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Sweet: Superdelegates take notice--Richardson endorses Obama on Friday


WASHINGTON--Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) picks up a powerful endorsement on Friday morning, from New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a former rival for the 2008 Democratic nomination.

Richardson, the only Hispanic governor in the nation, sent an e-mail to his supporters announcing his decision.

Richardson's endorsement is influential and important because: (this list can grow)

1. As the primary has become polarized--results from states already voting show blacks voting for Obama and Hispanics for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.)--Richardson sends a message to Hispanics.

2. This takes attention away from the Rev. Wright story.

3. He has an appeal to independents.

4. Richardson is a former member of the Bill Clinton administration heavily wooed by the Clintons.

5. He is a western state governor.

6. He is a superdelegate.

The governor will join Obama at a rally in Portland, Oregon.


Governor Richardson is an opportunist.

Has Governor Richardson succumbed to the lure of lots of money? Between support from Senator Obama's private PAC HopefunAmerica to Governor Richardson slate of New Mexico democratic candidates in New Mexico's local and national races and Penny Pritzker's considerable financial and fund raising clout, how could the Governor resist?

Penny Pritzker, Senator Obama's campaign finance chief, has already proved herself adept at ensuring her candidates of choice run well-heeled. Just ask Nancy Pelosi who owes her last ten years of campaign fundraising success to the Chicago billionaire. Ms. Pelosi, while not outright endorsing Senator Obama, has gone out of her way to smooth his path to the nomination. Ms. Pelosi continually stymies efforts to re-run the Michigan and Florida primaries or to allow their delegates to be seated at the Democratic convention, which effectively disenfranchizes the voters of two very large states. Would Ms. Pelosi be so adamant if Senator Obama had won Florida and Michigan?

Just shows why Richardson couldn't get the nomination, and how desperate Obama has become! Richardson has no loyality and Obama can't hide the fact that he has problems with whites.


Did you not see the polls where a vast majority of Hispanic's didn't even know Richardson was one of them? He must have done so much for them that they forget all his good deeds. Yah right. Richardson only helps himself. And he loves to see his ugly mug on tv. A nice payoff in the offering I am sure.

And it is about time Obama picked up a super delegate. He had dry mouth after weeks of less than nothing. Hillary picked up two super delegates just the other day. And Murtha is a very big fish. Unlike Richardson who comes to Obamas table empty handed.

Independents??? Really??? I must have missed the two that voted in his historic losses just a month ago. And nothing short of Obama quitting the race would take attention away from the Rev. Wright story. Bloggers and the media that is awake will not let that happen. And from what I hear new Wright stuff will be coming out before the Penn. primary. Ah, Obama go bye bye.

Richardson has no loyal bones in his body I agree. Obama went far past what he needed to. To lure Richardson over to him. Like a big bone with a big dollar sign at the end of the stick. Richardson has always done what is best and only best for Richardson.

He is a western state governor that will bring exactly zero votes in for Obama.

I just left Oregon the stench of big payoff was sickening.
Thank GOD the under handed Richardson didn't endorse Hillary.Thank GOD. The price would have been to steep. You over paid Obama. You got a lousy deal for one SD. Oh yah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this the Obama love site?

Do you honestly believe that the Latino population will vote for Obama because of Richardson? Richardson couldn't even carry all the Latino. Obama stating in his racial political speech that he is a black man running for President, with ties to an anti-American, ant-Semitic and racist Rev. Wright and a crook like Rezko. Will not get him middle-class white men and women and Latinos to vote for him. You must be living on another planet with Obama.

My guess is that, after carefully weighing his options, Richardson decided that he stood a better chance at the VP slot with Obama than with Clinton. Obama lacks experience, while Richardson has it, and Richardson appeals to demographics that Obama does not. He has less to offer a ticket with Clinton at the top of it.

This is such an important endorsement from well respected Governor Richardson, after such a hard week for Barack Obama, a lot of it unjustified.

Now is the time for Real Men to stand up and be counted, that means John Edwards, if he feels for and is loyal to his Party, he knows what is the right decision to make.

