake up Americans and support Senator Clinton. She will fight for all Americans. President Clinton is also a bonus. He has been painted so wrong by the media. This President is loved by over 65 percent of this country. The man has expertise in our economy above all. We had no debt, the country was at peace and jobs were plentiful when President Clinton was in office. Younger voters should be aware of this. President Clinton and Americans, especially African Americans. President Clinton chose to have his office is in Harlem. He was called the “first black president” For anyone to even think for a minute that President Clinton is a racist couldn't be further from the truth.

President Clinton and Senator Clinton are Democrats. That is the only change we need in Washington. Democrats will change everything. But Democrats have to win the White House. McCain will destroy Obama. The Clintons will destroy McCain.
I also know that Clinton supporters will NOT support Obama. Over 38 percent will support McCain. That is a big problem. Only 17 percent of Obama supporters will not support Clinton. We will all have some hurt over the outcome of this race, but we really need a Democrat.

Wake up America, especially the youth! Stop listening to the media coverage about the Clintons. They are super stars. They are loved everywhere in the US and throughout the WORLD. Listen to seasoned voters and support the winner, Senator Clinton.

Oct. 16,2006 Obama's senate office recieved an e-mail from Alsamarrae Son asking for help to get his dad out of the Baghdad prison, he feared for his life. Alsamarrae is a fugitive listed on an Interpol warrant. Obama sent the inquirey to the U S consul in Iraq. Alsamarrae escaped from prison . He was taken by guards in uniform , with no passport to the airport to go to Jordon. Then to Chicago. Rezko , Auchi , Alsamarrae, Daniel T. Frawley connection with Companion Security contract in Iraq. This international scheme arrives at the door step of Obama's senate office August, 2006.They (Rezko) were protesting the cancellation of that contract, Mr. Frawley when to Obama in August 2006 seeking help reviving the deal. Read Republican had Blackwater and the Democrats tried with Companion.



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