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Sweet scoop: Clinton/Obama Pennsylvania debate in the works.UPDATE. Dates firmed up. April 16 Pa. April 19 N.C.


WASHINGTON—With a showdown looming in Pennsylvania, a debate between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is in the works—for April 17 at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Clinton and Obama have accepted ABC's invitation for an April 16 debate in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center.

Obama has said yes to a April 19 denate in North Carolina, moderated by Katie Couric and Bob Scheiffe, CBS News.

I hear that Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.), the Philadelphia Democratic boss—and an uncommitted superdelegate—is working to make the debate happen. The National Constitution Center—near historic Independence Hall and the new Liberty Bell Center—is in Brady’s district.

Philadelphia hosted a Democratic debate at the end of October, at Drexel University.



SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, first of all, Anderson, you know, I strongly condemn the statements that have been shown on the tape.

I have to confess that those are not statements that I ever heard when I was sitting in the pews at this church. This is a church that I have been a member of for 20 years. This is a well-established, typical, historically African-American church in the South Side of Chicago, with a wonderful set of ministries.

OBAMA: And, as I said, Anderson, if I had heard any of those statements, I probably would have walked up, and I probably would have told Reverend Wright that they were wrong.

But they were not statements that I heard when I was in church.

COOPER: So, no one in the church ever said to you, man, last week, you missed this sermon; Reverend Wright said this; or...


COOPER: I mean, I think I read in your books that you listened to tapes of Reverend Wright when you were at Harvard Law School.

OBAMA: I did.

COOPER: So, you had no idea?

OBAMA: I understand.

In his book from my father chapter 14 Obama speaks of heraing sermons where write spoke of heroshima Page 293 and also says he agrred with church blacl creed page page 284

So why would I trust him now, I did once but cant now.

We all know that taken on face value, Rev. Wright's comments were offensive to everyone. However, how can you make Senator Obama responsible for what his pastor said. The Bible says things that make my skin crawl, Jesus called people dogs, vipers, God said we made him sick to His stomach, and said we were an abomination depending on which sin He was addressing at that time. The separation of church and state was instituted to allow the church the freedom to be the church. God does very emphatically state that "what so ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." That includes mistreating people, killing and infecting people (remember the Tuskeegee Experiment)? Let's get real and leave the pastor out of this...every other thing that has been used to show that "Whites" have been called out for being racist is due to something the individual said or did. What did Barack do other than attend the church, accept Jesus as his Savior and pay his tithes...which aren't for the pastor, but an act of obedience and submission to God!

I have been unable to get any straight answers from Obama campaign headquaters in Doylestown, Pa. I wanted to know when he would be in the area. The answer was we don't know. I guess I am asking too much. I would think that some where someone at Obama headquaters would have some idea when their candidate was going to be in the area. If this is some kind of security thing then why is it that when I called Clinton headqauters they could give me a list of places she was going to be campaigning.

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