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Sweet: Obama stunning money numbers; $55 million in February; $54 million for primary to Clinton's $35 million.

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KANSAS CITY, MO.--The Obama campaign raised a stunning, record-setting $55 million in February, of which $54 million is available for the primary. This comes as Obama launches another heavy round of fund-raising, faced with a multi-million need for cash to finance the extra innings of the primary contest.

The Obama take swamps the $35 million the Clinton team hauled in last month.

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Dear Ms. Sweet,

Your paper should be commended for its willingness to inform the public about the Obamas. We knew virtually nothing about this candidate for many months. To jaded voters like myself, he just seemed too good to be true. I do presume that he is innocent of wrongdoing until evidence proves otherwise. However, what he is quilty of is lying about the Rezko situation and the Nafta problem. His failure to take spontaneous questions, and his most recent press conference dodge raise serious questions about his character. We must have the truth about his Chicago history, and his wife's history as well. The Obamas have posited themselves as the champions of the underdog, perpetuating an urban myth that must be revealed for what it is. I note that your paper has been running stories on this situation for some time. Were yhou ignored by the national media?? Why has it taken it so long for them to pick this up?? Aloha and Mahalo

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