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Lynn Sweet talks about Wright with Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Hardball."



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I found it here:

Ms. Street I saw you last night with Chris Matthews. And I hope you carry this message to the media. While people view Dr. Wright's statements as negative, I view them as positive for Obama. Wright has cleaned up his own image believe it or not. Folks viewed him as Hitler before his speeches. And he has been upgraded to an old-school Arrogant Preacher who SERVED his COUNTRY at worst. After hearing his speeches, even parts of it - folks have to admit that he is not the nightmare those Clinton soundbites made him out to be. But moreover, they have conclude that Wright is his own man, and so is Barack. Barack's message of unity comes from his personal background and reflects the generation HE is from. Barack's message of unity is not like any of the remaining candidates because THEY ARE OUT OF TOUCH with it. This man can have a Grandmother and Pastor that are from the old-school, yet blossom to form his own opinions that embrace a vision that is not devisive but unifying. Clinton thinks that is romanticism, but not me and the millions of young Americans who believe in HOPE and want CHANGE.

This whole incident is very strange. That Wright would come out now seems suspect. Now here it is a week and a half before the election and this man yet again has to deal with this while Hilary can talk about her plat form. I am really ashamed of the media because there are serious things going on in our Nation and this is what you choose to focus on.

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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