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Sweet: Sun-Times columnists views following Obama's Sun-Times interview on Rezko and Wright.


Views and analysis--all with different takes-- by four Chicago Sun-Times columnists following Obama's Friday visit to the Chicago Sun-Times, where he discussed his relationships with Tony Rezko and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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The government brought in aids to cause genocide in the AA community. And "God Damn America."
So is this what goes on in tax-exempt black churches? If so, I fear for the future of our republic.

"So is this what goes on in tax-exempt black churches? If so, I fear for the future of our republic."

So this is what goes on in Sun-Times blog comments? If so, I fear for the future of the publication.



May the thorough and persistent reporters of the Sun-Times, led by you, apply the same standards on Hillary Clinton with respect to

1) Tax Returns
2) Clinton Library donors
3) Full earmarks release

Thank you,


Barack Obama cannot win the presidency after this --- he has spent 20 years supporting Jeremiah Wright. His wife picked up most of her feelings toward America at this church. Obama has stated that he never heard Wright make statements like the awful, repugnant things we all heard him say: if someone finds JUST ONE instance where Obama was in earshot of Wright, it is all over for him. Either Wright or Michelle will be Obama's total downfall.


This type of religious rhetoric has been around for a while. Falwell and many other evangelicals put the blame for 9/11, Katrina, etc. directly on the US.

What a mensch. A lesser man would have callously tossed Wright aside and vilified Rezko, while continuing to stonewall. Instead, he is open and remains humane and reasoning. How different this is from Bush or Clinton.

Of course, it's been said that we get the leaders we deserve.

And tax-exempt white Baptist churches in the south have members who are Grand Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan and parishioners who murdered civil rights activists in the 60's.

Members of the white tax-exempt First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana told me, when asked if blacks were allowed in their church, that they built a lovely "church for the "colored's" right down the road."

Does that make the Baptist Church and all its members rabid racists? I don't think so.

So what's your point exactly?

If you fear the future of the republic, that is one reason you should vote for Obama. BTW, Mr. Wright was an ex-marine who fought for this country.

Take one look at the response to hurricane Katrina, and you will see why people like ex-Rev. Wright get angry at the white establishment...

"So is this what goes on in tax-exempt black churches? If so, I fear for the future of our republic/"

Oh different than what goes on in tax-exempt white churches.through such organizations as the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition, the GOP has promoted a right-wing political agenda through radio and television broadcasts as well as from the pulpit. And that's part of the reason we are in that shithole called Iraq.

What hypocrisy!

People, quit trashing Obama. He's about as classy as a politician gets. And he's our best hope for getting us out of the ditch that Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush drove us in to.

Would you want your children attending a church, white or black, where racism always lies under the surface of the doctrine? Rev. Wright's colorful and controversial sermons are not the issue. It is Obama's judgment in staying in a church where racially divisive comments are allowed from the pulpit. I would hope that he has spoken to the pastor in the past about this issue. My instincts tell me that is not the case. If one wants to be a unifier, he or she has to shed themselves of the vestments of skin color. If a black man and a white man are Christians, then they are brothers in God's eyes. It doesn't matter what the world says, God's law will triumph in the end. I would suggest to Barack and Rev. Wright that they need to rid themselves of the past and help plan a future for all of us or God's plan will not be served. I am not naive about the nature of political Christian services in many churches. But, I do firmly believe that it has no place in our house of worship. The Sabbath is the day that our hearts and minds should be on God and Christ in a unified worship service. Anything other than that comes from man and not from God.

I can not believe some of you people. This Wright character is foul. I can not question anybodies relationship or salvation but I can question his or her words. You can not flip the script on this one.

I have one simple belief and that is I do not care what color you are but a fool is a fool. Believe me there are a lot of fools who support this candidate and this pastor.

The president might have not used the right wording when he said "stupid" but he did answer the question and was honest.what i don't understand is why Lynn sweet ask that question,it was the wrong time to ask that knowing the main topic was going to be health doing so she put the focus else where.Lynn,in my opinion it simply the wrong time!!

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