Clinton on Jay Leno show Thursday night. Video.

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Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) on the Jay Leno show Thursday evening

"That Chelsea Clinton sure is smart...!:

Clip 4:
What makes a Delegate Super?



Oh how great Hillary and now Chelsea is NOT! - sorry but we just don't fall for false propaganda, perhaps this is more Hillary's forte Chat Shows rather than politics, viewers to these shows may not be too concerned about LIES and SELFISH SELF INTEREST and VANITY!

John Sheffield, you say Hillary's forte is chat shows rather than politics? Hillary went on Fox News last week. As for Obama, I know in the past few months he has been on the Tyra Banks show, Ellen, The View and just the other day went on Softball with Chris Matthews. Not to mention turning tail and running from Ms. Sweet and Carol Marin & other Chicago reporters at a press conference last month. The next tough venue Obama goes on will be his first. It's funny, the other day an Obama supporter told Bill O'Reilly that Obama doesn't want to waste time with irrelevant issues. She said he wants to focus on and talk about the important issues facing Americans. O'Reilly then responded by saying that Obama, by only going on fluff shows, is the one who does not want to talk about the important issues.

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