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Obama asking Petraeus, Crocker, what is the "end point" in Iraq. "Messy, sloppy" status quo possible in Iraq?


WASHINGTON--McCain, Clinton and Obama all questioned Petraeous and Crocker at Senate hearings on Iraq surge today. Obama--contrary to a prior hearing where he made a speech and had no time left for questions--dropped the lecture for the most part and asked focused questions for most of his 14 minutes. He seemed to suggest the U.S. set a very modest goal for success that would get troop levels down to about 30,000.

Obama wanted to know: in a "parade of horribles" --does the U.S. anticipate a time when Al Queda in Iraq could not reconstitute itself?

Our not to hunt down every single Al Queda?

"Exactly right," Petraeous said.

"I'm trying to get to an end point," said Obama. If the bar for success is so high, will it ever be met?

Is a "messy, sloppy" status quo possible in Iraq Obama asked
With some violence, some corruption but otherwise not much of a threat an "achieveable goal?"


exactly what we need, a president who will accept that perfection isn't possible and that the Iraqis have to get there by themselves, we just have to leave it stable.

Obama '08

I thought Obama demonstrated more ability to gain insight and a firmer grasp of realism than either of the other two candidates running for president. He was the only committee member to receive a "that's exactly right" response from Patreus. His question regarding Sunni and Shiite favortism also shows his ability to see the hearts and minds strategy with effectiveness, as well.

No Surprise! Hillary gets the video! - he must be in the headlines - soon this site will be an "Hillary Shrine"

It probably works to Obama's advantage that there is no video for him. He didn't show well at the Senate hearings.

Oh Hilary Shrine my eye!
The Chicago media has fluffed Barack's pillow powdered his wife's behind and basically given the 'home team' such favorable coverage that it is laughable. Lynn is right to highlight Hilary's testimony. It's called news judgment.
Hilary painted the military industrial complex into a corner on this issue and it's worth noting.
Is this the first political cycle some Obama supporters have paid attention to? Comments like those I see here make me think so.
The sign of a mature person is to change their beliefs when reality strikes. Did you even WATCH the video before commenting on it? Or was there a memo from HQ to go on the blogs and kick butt.
news flash--you don't win people over this way.

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