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Plouffe on conference call says Obama within 300 delegates of clinching Democratic nomination. "Organizing heavily in Guam."


PHILADELPHIA, PA.—Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said Wednesday on a conference call that even factoring in the Pennsylvania primary loss, Obama is ahead by 159 delegates—and is less than 300 delegates away from securing the nomination.

"The structure of the race remains the same," Plouffe said.

To get to the 2,024 delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination, Clinton would need “to win 70 percent of all the remaining delegates.”

“We are stronger right now in a match up against McCain," said Plouffe, citing especially Obama's strength with younger voters.

Plouffe said the campaign--and how many covering presidential campaigns have ever delt with this--is "organizing heavily in Guam" with a May 3 contest.

Conference call ongoing


Obama hiding from the difficult questions regarding his character, judgement and associations, will be be picked up by the Repulican candidate. His defense of a known racist, his defense of a known boasting terrorist, his part in establishing Companion securities for Iraq. Rezko, release of Alsamarrae from Baghdad prison, Auchi and other facts will come up and he will not be elected to the White House.

mr. axelrod and mr. plouffe, business partners, are the crux of mr. obama's problem. they have failed to develop the necessary field organization and continue to develop mediocre tv spots relative the junior senator from illinois getting in touch with his inner youth.
i'm sure a quick look at the obama campaign's finances will find the lion's share in the pockets of these rascals.

Go Obama in Guam!
Hillary is a liar (think Bosnia) and trend-f*c*er (think Nafta and Iraq stance switcheroo) She has a radical past in working with the Black Panthers and in the Clintons pardoning the Weathermen; she padded her resume like crazy. Obama, in fact, has more years than she does in elected office (he has 12, she has 8). She and Bill fight like Tonya Harding--google Clinton Body Count, and be shocked.
She cannot win western swing states (Colorado for one). She is UNpopular out there. She can NOT win back the support of Black people after the myriad of ways she and Bill have insulted them. And No DEM candidate has EVER won the presidency without that support.
McCain would CRUSH her on that Bosnian gunfire lie. After all, his entire campaign is based on his military experience and she would be crushed in round one, to say nothing of all the Clinton skeltons in the closet that he would bring out--because McCain would not be a gentleman like Barack.
I am an older white woman and I would NEVER vote for Hillary. My 80 year old mom in assisted living in Pennsylvania voted for Obama.
Dems, Independents, and Repubs, yes we can.

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