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Obama makes surprise appearence on Colbert Report. Colbert hits Thursday trifecta--Clinton, Obama and Edwards.




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PHILADELPHIA, PA.--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), stumping in North Carolina, makes a surprise visit with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night. Colbert is taping his shows this week from here, in advance of the April 22 Pennsylvania primary. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.)--who dropped his '08 White House bid-- also taped a segment on the show today. Michelle Obama chatted with Colbert Monday night.

Stephen: I enjoyed the debate last night, though I have to take issue with you calling some of the questions manufactured political distractions.

Obama: Well Stephen, I think the American people are tired of these political games and petty distractions

Stephen: Sir, speaking for the news media, speaking for the news media, we are not tired of it. It allows us to ask the same questions over and over again. It’s a lot less work.
Click below for the pool report on the taping.


April 17, 2008

Comedy Central taping

East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C.

The crowd on the riser behind the stage had been asked to stay and the audience was told to stay quiet before the show began lest it disrupt Sen. Obama’s ability to hear. The audience didn’t make a sound when Obama came out. He waved and put his finger to his lips to signal the “be quiet” sound. He waved again and the audience waved back, in unison and in silence.

Staffers (Arun and Marvin) held cue cards next to a camera on the stage as everyone waited for the feed to start. Obama stood with his arms crossed across his chest.

After Obama chatted through his earpiece with a producer, Stephen Colbert’s voice came on, announcing the end of the show, taped today in Philadelphia and which Sen. Clinton had sat for earlier this afternoon.

What follows is the transcript, somewhat devoid of context since we hadn’t seen the rest of the show or what was happening in Philadelphia.

Stephen Colbert: I really wish Senator Obama could have joined us tonight

Barack Obama (reading off cue cards): So do I Stephen.

Stephen: Senator Obama! (pause) Can you hear me?

Obama: (Pause) Stephen are you there? (Crosstalk) I can hear you just fine.

Stephen: Won’t Senator Clinton be happy that she fixed our screen?

Obama: I’m sure she will, Stephen. I’m sure she will.

Stephen: I enjoyed the debate last night, though I have to take issue with you calling some of the questions manufactured political distractions.

Obama: Well Stephen, I think the American people are tired of these political games and petty distractions

Stephen: Sir, speaking for the news media, speaking for the news media, we are not tired of it. It allows us to ask the same questions over and over again. It’s a lot less work.

Obama: Stephen, these distractions they won’t help us fix our economy, they won’t help get people health care. They won’t get us out of Iraq. Stephen, I would go so far as to say I want to put these political distractions on notice.

Stephen: What!?

Obama: Boys, bring out the on notice board.

Stephen: What?

Stephen: Senator, I have to warn you, I probably don’t have a card for distractions.

(Stephen sifts through a card box)

Let me I see I’ve got Dimetapp, Dionne Warwick, Deion Sanders, Dion comma Celine, Dirigibiles, There we go! Distractions!

Okay senator, uh, something’s gonna have to come off, what should I remove?

Obama: Well it can’t be grizzly bears, they are the number one threat to America.

Stephen: Good man

Obama: I think we should take off James Brady, he's a good guy.

Stephen; Alright, Brady. This is your lucky day.

(Stpehen pulls off Brady)

Stephen: Okay here we go - distractions, I hope you're paying attention.

(Stephen puts in Distraction)

Stephen: Wham! How's that taste?

Obama: Manufactured, manufactured political distractions, you are officially on notice.

Stephen: Thank you Senator Obama. Thank you Philly!

(applause from the audience in North Carolina, and Philadelphia)


Nick Timiraos

The Wall Street Journal


The show will be great! I'll pour myself a big glass of Kool-Aid and watch it with the rest of you Obama sycophants.

Edwards is my hero!
I hope he endorses Hilary and gives a great speech about the need for media reform!
Anybody who could take on the insurance companies and kick their ****s of course had to be marginalzied by the mainstream media.
Watch Hilary pull the media reform platform plank outta her hat and kick some butt with it.
All inspired by John Edwards!


If you think like Barack Obama, that WORKING CLASS PEOPLE are just a bunch of “BITTER”!, STUPID, PEASANTS, Cash COWS!, and CANNON FODDER. :-(

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think Barack Obama with little or no experience would be better than Hillary Clinton with 35 years experience.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can fix an economy on the verge of collapse better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) led the greatest economic expansion, and prosperity in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience fighting for universal health care can get it for you better than Hillary Clinton. Who anticipated this current health care crisis back in 1993, and fought a pitched battle against overwhelming odds to get universal health care for all the American people.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience can manage, and get us out of two wars better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) went to war only when he was convinced that he absolutely had to. Then completed the mission in record time against a nuclear power. AND DID NOT LOSE THE LIFE OF A SINGLE AMERICAN SOLDIER. NOT ONE!

