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At community college in Philadelphia suburb, Obama talks economics. Cameo by Michelle Obama.

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BLUE BELL, PA.--The Obama campaign picked a bucolic corner of a community college campus for an outdoor session on Monday not with students but with adults to discuss the economy. At the end. Michelle Obama appeared and hung out for awhile with some of the participants. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said he wanted to keep the focus on "bread and butter issues." The day before the Pennsylvania primary, Obama at this stop did not slam his rivals, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) or Sen. John McCain (R-Az.)

Obama said during the first 100 days of an Obama administration, he would review the tax code for fairness--on the tax and revenue side.

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Hiding from the news media the day before the election.
Even worse is his treatment of news media the same day.
ANY Could there be questions about the water MSNBC/GE nuke power plant builder is carrying for the “Senator” who got 300 G from Exelon after watering down a nuke reg bill in IL, voted for Dick Cheney’s 2005 Energy bill with 29 new nukes:
Look how they distorted the fingering of Hilary episode.
The above is the original 43 second plus IN ORDER and with the VOLUME UP as Obama mentions Hilary and fingers her.
When you open below, you’ll see a clip of MSNBC you can roll on.
MSNBC took it OUT OF ORDER and potted down the volume of Obama mentioning Hilary—didn’t even leave the nat sound up on background but also had the anchor speaking over it. She LIED and says it “took a while to get to” the flip off. THEY ARE DISTORTING THE ORDER OF THE TAPE.
And then Jon Stewart, whom I normally respect, carried Obama’s dirty water last night, running the MSNBC version of the tape.
Was there a promise that Obama would be a regular on the show and help Comedy Central’s ratings if Jon aired the distorted version? And allowed Barack to call people calling this a finger flip ‘paranoid’?
It speaks to statesmanship.

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