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BERKELEY, CALIF.--Taking a break from following a lot of on-the-trail the University of California, Berkeley for a conference on the presidency...and the ongoing political campaign. I'll be on a panel later today on the 2008 race for the GOP and Democratic nominations.



Well deserved "Taking a break." I hope when you get back to "following...on-the-trail developments..." you'll tell us Chicago-locked peons what the U. of C-Berkeley conference decided on the presidency, other than what we already know--we were lied to, & gave this one 8 years on the throne to destroy hundreds of thousands of innocent people in 2 formerly free countries, USA & Iraq.

Maybe, after this event, you can tell us why Hillary & Bill won't drop out of a presidential political campaign they cannot win.

Does anybody really care about the GOP and Sen. McFlip-Flop?


Well, yes, Walt, we care! Hilary very statesmanlike cornered Petreus the other day and Lynn aired it---now any peace plan needs to be brought before Congress. And she did it in a way the misogynist media can't hammer for being shrill over. (Thanks Lynn for posting that clip--young Barry looked like a deer in the headlights--all over the place!)
We wanna see the last thirty years of Michelle Robinson's tax returns (they clamored for HIlary's and she produced 'em!) and Barry Obama's last thirty years, too, cuz we're curious about:
Emil Jones
Rev. Wright's comments about the blue eyed devil over the past 20 years
The 100 plus million dollars' worth of public housing let to ruin during Obama's first political office
The 'clean coal' and nuke stuff with Obama
The agrichemical crap with Oama
The LIES about the war that Obie told--he's got the same voting record as Hilary.
Hypocrisy about racism--labeling comments racist if they were too critical.
We care.
And the Republicans will in the fall.
Long overdue for young Barry to fold into the clinton campaign and learn something.
and then all those mean spirited (I mean they went truly McCarthyistically negative over NOTHING on Hilary first) campaign aides can give up having any positions in the new administration.
Sorry kids.
go get a job.
There might be an opening or two at University of Chicago for ya--a couple of political positions that aren't filled by merit doncha know.

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