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Obama's 2007 income tax return shows $4 million income. Who is in touch? Debate Wednesday night on ABC.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA.-- Though the Obamas' released their 2007 on Wednesday afternoon--everything from 2000 on is public--showing that Sen. Barack Obama's books have made his a fortune--almost $4 million last year. LINK to return. This comes as Obama is trying to deflect charges of elitism as he appeals to blue collar Pennsylvania voters.

The question is--will Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) press Obama (D-Ill.) at the debate that starts at 7 Chicago time--if he will make public his returns from his state senate years? Her staff was calling for those returns earlier this week. The Obama campaign declined to comment on returns from the 1990s.

Obama Releases 2007 Tax Returns

CHICAGO, IL—Senator Obama today released his 2007 tax return and posted it to his campaign web site, continuing his commitment to running a transparent campaign and a transparent administration as President.

The Obamas’ 2007 federal tax return is available HERE.

The 2007 return at a glance

Ø Total income: $4,238,165

o Adjusted gross income: $4,139,965

o Salaried income: $260,735

o Net profit from books: $3,943,378

Ø Federal taxes paid: $1,396,772

Ø Total charitable contributions for 2007: $240,370


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