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Michelle Obama says she is married to an accessory. Just kidding, she says.


WILMINGTON, DEL.--Michelle Obama on Wednesday, campaigning in North Carolina called Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) an "accessory." Just jkidding, she said.

In a story in the Raleigh newspaper, Obama makes the accessory remark. LINK


And in Winston-Salem she poked a little fun.

"I'm a big fan of accessories," she said after mentioning the outfit
of Mayor Pro Tem Vivian Burke. "I'm married to one.

"Just kidding."


This is so "sad" that Reporters are trying to make a big deal out of Michelle trying to have some fun on the campaign trail. She has a great sense of humor, get used to it.

If a man joked that his wife was an accessory, how well would that go over?

After reading the article to the link I view nothing wrong with Ms. Sweet posting it. I actually believe
she was allowing Ms. Obama to display a humorous side while on the campaign trail.

Take it for what it is, a joke by the candidate's spouse. Every column cannot be hard-hitting.

I would never call my husband an accessory. Even jokingly. He's far too valuable a person than some handbag or belt.

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