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Sweet: Bill Clinton deflecting calls for Hillary to quit race.


WASHINGTON--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is now having to defend why she is staying in the Democratic presidential primary. The Obama team--ahead in elected delegates and with some more potential superdelegates in the pipeline than Clinton probably has--want this over as soon as possible. The Clinton campaign, with votes in April and May in some 10 states is hoping for lightening to strike.

Bill Clinton says in a fund-raising letter that they are hearing people calling for Clinton to quit--from as he puts it-- "elected officials, party members, and Obama campaign surrogates." He asks, "With the race this close, it sure doesn't make sense to me that she'd leave now -- does it make sense to you?"

Click below for Bill Clinton appeal...

Bill Clinton letter....

Dear XXX

Here's the most important thing you need to know about this race: it's neck-and-neck.

Only 130 delegates separate Hillary from Senator Obama -- and that's not counting Florida and Michigan. The difference in popular vote is less than 1 percent, and millions of voters have yet to make their voices heard. This election should be about their choice.

But now we're hearing people -- elected officials, party members, and Obama campaign surrogates -- call for Hillary to pull out.

With the race this close, it sure doesn't make sense to me that she'd leave now -- does it make sense to you?

There's no better way to tell Hillary that you support her staying in than to make a contribution to her campaign -- and no better time to contribute than right now. If you've never donated online before, now is the time to do it. Even as little as $5 can make a difference.

We're facing a big deadline on Monday. Our opponents and the media will scrutinize our fundraising reports and look for any sign of weakness. By making a contribution today, you can help make sure we show nothing but strength.

Contribute $5 by our midnight Monday deadline to help us show our strength.

I know that Hillary never forgets exactly why she is running. Her commitment to the people of this country never wavers.

At this critical moment, all of us supporting Hillary must make sure we are just as focused as she is. With all the talk of the state of the race, all the people telling her she should just give up, you and I must make sure she has everything she needs to stay in this race.

With our big fundraising deadline coming up midnight Monday, we need to show the critics and the doubters that this campaign is running full steam ahead with the determination to win.

Contribute $5 now to help us reach our $3 million goal by midnight Monday.

My family isn't big on quitting. Hillary's in this race to win, and she's in it thanks to you.


Bill Clinton


It is a shame how Hillary, Bill and their Team have initiated Race and Gender into this nation, emotions and standards we were moving away from. Young women go to war, and hold many jobs that were not open to them before and Blacks too. We were moving toward a more united nation and the Hope and Inspiration Barack offered us was a very appealing idea and necessary. Yet every day, Hillary, Bill or one of their surrogates talk unjustly about the inequality of women, a black man can be president before a women -- Barack is getting "special treatment" because he is a black man, etc., etc. They have been doing this and getting away with it from South Carolina and it is getting worse as they see this nomination slipping away. This is unfair to the nation that they would rather tear this country down and move it backwards, to pit one group against another and to incite animosity and hatred than to talk about real issues that need to be addressed today if we are to move forward as a people, and sadder yet, no one is calling them out on it. However, that is why some are calling for her to step aside. No one objects to a healthy and honest debate on the issues, but what people are objecting to, not that she is a woman, but that she is a woman that has gone ballistic, in a very negative way. She is like a cancer that has gone wild and there apparently seems to be no cure, we can only wait until it takes it course. Or like a hurricane that does terrible damage and we must run for cover and wait for it to abate. She has lost her moral compass!

After Hillary's Bosnia debaucle, she is like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, when the curtin has been pulled away and we see the sad reality and not the Illusion or myth they want perpetrated on the crowd. This fabricated recount of Bosnian Sniper Fire is a breach of the Public Trust or should be. It goes right to the Heart of Credibility and to Character! Some in the media have gone on to say, "it's no big deal", or this amounts to "silly season." However, to willfully mislead the public for gain is wrong and should have no place in our politics today and certainly should not be rewarded by a vote of confidence and our presidential votes. Politicians should not get a pass from the Media -- to be able to get away with such outlandish distortions, lies and exaggeration. They should be held to a Higher Standard than the rest of us if they want to hold the highest office in the land and to lead America to a better standard of life. This is what is wrong with our politics of today, a "do and say" anything policy that is allowed to be acceptable when on the otherhand, we raise our children not to lie and steal and cheat. However, they have been telling these Tall Tales for years and this time got caught. No thanks to Andrea Mitchell, however, who accompanied her on this trip and did not report it until it became public knowledge, then Ms. Mithcell did reporting on it. The American People however, Expect and Demand that thier Politicians be trustworthy and truthful!

