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Obama picks up Oregon superdelegate David Wu. Plouffe led superdelegate strategy session on Wednesday.


WASHINGTON--Oregon Rep. David Wu announces for Obama on Thursday, adding another superdelegate; now Obama needs 292 delegates to win.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe was on a conference call Wednesday mapping post Pennsylvania loss superdelegate strategy--many superD's are members of Congress--with his get-out-the-superdelegate team working the precincts on Capitol Hill.

Congressman David Wu Endorses Barack Obama for President

PORTLAND, OR — Today U.S. Congressman David Wu from Oregon announced his support for Senator Barack Obama for president, citing his ability to make real change:

"I think we are blessed to have two strong candidates for president," Congressman David Wu said. "I am endorsing Barack Obama for president today because I believe that he is best suited to turn the page on this sorry episode in American history. He and I both had the judgment to oppose the Iraq War from the very beginning.

"Every dollar that we have spent in Iraq—which adds up to over $500 billion so far—is a dollar not spent at home, a school not built, a bridge not repaired," continued Wu. "We need new policies both at home and abroad. Like Americans, the international community wants to see real change in America and I believe that Senator Obama embodies that change."

“I thank Congressman Wu for his support, and look forward to working with him to bring this war in Iraq to an end, strengthening our economy and addressing the issue of climate change,” said Senator Barack Obama.

Congressman Wu is in his fifth term representing Oregon’s First Congressional District.

Wu is Senator Obama’s 240th Superdelegate endorsement. Senator Obama is now 291 delegates away from winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.


Well Lynn, here's the latest from camelot. Someone wrote "the lowest form of solidarity is generational." Perhaps. Yet a national poll, released today, by Harvard University's Institute of Politics, located at the University's Kennedy School of Government, finds 18-24 year-olds who plan to vote for the Democrat candidate in November strongly prefer Illinois' U.S. Senator Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton (70% to 30%) to be the Party's presidential nominee. The poll also finds a majority of likely young voters favor Obama (53%) in a hypothetical head-to-head contest against U.S. Senator John McCain (32%) but give Ms. Clinton a much smaller lead (44% to 39%) when matched up against the Arizona Senator.
The Institute of Politics Director and former U.S. Representative (R-IA) James Leach said, "The story of this presidential race could very well come down to which campaign can inspire and mobilize the youth vote the best. Young people are focused on the issues and challenges facing America", Mr. Leach said. "They care deeply about the war in Iraq, but like the rest of the country are increasingly concerned about the economy. They look forward to an honest and spirited discussion on how to improve the jobs picture and how to best deal with immigration issues."
The "on-line" survey of 2,452 18-24 year-old U.S. citizens was conducted by Harris Interactive for the Institute of Politics between March 11 and April 1, 2008.
When asked about the same match-ups and adding Ralph Nader as a candidate choice, Mr. Obama still holds his 21 percentage point lead over Mr. McCain (50%-29%-4%) and Ms. Clinton maintains an advantage over Mr. McCain as well (41%-34%-7% Mr. Nader)
In addition, the poll found: Religious Centrists (15% of young people today) are seen to be favoring a Democrat candidate. Splitting evenly in the 2004 contest , this group went 47%-47% for President Bush and U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA); Economy skyrocketed to the top as the most pressing issue of national concern and is the only issue both very important and highly relevant to young people; Political engagement levels among young people continue to increase, with 61% looking forward to participating in the 2008 presidential election; Twenty years from now, young people are confident the U.S. will be the leading military power, but not the top economic power, with 34% saying China will hold that role.
As a sidebar, when asked who they prefered between Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, 30% of America's 18-24 year-olds said Mr. Stewart while 26% said Mr. Colbert. Forty-nine percent of Republicans favor Mr. Colbert (21% mr. Stewart, 31% neither, while 43 percent of Demcrats favor Mr. Stewart (31% Mr. Colbert, 26% neither).
Complete results are available online at