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience saving the environment is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) left office with the greatest amount of environmental cleanup, and protections in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with little or no education experience is better than Hillary Clinton. Whose ;-) husband (Bill Clinton) made higher education affordable for every American. And created higher job demand and starting salary’s than they had ever been before or since.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that Obama with no experience will be better than Hillary Clinton who spent 8 years at the right hand of President Bill Clinton. Who is already on record as one of the greatest Presidents in American history.

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think that you can change the way Washington works with pretty speeches from Obama, rather than with the experience, and political expertise of two master politicians ON YOUR SIDE like Hillary and Bill Clinton..

You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you think all those Republicans voting for Obama in the Democratic primaries, and caucuses are doing so because they think he is a stronger Democratic candidate than Hillary Clinton. :-)

Best regards

jacksmith... Working Class :-)

p.s. You Might Be An Idiot! :-)

If you don't know that the huge amounts of money funding the Obama campaign to try and defeat Hillary Clinton is coming in from the insurance, and medical industry, that has been ripping you off, and killing you and your children. And denying you, and your loved ones the life saving medical care you needed. All just so they can make more huge immoral profits for them-selves off of your suffering...

You see, back in 1993 Hillary Clinton had the audacity, and nerve to try and get quality, affordable universal health care for everyone to prevent the suffering and needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of you each year. :-)

Approx. 100,000 of you die each year from medical accidents from a rush to profit by the insurance, and medical industry. Another 120,000 of you die each year from treatable illness that people in other developed countries don’t die from. And I could go on, and on...


Large numbers of Republicans have been voting for Barack Obama in the DEMOCRATIC primaries, and caucuses from early on. Because they feel he would be a weaker opponent against John McCain. With Hillary Clinton you are almost 100% certain to get quality, affordable universal health care very soon.

But first, all of you have to make certain that Hillary Clinton takes the democratic nomination and then the Whitehouse. NOW! is the time. THIS! is the moment you have all been working, and waiting for. You can do this America. “Carpe diem” (harvest the day).

I think Hillary Clinton see’s a beautiful world of plenty for all. She’s a woman, and a mother. And it’s time America. Do this for your-selves, and your children’s future. You will have to work together on this and be aggressive, relentless, and creative. Americans face an even worse catastrophe ahead than the one you are living through now.

You see, the medical and insurance industry mostly support the republicans with the money they ripped off from you. And they don’t want you to have quality, affordable universal health care. They want to be able to continue to rip you off, and kill you and your children by continuing to deny you life saving medical care that you have already paid for. So they can continue to make more immoral profits for them-selves.

Hillary Clinton has actually won by much larger margins than the vote totals showed. And lost by much smaller vote margins than the vote totals showed. Her delegate count is actually much higher than it shows. And higher than Obama’s. She also leads in the electoral college numbers that you must win to become President in the November national election. HILLARY CLINTON IS ALREADY THE TRUE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE!

As much as 30% of Obama's primary, and caucus votes are Republicans trying to choose the weakest democratic candidate for McCain to run against. These Republicans have been gaming the caucuses where it is easier to vote cheat. This is why Obama has not been able to win the BIG! states primaries. Even with Republican vote cheating help.

Hillary Clinton has been OUT MANNED! OUT GUNNED! and OUT SPENT! 4 and 5 to 1. Yet Obama has only been able to manage a very tenuous, and questionable tie with Hillary Clinton.

If Obama is the democratic nominee for the national election in November he will be slaughtered. Because the Republican vote cheating help will suddenly evaporate. All of this vote fraud and republican manipulation has made Obama falsely look like a much stronger candidate than he really is. YOUNG PEOPLE. DON’T BE DUPED! Think about it. You have the most to lose.

The democratic party needs to fix this outrage. Everyone needs to throw all your support to Hillary Clinton NOW! So you can end this outrage against YOU the voter, and against democracy.

The democratic party, and the super-delegates have a decision to make. Are the democrats, and the democratic party going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee to fight for the American people. Or are the republicans going to choose the DEMOCRATIC party nominee through vote fraud, and gaming the DEMOCRATIC party primaries, and caucuses.

