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Obama says campaign so long, babies been born. Adjusting stump speech to reflect McCain.

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MALVERN, PA.--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is using a new line to reflect the unanticipated length of the primary campiagn and is making other adjustments in his stump speech to reflect the quiet confidence of his campaign that he will be the Democratic nominee, not Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and face Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) in the fall.

On the long election: Here at Great Valley High School, Obama said, "There are babies who have born who are now walking and talking.

On McCain: Old/Obama used to talk about "Bush-Cheney" policies. New/Obama shorthand. On Wednesday, Obama here talked about "Bush-Cheney-McCain policies."

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Obama is just lumping Bush Cheney McCain to add McCain since he has been bashing Bush forever. People have not forgotten Jeremiah Wright and it won't go away because Obama mishandled it because he thought it too hot of an issue. So he switched to elicit white guilt. It won't stick Obama is just like Wright and it will come back big in the Fall.Calling his grandmother who was vice-president of a bank in Hawaii a typical white person he just threw her under the bus to side with Wright.

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