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At the Clinton HQ in Philadelphia, "a subtle shift of psychology of a lot of uncommitted supers"


PHILADELPHIA, PA.--The Clinton headquarters on Tuesday night is in the Park Hyatt and spokesman Mo Elleithee just said Clinton bundlers said they could raise money if she showed a win--no matter the margin--in Pennsylvania.

"There is beginning to be a subtle shift of psychology of a lot of the uncommitted supers," Elleithee said, referring to superdelegates--public officials and party leaders.

Those supers are starting to wonder "why Obama has been unable to win these thing despite all the advantages he has," Elleithee said.

His points....
*There are tough questions" surfacing about Obama.

*Superdelegates are seeing that "every time she has her her back up against the wall, she delivers."


Why she won?
It's the media bias, stupid.
If you thought New Hampshire women were ticked off in January---If you thought PA women (and even the men and kids who love them) were ticked off in March---wait til you see November.
Particularly if Barack is the top of the ticket and he and Michelle are too stubborn to put Hillary on as veep.
Question is--given how Hillary's been treated---will they come back?
Barack had better hope so.
We all had better hope so.
Better still---Barack as veep. Don't wait. You know it seems right.
Well, it's hard to explain to middle-aged white men ( and the women who love them--maybe there's a seminar at Transitions that Julie Mack and Angellight can take) at the top of the Obama 'strategy' team, but listen---this is a recipe for disaster.

She won because she went ugly. She got REAL nasty and vicious, doing fratricidal things that historically, a member of the same party running for the nomination for President would never do. She played the race card, the religion card, the gun card, the free trade card - everything to exploit people's fears instead of appealing to their hopes.

Hillary Clinton has historically shown herself to be negative and untrustworthy, with attack politics that have even Republicans comparing her to Karl Rove for her lies, smears, sneak attacks and what her own campaign spokesperson tonight gleefully called "kitchen sink" tactics.

Obama has been the consumate gentleman and true Presidential material, refusing to play dirty. If he wanted to play dirty, there is A LOT of dirt he could sling. But instead, he doesn't. Have you noticed that he hasn't brought up a single scandal of hers.

Let ME do some TRUTH-slinging on his behalf:

Gun Control? Yeah, both of them are liberal and would sign legislation to control guns. But Barack Obama understands the difference. He voted FOR the Vitter Amendment, to prevent law enforcement from confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens in times of disaster (like cops did during Katrina, leaving ordinary folks vulnerable to looters and rapists). Clinton voted AGAINST it, then talked up a tale about duck hunting with her grandpaw. Har, har, har.

Free Trade? She lied repeatedly about being against NAFTA while promoting it. And as for the Colombian trade agreements, her own husband very recently was on the record promoting the deal with Colombia while taking money for it - all while she's been attacking the same free trade deal with Colombia - all while her own top advisor Mark Penn was hired by the Colombia government to promote it. Just so you know, more than 700 trade union members have been killed for trying to organize in Colombia since 2001 - the Colombian government and the right-wing paramilitaries operating under the auspices of that government have been very anti-worker. That's pro-union for ya.

Health Care? With Hillary, a 35-year-old pregnant woman who managed a Pizza Hut and actually had health insurance and was treated by medical doctors at a hospital...becomes a young, uninsured minimum-wage worker who died when a hospital wouldn't treat her for lack of $100. See, it makes Hillary's storytelling sound even more exciting when she lies and makes stuff up - like the fake dialogue: “The hospital said, ‘Well, you don’t have insurance.’ She said, ‘No, I don’t.’ They said, ‘Well, we can’t see you until you give $100.’ She said, ‘Where am I going to get $100?’" AND she LIED about helping pass the Family Medical Leave Act - when she originally tried to fight against the very Congressional authors and sponsors of that bill in while she was in the White House.

Experience? We all know about the Bosnia "sniper fire" and "corkscrew landing" lies she repeated several times over several weeks in prepared remarks and then barely apologized for and pretended it was due to sleep deprivation. Well, if she's that sleep deprived, you think she should be taking that call at 3AM? And how about the lies about helping bring peace to Northern Ireland - a claim that prompted the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lord Trimble, to call Clinton "a wee bit silly."

When faced with these truths, all Clintonites can do is type "Barack Hussein Obama," sling lies about Obama being Muslim when obviously he is not, or mention his "Muslim" upbringing when he actually attended both a secular Muslim public school and a private Catholic school while in Indonesia, or say stupid things about Jews not supporting him (when many Jewish political figures and rabbis, including the rabbi of the synagogue across the street from where he lives, do support him), or bring up Reverend Wright (when even Hillary and Bill brought Reverend Wright to advise them in the aftermath of the Monica Lewinsky scandal), or bring up the Weather Underground (when Bill personally pardoned Latino terrorists who refused to be pardoned all in a bid to help Hillary out in her Senate race in New York), etc, etc. ad nauseum.

Paul, your consummate gentleman gave Clinton the one finger salute during their recent debate. And how about the way he treats some of the media. You must have some really low standards when it comes to your messiah. He doesn't bring up her scandals? He doesn't have to. His followers are doing that for him, so that he appears above the fray. The skeletons in his closet are only beginning to come out.


VFH, you probably saw the one where he was giving a speech and scratching his cheek with his middle finger. Well, so what? Take it as you like it. I think he just was scratching his cheek.

He's not brought up cattle-gate, Whitewater-gate, Monica-gate, and a whole slew of other gates he could sling but doesn't.

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