Fortunately the Clinton’s have been able to hold on against this fraudulent outrage with those repeated dramatic comebacks of Hillary Clinton’s. Only the Clinton’s are that resourceful, and strong. Hillary Clinton is your NOMINEE. They are the best I have ever seen.

“This is not a game” (Hillary Clinton)


jacksmith... Working Class :-)

Awesome!! Way to go to both Senators Obama and Edwards!!!

Nothing like surprises on the Colbert Report and having both of you must've been incredible! We don't get the Colbert Report here for another hour, so thank you kindly to Lynn Sweet for reporting on this!

It is wonderful to see Senator Obama keep his cool and sense of humor through the ABC project to lynch him. His refusal to knife Hillary when invited to do so on her Bosnia lies shows his true class. But Americans like me have grown very bitter and vexed against the Clinton machine and with the Democratic Party elders like Edwards. As a lifelong Democrat and feminist who has been faithfully tithing to the party and who voted for Bill twice, I am now beyond healing with Hillary. She has completely lost me, and although I may not vote for Mccain if she were to be the nominee, there is no way I will remain a Democrat and vote for monstrous her. I will become a proud Independent and reclaim my integrity. Hillary's outrageous lies are almost as bad as her slurs and smears of an honorable opponent. She will do anything to win, including acting like a Republican, crying before the camera, hiding the Clintons' shady business dealings, lying about NAFTA, pandering to the NRA and to drunks, etc, etc. Our beloved republic will soon be a banana republic, in the grip of Lady Hillary Macbeth and dynastic and coporate machines. Hillary has turned our democracy into a pandercracy. She will lie to the American people from Day One and wage endless war ballistically to prove she has those as well.

Much noise has been made of Obama not leaving his church because of the incindiary comments of his pastor. Why can,t the same aguement be made of catholics who refuse to leave their church after it became known there were series of sexual abuse of kids by catholic priest .

Pastors come and go the church remains. Church is not about priest and pastors .It is about God and pursuit of biblical priciples.

If you think Hillary is against NAFTA when she campaigned for it,
If you think Hllary mispoke about sniper fire
If you think Obama is an elitist even though he worked with poor people in Chicago and grew up in a one-parent household
If you think Hillary will fight the lobbyists and and Special Interests, when she took money from them
If you think Hillary can be a good President because her husband was,
If you think Hillary is honest
If you think Hillary is strong, when she allows her husband to walk all over her
If you think Health care should be forced on everyone, whether they want it or can afford it or not,
If you think experience is the only qualifier for being President,
Continue drinking the Clinton Cool-aid and fooling yourselves.

Hillary is great no matter what she does. She is so smart and beautiful.

I love Obama, I think he's a wonderful man, not to mention handsome, with a great sense of humor. And he'll be an amazing President and the whole world will benefit. What a class act he is! And Michele will be a elequent and eloquent First Lady.

Hillary does NOT have "35 years" of experience, unless you count all those years in the White House. As stated in the Philadelphia Daily News endorsement of Obama:

"We are frankly troubled by her assumption that her husband's administration and accomplishments were her own. And if her equation holds, that the first spouse is an equal partner in the administration, then the reappearance of Bill Clinton in the White House is a prospect we have a hard time reconciling with the work that needs to be done."

Remember the only thing worse than having Bill Clinton back in the White House again is Bill in the White House with nothing to do!

Way to go on the Catholic Priest comment. What hypocrisy by "hater Americans". We can't pull together and unite because
of the hatred. Some whites and blacks are afraid to vote for
a black man, although every culture in this supposed "UNITED" states of "who knows what we are now" has voted for a white person. Hyprocrisy at it's best. Words, by Rev. Wright. Words.
But it's been proven that physical SEXUAL abuse was done to our
children! Yes, our children. The ones whom we say we want to protect. They protected someone alright. The priest. The shifted
them around to other Parishes to avoid being found out. Children's lives and innocence forever changed! I did not here the media castrating the Catholics to leave their "sacred" temples. But because Mr. Obama's integrity and moral standards reach far beyond what others "think" he should do, we say he is the wrong person for the country. Unbelievable. That's the problem with some american "haters", they still don't know how to think for themselves. What would you rather have? Your child raped by the priest you trust, or a person(not the one being accused" saying things you disagree with. If it was your child, what would you do? Think Americans (true Americans) think!

obama i met u it was really cool! i hope u win

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