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Sweet: Three breaches of Obama's passport files.


WASHINGTON--Yet another twist in this long campaign--the State Department announced Sen. Barack Obama's passport file was breached three times--the latest last week. Now there are demands for investigations, including from Sen. Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and former presidential candidate.

"But we need to understand why these employees had access to this information in the first place, why they sought the information, and why it took over two months for this matter to come to light," Biden said.

BIDEN Issues Statement on the Breach of Senator Obama’s Passport Files

Washington, DC – Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE) issued the following statement upon learning that State Department contract employees breached U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s confidential passport files:

“I am deeply troubled that State Department contract employees sought access to Senator Barack Obama's passport files. Firing or disciplining those responsible is an important first step. But we need to understand why these employees had access to this information in the first place, why they sought the information, and why it took over two months for this matter to come to light. I urge the Secretary of State to promptly refer this matter to the State Department Inspector General for investigation.”


I am sure the State Department will make sure this matter is investigated. This situation has to be looked into for wrong doing and criminal intent.

Thanks Joe Biden, I hope that if the information that is revealed concerning this Breach that not only are they fired but prosecuted for illegal activity.

Let's not be fooled. The first breach of Obama's files was days after his huge victory in Iowa. The second one followed just days after his 3 big double-digit wins. The 3rd one came out around the same time or the next day after the Reverend Wright video was released to the media. This all points to the Clintons. Wake up America!!! Is this what you want? More of Bush? More lies and deceit? My way or the highway?

Senator Obama has demanded that Senator Clinton release all her travel information, all her meeetings, all her agenda. She has--all 11000 plus stultifying pages.

Why doesn't Senator Obama do the same? Where was he? Why won't he release a record of the last 8 years of his travels and contacts? Is he hiding something?

Senator Obama won't even say where he was on September 16th 2001, which is important as that was the day when Reverend Wright blamed the USA for the terrible events of 911 to many Amens from his congregation. September 17th 2001 the Senator was in Chicago applauding the appointment of Donald Rumsfeld but where was he September 16th 2001? Seated amongst the "Ameners" at Trinity United Church of Christ while Reverend Wright spewed his hatred of the United States?

Maybe now Senator Obama will have to come clean to the people of the United States.

No, Enigma, I did NOT want more of the same. But the fact that this junior Senator refuses to fold into the campaign of Sen. Clinton--our last best hope of beating McCain in the fall means we'll be watching McCain get sworn in. Someone tell Obama that bashing middleaged and elderly white women explicitly and implicitly is NO WAY to win in the fall. Thanks for nothing.

News Flash--enigma--Hilary was spied upon too! So was McCain!
So, where exactly did this news story come from?
What a crybaby. And he won't stop the gov't from spying on you and me.
Wake up to a new reality--there's a ruling class--and we ain't in it.

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