Let's not get too excited with the Super- Delegate courting. Before we see who else is on board.
Camp Obama may want to distance themselves form the link Michael Moore’s website (stick to documentaries, Mike---we still BLAME YOU for lying to college kids that Al Gore -= George Bush with that stupid Ralph Nader/Jello Biafra our crap).
http://recreate68.04g/album1 dnc 002.htm
= = ==
This needs some looking into—and it mentions the campaign on one of its pages.
“Recreate 68?”
That’s when we LOST the country to NIXON! For the next 8 years---and then again for the next 12 years!
What will be nexst?
Recreate the ‘Days of Rage’—gee that was sure brilliant!
From the Weather Underground documentary:
“Narrator (probably Walter Cronkite?)
“The weathermen SDS have been trying to give the impression that the Black Panthers are on their side. But the panthers deny this:
(Unnamed panther speaks)
“We believe that the weathermen acted in an ancrachistic, opportunistic, iindividualitic, chauvinistic, it’s uh, uh, “Custer-istic.”
“And that’s the bad part about it. It’s ‘Custer-istic’ in that its leaders take people into situations where the people can be massacred and they clal that revolution. Ain’t nothin’ but child’s pla. It’s folly. We think these peole may be sincere, but they’re misguided! They’re mullet-heads and they’re scatter-brained.”
And then a quote form an SDS representative (a woman).
“Weathermen have totally distorted the concept of militancy. They see it as attaciking the peopo.e. We’re trying to ally with working people and they’re out there attacking them. You know, it’s a very simple thing. You know the police couldn’t do a better job. You know, I tend to think their purpose is to make SDS a dirty name. And, uh, they’ve managed to do a pretty good job of it.”
- - - -
Obama supporters-if you’re thinking of joining ANY group—particularly one with a white fist on its website---do some research first.
And learn how movements can go wrong!
Watch the documentary on Weather Underground (posted at this link for free viewing—but it’s a HORRIBLY biased website hosting the video).
There’s the peace movement.
And then there’s selfish narcissists who want to feel good about THEMSELVES.
And that’s all they’re about.
Watch the doc.
Remember all those ‘really smart’ underground bombings?—all that did was intimidate good people from participating in anti-war or pro – environment activities—THEY WERE AFRAID TO DO SO! Law enforcement went nutso overboard—but under the current USA Patriot Act provisions—all those people not able to be prosecuted due to law enforcement misconduct could be prosecuted.
Even still---all that could have been avoided--maybe if they’d let a few people over thirty interact with them.
Don’t be sheep.
Even it if it’s in fashion right now.


Congratulation Obama on getting another Super Delegate! It appears that America once again is headed for what happen in 2000. Al Gore was more qualified, but they elected George W Bush who wasnot qualified. However, Bush did have some experience.

Hillary Clinton was first introduced to civil rights in 1962. At the age of 15 she attended a sermon by the late great Rev Dr Martin L King. She met him in person and shook his hand. Also in high school she was a babysitter for childrens of immigrant workers.

In 1965 she was the first to take a black female with her to an unknown all white church in Wellesley Mass. In 1966, after becoming President of the Wellesley Student Union. She fought for more black students and more black faculties. By the end of 1969 when she graduated from Wellesley, she had many acomplishments. That is, the black student population had increase from 10 to more than 100. She also was effective in the increasing the black faculties members. She was a leader in both civil rights and women rights.

At the end of her senior year, she had a choice to go to either Harvard or Yale Law School. Since Harvard Law School did not support Women Rights, she went to school at Yale. She also participate in both nonviolent civil rights rallys, and non violent rallys against the Vietnam War. One rally she recall, happened two days prior to the Kent State Massacre. That rally today, still haunts her.... Since education was her number one priority, she didnot participate with the Freedom Riders Movement.
Also after her graduation from Wellesley College, she was recognized by Life Magazine as becoming a political meteor.

Thank you, thank you, David Wu! A fellow Asian American, I deeply appreciate your support to appeal to our better angels as a nation. THE Clinton dynastic sense of entitlement is against everything we more recent immigrants believe and hold dear. We play by the rules, we work hard for all we get, we do not play race or gender cards, and we stay faithful to our families. Hillary's lies, Bill's sex affairs, Hillary's politics of personal destruction--those are the kinds of tyrannical dirty politics we sought to left behind us when we came to our beloved republic. Thank you for helping turn the page to a more perfect union.

Plan B for Hillary: get the nomination ( not likely, but anythings possible), Plan A: Dirty Obama enough where McCain wins the general election. Then she'll fight him for 4 yrs via her senate seat. She'll try to erase her pro-war vote, fight the extension of Bush's economic plans, and basically rebuild herself as a champion of the people and run at 4 yrs. Knowing McCain will be a one term pres, i.e. age and bad situations in the country. She cannot afford forr Obamma to win, due to the possibility of him being a two term pres and then she would be too old and others would be available to run.

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