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Clinton Sunday conference call shut down by pranksters


WASHINGTON--A Clinton campaign Sunday conference call about the Obama and Clinton health care coverage plans was terminated after two pranksters asked whacky questions, the second one with a sexual allusion.

About 35 people were on the call, organized to discuss the competing health care coverage claims of the Obama and Clinton campaigns, the subject of negative ads in the closing days of the Pennsylvania campaign. Dr. Irwin Redlener, National Chair of Doctors for Hillary; Professor of Public Health and Pediatrics, Columbia University President of Children’s Health Fund, said Obama's plan was a "politically driven proposal" because it does not try from the start to cover everyone.

The plan was to give preference to reporters calling in from Pennsylvania, facing a Tuesday primary.

Howard Wolfson shut down the call after the second question. Not going as planned, he said.


You can listen to audio of this conference call here.

There needs to be a strong statement from Obama HQ about this. They need to tell the kids not to do this.
And Obama himself needs to apologize for flipping off a middle aged woman candidate.
Not statesmanlike. More like something Dick (go f yourself) Cheney would do.
Say are they related?

He was not flipping her a google search and find the side angle which shows him with 2 fingers up. I'm from the midwest, so maybe we don't do it right, but we only use one finger.

It appears that the "kids" Obama has working for him are the same ones that worked for Clinton and childishly destroyed the walls, computers, carpets with obscenities to the tune of millions when their candidate lost. That was quite a temper tantrum!

Are these the same "kids" who are given concert tickets to appear at various packed stadiums for Obama?

Are these the same paid "kids" who were bused in from Iowa colleges to caucus for Obama?

Or was this just another Obama mole stationed in Hillary's camp?

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