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Clinton returns to Indiana to campaign on Thursday.

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BLUE BELL, PA.--No matter what happens Tuesday in the Pennsylvania vote, Sen. Hillary Rodham (D-N.Y.) plans to stump Thursday in northeast Indiana.

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Here's hoping Indiana residents won't forget or buy the distortion MSNBC has given to the moment (two) that a presidential candidate fingered an opponent.
That's not statesmanlike.
Nor was it statesmanlike to censorially threaten and then exclude a journalist from McClatchey at a COMEDY SHOW TAPING.
Margaret Talev is to be commended for challenging the Messiah (and that's why I call him that--he or his organization or his 'bloggers' (I think Elizabeth Edwards coined the word 'trolls'?) intimidate journalists or other bloggers who challenge him on his 'message'--no deviation, please.
Everyone should MEMORIZE this paragraph:
" On the way into the studio, I asked Obama why he felt it important to respond to the late-breaking Clinton ad with an ad of his own and what he thought of her ad. “Are you supposed to be doing this with the pool?” he asked, and laughed. Then he sat down and had the earpiece put in. I asked him if he’d give us a comment after the taping and he said, “Maybe, it depends on how well behaved you are.” But then after the taping, I was whisked off ahead of him and didn’t get to bug him again."
What will happen when and if he assumes the presidency? Real Journalists to Guantanamo? We already have an Arab cameraman rotting there. But no screaming from the left, from Keith Olbermann about that. They only scream when somebody other than Messiah seems destined to win.
Michael Moore and Jon Stewart are on the Messiah Ship of Fools. Let's finish with Jon Stewart, first. Where's the FCC? The FCC? To host a candidate the night (and day) before the election, another attempt to rehabilitate himself from FINGERING a fellow candidate (a more statesmanlike one) who painted Petreus into a corner the other week (Alert Move's still ignored) --that should be a violation of the Fairness Doctrine. Oh wait! We don't have one! (Alert Free press =--oh wait! The only unfair debates they care about are the ones who make Obama be accountable.
So of course 'naughty' pool journalists must be hustled away from candidate.
And Michael Moore's diatribe against Hillary is unconscionable. It's interesting he's not paying attention to the tidbit in the (horribly biased with its adjectives--but not facts) article about Michelle Obama's so called 'humble roots'--Daddy making 40 grand plus is pretty darn good. But why didn't Mike point out that Michelle's U of C hospital also allowed an insured man to die--a lot like one of the examples in his excellent Sicko.
I had so much respect for all three men--Stewart ( for taking on big media's biased and stupid practices), Obama (for saying he'd end the war, gun control, environmentalism--all words, turns out, no action), and Moore (for being, well, real).
I realize all politicians, and people who want to interview them have feet of clay. I know who HIllary is. I'm liking her more and more as this campaign continues

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