Hillary often boasts that she would not meet with her enmies, however, in an attempt to divert attention away from Bosnia she sat down with Richard Mellon Scaife, her arch enemy and personal persecutor, the very same Richard Mellon Scaife, who during her White House years accused her of the murder of Vince Foster and said that Bill and she had committed 60 murders to hide their crimes, in an ill-advised and ill-timed manner to re-introduce the Rev. Wright issue -- by the way, the very Rev. Wright that they Invited to the White House.

Then in a further attempt to divert attention away from Bosnia, they sent out Sen. McGovern to add more fuel to the Gender Fight, already started by Geraldine Ferraro, so now we have a racial and gender war/fight beginning to brew in their hopes to keep up the divisions they have already inflamed in the public discourse. That they are willing to divide the country back into a gender and racial war tells you much about thier character.

This fight could have possibly been over if it was not for Rush Limbaugh, and Bill's visit to Rush during the Texas Primarys. Barack might have won Texas but for the 100,000 Republican votes casted for Hillary which put her slightly over the top. However, the Republicans who vote for Barack, genuinely like him, unlike the Republicans who vote for Hillary, as a way to "bloody" Barack up, edged on by Rush Limbaugh! As for her Tonya Harding, Tonya was sent packing in disgrace! As for Hillary's scheme to make Barack look "unelectable", it looks like due to her Bosnian Misadventure, the "Chickens are Coming Home to Roost"!

This is a sad debauchle on Ammerican history that the first woman with a serious chance to become President has had such disregard for her own Party and the country at large in the way she has conducted herself and campaign and for their reckless exhibition in tearing the country apart through both race and gender. Unfortunately, she has not exhibited a moral and ethical character and a genuine graciousness of spirit, which Protype would have been a a role model for all women to be proud of. This is not the type of "Sophia" or Mary to lead America to a better and more shining place and to that more perfect union which would enable us to measure up to the challenges of our time.

Why should she quit? Huckleby didn't quit even when it was clear he could not get enough delegates mathmaticaly to overtake McCain.

Obama cannot win mathematically either, so what's the big deal. Voters in ten states still have not voted.

Obama would love to make this a Big Caucus in the court of super delegate public opinion with the MSM acting as his surrogate.

Super delegates should watch the next ten contests closely and then decide who has the right stuff...not the WRIGHT STUFF>

Bill can say anything he wants about His Family not being one for quitting, but the Clinton Family is becoming clearly associated with lies, dirty unjustified personal attacks and one that does not seem to have any respect.

This campaign more than any in the past with the way 24 hour media and the web is being followed closely all around the world and many are shocked at the Democratic race. As a Country we are always too easy to criticize others and tell them how to run a democracy and handle elections, I think it is time we start to look at others and learn. Th delays with results and the some of the tactic being used are more akin to a third world country.

Barack Obama has continued throughout to remain dignified and this is a credit to both himself and his campaign team, if only Hillary could have lead a similar campaign.

There is a time when the Democratic Party itself has to be put before personal interests, you can only hang on and demand rule changes for your own interest for so long and this has passed, if Hillary and I hope she does not chooses to fight even when it is clear that she has not got the momentum to win continue, this will then seriously damage The Party's November Election opportunity but it must call into question if Hillary Clinton has the judgement for high office ever again.

You have bent UChicago's statement to your ends. They ARE saying that the honorific "professor" was appropriate.

If you want to support Sen. Clinton, fine. But put it in an Op-Ed.


It is ludicrous to blame the Clinton campaign for each and every piece of negative or less than positive press the Obama campaign receives. It is childish to also bash the Clintons each time such a temper tantrum about the press coverage is written. Obama may be the candidate some of us Democrats who haven't drunk the koolaid need to vote for. So, please stop going over the top in reaction to non-press release driving material. There's nothing unusual about news coming from a press release--it's rather the norm anymore. But to blame the reporters or the other campaigns liked this is silly.

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