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Sweet: Read Rezko court exhibit here. Mentions Obama's name.


WASHINGTON--Here is the Chicago Sun-Times LINK to the court exhibit in the Tony Rezko trial mentioning the name of then state Sen. Barack Obama, who was consulted about appointments to a state board.

And read the blog on the Rezko trial authored by my Sun-Times colleague Natasha Korecki who is covering the Rezko trial in Chicago. LINK


Why is there so little attention to the Rezko Obama connection in the media? Is Saturday Night Live
on to something????

I hope all the facts about Obama relationship with Mr. Rezko comes out before Obama wins the nomination. I question his trust worthiness. Tells of e-mails from the son of Al-Sammarae to Obama to help his dad in Iraqi prisoner, he feared for his life. Obama stated he acted due to a request from a constituent. Finding out Rezko and Al-Sammarae are business associates and friends. makes me wonder, about Obamas roll.

obama wrote a book called the audacity of hope...this is a direct quote " i will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction". why has this guy gotten this far in the political arena ? what in the hell is going on. the main stream press ignores this ? my mind is blown away with this quote and his shady, dirty assosiates like tony rezko. his dumb followers follow him without ever bothering to find out who he really is. this is frightening.

wow! what is going on? capital hill has to know about all this and more. why is somebody exposoing him>? could the last days actually going to happen?. why can't we pass out flyers at his appearances. capital hill has to know all this and more. maybe somebody is strategically mounting up all the information and then going to openly disclose it. if he is diguise as a muslin via that is postitioning himself with muslims all over the world and our country to take over our country, can you IMAGINE how mad he will be if he does not become president? 365 days from now our country could easlily be under terrible oppression and we have lost all our freedom. We have to take a stand. where - how?

I totally agree...he is scary. I have read about him ever since he announced his candidacy....I am Afrcian American. Never will ever support Obama. He is a hypocrite.manipulator..I did my homework and he is a muslim sympathizer. Selfish...

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