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Bill Clinton May 22 Chicago fund-raiser for Hillary to bankroll extended primary.


WASHINGTON--No matter the results in the May 6 contests in North Carolina and Indiana, the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) will push on--at least for primary cash. Former President Bill Clinton will headline a fund-raiser for his wife on May 22 in Chicago at the Palmer House--the same hotel where he was based for a time during his 1992 first run for the White House. The event (collecting only primary money) costs $100 for a ticket to the reception; $1,000 for a photo with Bill Clinton.


Are these a "Closing Down Sale" tickets Bill's last photo chance cost more! I hope those supporters feel cheated

Go have your last slices of arugula pizza at Obama HQ. Hillary is the candidate and you know it.

You've got to be kidding me! Fund-raising event? What happened to the $100 M dollars per year over the last 8 years. The Clintons should continue to spend their own money. The Clintons as of today are running a terrorist and intimidating campaign. And, who are their targets? The superdelegates and all of those voters who voted for Sen. Obama. Is this a surreal scenario or what? Superdelegates, please put the numbers up for Sen. Obama so that this nightmare can be over. Now, the Clintons have a group of people who will be demonstrating in DC in the next week. Now, I'm beginning to see why people are deserting this party. Because one couple thinks it belongs to them. Anybody in their right mind would not vote for the multiple personality candidate. What happened to the Rules and Policies in the legal arena. I do not believe the superdelegates will allow Hillary to play with the math and dish it out the way she wants. She is behind and all of her nonstop ranting is enough for everyone in the U.S. to leave and let the Clintons have it to themselves. How's that? She can rule with 2 people being her constituents.

Ha, Ha - What a personality disorder? Wow, Bill no wonder you had to find other types of fun? We didn't know you were living with a King!

Everybody relax. The score right now is 0 to 0. No delegates have cast their votes. We are in the process of selecting delegates to select our candidate. Let's go to the convention and select our candidate. Isn't that what conventions are for?

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