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Sweet: "Obamalot!" The Gridiron Club take on Obama.


WASHINGTON—“C’est Moi! Barack,” so went a ribbing of White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) at the 123rd annual dinner of The Gridiron Club on Saturday night where he was gently mocked to a tune from “Camelot.” “I know—may I say—how well I think of me. As so, J.F.K. I shall be!’’

The Gridiron lyrics…..

(to the tune of “C’est Moi,” from “Camelot,” Music by Frederick Lowe, Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner)
Obama, dressed like a knight in shiny armor

O-bama-lot! O-bama-lot!
As just a lad I heard the call.
O-bama-lot! O-bama-lot!
And aren’t you glad I’ll give my all?

I know—may I say—how well I think of me
As so, J.F.K. I shall be!

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A man who is peddling hope must have audacity!
Bring style where a grasping feminist won’t do.

Climb a wall no else can climb;
Slay a Clinton in record time;

Be a man who can make a fairy tale come true!
No matter how slippery his generality,
Some vaporous dreams should be his daily fare!

But where in the world,
Is there in the world,
A man so extraordinaire?

C’est moi! Barack!
A hottie mais non?

I’m far too noble too lie!
The one guy who
Stands out—in my view,
C’est moi, Barack! ‘Tis I.

I’d never stray from what I believe
My incredible life—it’s all true.
‘Tis I can make the elephants grieve,
Can turn red states to blue.

C’est moi, Barack.
I’m really fired up
A new Prometheus! (with spouse)

And here I stand, specifics, untold.
Incredibly clean, articulate-bold!
To bring ME to the White House.
C’est moi!


Mrs Obama channels that Jackie O magic

I guess not that many of us were around from that era. I was a Kennedy supporter in those days.(I was young and naive), and I can assure you that Michelle O. is no Jackie O.

Jackie O. was so much smarter than Michelle O. Jackie got a million dollars worth of hush money from Joe Kennedy to be quiet about Jack's affairs.

Both of them did marry up, but Jackie knew enough to keep her breathless voice silent.

I loved it! Of course, I love "Camelot," so it was easy for me to follow along. My daughter and I (both "Camelot" lovers) really enjoyed this. She's an Obama supporter and she still thought it was funny.

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