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Democratic debate, Obama "bitter" comment dominate news coverage


PHILADELPHIA, PA.--The major news media coverage last week were stories about Obama's comments about "bitter" Pennsylvanians--a quarter of all reports-- and the Democratic debate and the debate over the debate.
An interesting study at www.journalism.Org


Bitter? No. Merely seasoned.
Which beats being green and jaded about America.
How cynical, how sad that Obama has convinced a lot of what we in America refer to as 'Blacks' and uninvolved (til now--briefly) whites that if a 'Black' isn't elected now--it will never happen.

Great link to an intersting study Lynn.
I wonder if MSNBC (and then Jon Stewart used IT as if it WERE the story) hadn't distorted the video to turn it into a scratch incident, instead of an extended degradation of Hillary (Oh! That's paranoid, said Jon and Barry) then he'd be out of the race.
And all the mainstream t.v. folks from GE to Comedy Central would lose ad revenues on their websites and cable outlets.
ANY Obama supporter who thinks it is okay for a candidate or his operation to AVOID any media member, to threaten any journalist or blogger, or that it’s okay to REMOVE a journalist the messiah points out from the press pool (go to the link here and read the account of the McClatchey journalist at the Obama/Daily Show event:
needs to really think about what kind of president such a person would be.
Hilary takes the blows. And keeps on going.
No need for a sausage eating photo op—she just deals with things.
Angellight/Julie Mack, Matt, John E—and any other seemingly paid blogger for Obama HQ—just hold tight a minute.
ASK yourself why your potential employer or heart throb or whatever the heck he is for you:
Needs and has the support of the white male over 30 controlled mass media right now?
Why is CBS letting him get away right now with dodging the debate AGREED TO LONG AGO?
Could there be questions about the water MSNBC/GE nuke power plant builder is carrying for the “Senator” who got 300 G from Exelon after watering down a nuke reg bill in IL, voted for Dick Cheney’s 2005 Energy bill with 29 new nukes:
Look how they distorted the fingering of Hilary episode.
The above is the original 43 second plus IN ORDER and with the VOLUME UP as Obama mentions Hilary and fingers her.
When you open below, you’ll see a clip of MSNBC you can roll on.
MSNBC took it OUT OF ORDER and potted down the volume of Obama mentioning Hilary—didn’t even leave the nat sound up on background but also had the anchor speaking over it. She LIED and says it “took a while to get to” the flip off. THEY ARE DISTORTING THE ORDER OF THE TAPE.
And then Jon Stewart, whom I normally respect, carried Obama’s dirty water last night, running the MSNBC version of the tape.
Was there a promise that Obama would be a regular on the show and help Comedy Central’s ratings if Jon aired the distorted version? And allowed Barack to call people calling this a finger flip ‘paranoid’?
It speaks to statesmanship.
Another White boy who doesn’t get it? Michael Moore—who gave a diatribe about Hilary yesterday. Apparently he missed Hillary painting Petreus into a corner a few weeks ago—now the Bushies must bring to Congress any possible peace plan.
And ignored by the mainstream white male media and the white male comedy and don’t get me started on the left establishment.
The ultra-left was run by a bunch of sexist piggies who were quite happy to let the women clean up and club house—and the women who stuck with them were more than happy to do just that. They deferred getting degrees, for the most part. And they are the opposite of Hillary.
So why didn’t Michael Moore berate Michelle over the man who the U of C system let die—similar to the examples deftly depicted in Sicko? Cuz he’s part of the “I know best” wing of the ultra left.
The American media hasn’t covered how U of C hospital let a guy die.. Here’s a link to an article which does—and it’s openly biased with its use of adjectives—but the facts itself seem solid.
So, all the koolaid drinking bloggers take note: If you’re paid to harass us on the blogs; if the guy is censoring journalists now—what will he do to journalism and free speech while in the White House?

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