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A $500 day to cover Obama. What things cost on the campaign trail.


Another in an occasional series of blogs about the sky-high cost of campaign travel...

WASHINGTON--The cost of a day--March 15--on the Obama campaign bus...about $500. The experience? Priceless.

click below to see invoice.

Click below for the invoice
Another in an occasional series of blogs about the high cost of campaign travel....
Air Charter Team
Air Charter Team Offsets Carbon So You Fly Green

10015 N.W. Ambassador Drive, Suite 202
Kansas City, MO 64153

Date: 4/28/2008
Invoice # OFP26934

Bill To:
lynn sweet


Obama For President Press Billing - Invoice: OFP26934

Mar 15 2008 Mar 15 Supplies $2.55
Mar 15 2008 Mar 15 Bus $368.90
Mar 15 2008 Mar 15 Meals $56.60
Mar 15 2008 Mar 15 Files $73.87

Invoice Total:

Travel Expenses for Lynn Sweet - Chicago Sun-Times

Your American Express card ending in xxxxhas been charged on 4/28/2008. This charge will show on your statement as coming from Air Charter Team. Reference: Invoice OFP26934


Just exactly who profits and by how much for this press billing? Note how it would keep a humble non-corporate media person from doing anything other than taking notes from just exactly what the Obama ops team puts on the blog--just the speeches, kids--no color commentary.
Lynn--any word about what exactly happened on that early Spring vacation to the Carribbean?

And what did the McClatchy reporters hustled out of the pool get charged that day?
What does MSNBC--the GE NUKE network that edited video and audio out of context when obama flipped off our next president pay?

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