Hispanics in New Mexico voted for Clinton by 2 to 1.
Clinton won the New Mexico primary.
Richardson stated in an interview with Wolf Blitzer that the "super delegate" vote should reflect the votes of their state.

Now Richardson endorses Obama?

If he wanted to be Vice President so bad wouldn't it have been easierr for him to simply announced he was no longer Hispanic?

A hard week for Barack--John are working for the campaign itself?
Hard week? Thank the heavens Wright's speech was played over and over and over again by the neanderthal wing of the media--thus letting the corporate sell-out wing rehabilitate itself by playing his 30 minute speech in its entirety.
Hilary Clinton and Valerie Plame did not get that courtesy.
Nor did Geraldine Ferraro a week before.
Watch Ann Curry berate this distinguished Congresswoman who did MORE for minorities in America than Obama and Curry combined!
The statesman like Ferraro and Clinton get soundbites and bashing.
Barack gets an extended speech and a pillow fluff from Anderson Cooper, among others. The Sun Times team praising Barack's speech even while letting Barack duck out on answering key Rezko questions about the 110 million dollars worth of empty low income housing in his very own state district, and more. The Sun Times team praising Barack's speech even while failing to seek clarifications about his earmarks (pork barrel) projects. The Sun Times team praising Barack's speech even while failing to demand that he address Ferraro's suggestion that his campaign needs to apologize to her.
Note for the Fall===Apologizing to Geraldine will matter. Since Barack is voting like McCain--what would be so bad about McCain--I'd rather watch a president giggle when a supporter calls Hilary a 'b-word' then a president who pretends he wouldn't giggle.

The Clinton Latino vote has been spun as a solid pro Clinton constituency suggesting that Obama will not carry this vote. The Latino vote will go overwhelmingly for Obama in a general election because the Republicans have become the party of hate inspite of McCain attempts to paint them differently. Obama's policies are well thought out and unequivocal whereas Clinton has wavered on several key issues ( driver's licenses for example for undocumented workers) which has led to major influentials in the Latino community to endorse Obama such as the largest spanish speaking daily La Opinion in LA, Mexican American Democrats in Texas. etc...

Young Latinos are carrying the day for Obama convincing their parents and elders to give Obama a second look. Here in California if the vote were held today Obama would carry the vote.

Richardson is seeing Latinos moving towards Obama and knows he wants to be on a winning team. His endorsement is timely and will give Obama momentum where it matters: THE SUPERDELEGATES where he is an influential player. More than 40 Latinos are uncommitted and they do respect Gov Richardson,

Santa Clara Ca

How can someone that is white (Obama is half white) and was raised by his white relatives have a problem with whites. I would argue Obama is more white than he is black. This whole black vs white issue is silly. People will find a way to be offended. Most of the people were not going to support Obama anyway. This gives them a reason to say so publicly.

Americans are hungry for change and further more they are hungry for truth and authenticity and they hear and see that when they listen to Barack Obama. Americans have too many problems which are at the crisis point to want to be mired down with politicians who want to spin, distort, play games when the stakes are way too high. People who truly care for this country and its problems are the ones who will be elected in this new America we are reaching out for. It's about the new but it's about the new of the Greening of America, Cleaner, Organic, Holistic and that means our politicians too, we want and demand a different kind of politician, ones the Clintons do not represent and one that Barack does.

Julie--the votes for 'clean coal' and support for Exelon's leaky nuke plant do not support your thesis. I haven't seen Hilary supporting the myth of clean coal or nukes.
I have seen her voting for continued IRAQ funding--the SAME AS OBAMA.
Let's end the myth that she's pro war.
If you look carefully at the dems who voted against Bush during that CRAZY period--they were all unopposed and could survive while fighting what everyone knew was wrong then.
Given Barack's links to Rezko, he would not have let himself and his family be cast among down to live amongst us working class slobs anymore than Hilary would.
Barack and Hilary are one and the same. Just Hilary had enough class to wait til her turn was viable enough to not tear the party apart with the kind of desperate, selfish grasping your messiah has exhibited.

You tell her, Golden Oldie. Also, just wanted to let you know that you will be welcomed into the republican party with open arms in November when you vote for McCain instead of Obama.

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