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New Obama, Clinton Pennsylvania web ads


LEVITTOWN, PA.-- This new Obama web-only ad slams Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) again for taking contributions from lobbyists. The Clinton team response on a conference call this morning: we don't comment on web spts.


Thanks for posting both ads side by side, Lynn.
What it showed was not surprising--Barry Soleto's crowd is slick. (Can I trust somebody who changed their name? That's kinda 80s, no?)
We knew that. Axelrod gets a LOT of money for his ads. And he gets it the same place Hilary HAD to get her money.
Only Barry and Michelle aren't honest about it, are they?
Hilary's outspent three to one by the Obama/Daley/Rezko machine in PA. And he needed to do that.
The reason is evident in the two ads:
Hilary's ad reflects a real, grassroots ground game (something you can drink with, eat with--note how Barack doesn't get his hands dirty unless it's to buy 100 dollar a pound ham samples to 'show' he 'ain't a muslim (he's not--but that women to the back of the bus mentality sure rubbed off him from somewhere).
Barack's ad reflects a fake, glitzy--hey text-messaging teenagers who don't read a newspaper (thank god--they might see that Rezko looks like Tony Soprano!).
Listen to the audio tape. Whole lot of mau-mauing going on.
(Note to kids: Read Tom Wolfe's "Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers." Obama missed the 70s (it was GREAT and most of us were peaceful, productive activists).
Will we miss Obama if he doesn't fold soon into the Hilary campaign? Depends on how bad that spoiler smell gets.

What is with these morons insisting on calling Barack Obama "Barry"? Why does his name bug you? He's devoted two books to explaining his life and identity, read one. Or maybe, ignorance is bliss?

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