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Sweet: Obama picks up endorsement of Pennsylvania senator in heavy Clinton state. Obama kicking off 6-day bus tour.


WASHINGTON--Above the fold, lower left on front page Friday's Philadelphia Inquirer, story about the endorsement coming today from Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Obama kicks off a six-day bus tour of the state with the April 22 primary vote today.

"Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey plans to endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president today in Pittsburgh, sending a message both to the state's primary voters and to undecided superdelegates who might decide the close race for the Democratic presidential nomination."--Lede from Thomas Fitzgerald scoop in the Inquirer.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has the backing of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and Gov. Ed Rendell.


I don't understand why Obama's campaign and supporters say that superdelegates must not "switch" - and I have seen several angry headlines suggesting Clinton is crooked for suggesting that superdelegates could vote separately from the will of the voters.

What I don't get is, isn't PA expected to go for Clinton? And wasn't Richardson from a state that went for Clinton? Ted Kennedy?

Is or is not the Democratic Party in favor of the policy of never deliberately disenfranchising voters? Is the media going to cover-up or are they going to do their job as honest people should?

The argument against the total lack of integrity seems to be "but the other candidate is just as corrupt as mine is". Where's everyone's dignity?

Breaking news! Although not too important. Reverend Wright will be living in a 10,000 square foot home in Tinley Park that is being paid for by his church after he retires. I mention this because doesn't Wright preach hate against "rich white people", and against materialism? The hypocrisy here is not surprising because most of these reverends or pastors are not men of God, they are businessmen looking to make as much money as they can off the fools that belong to their congregations.

Another laughable Obama lie. Apparently he told the show "The View" today that if Reverend Wright was not retiring he would have left that church. He must think the American people are incredibly stupid, naive, or both. He was a member of that hateful church for 20 years, while Wright was an active reverend. And all of a sudden he says now he would have left. If he is so against Wright's racist sermons, why didn't he leave five years ago or ten years ago? Actions speak louder than words and his actions were that he chose to stay there, so that makes his words today meaningless. It is truly amazing to me how so many voters have allowed themselves to be used and played by this guy. Him and his wife must sit back at night over a glass of wine and say to each other "I can't believe how these American fools are buying my line of BS".

As the Obama campaign is increasingly adopting Richard Nixon style campaign strategies, be on the look out for 'renta demonstrators' or 'astro-turf' organizing during this tour.
I'm serious.
Don't trust anybody who would shamelessly pander along racial lines (the USE of Richardson last week) even while refusing to get back to work in the Senate (hard to do when you're on vacation from the campaign you're using as a vacation from the Senate you haven't yet learned to work) on immigration issues affecting hispanic voters, and those interest in human rights issues.
You can see why Obama and McCain and CLINTON all need to do more work for 'hispanic' (I like civil rights) issues at this website. And you can sign the petition. But just last week Obama was cynically accepting a vapidly SCRIPTED media event with Richardson. (Carville's comments were mild).

Maybe Nixonian isn't right--it's Reaganesque (FEMINISM IS 'BAD' ERA) tactics Obama's clearly practicing at this point.
Gov. Rendell promised Casey he could run unopposed--PA Dems were THAT desperate to get Santorum out of the picture.
Even though Casey is ANTI-CHOICE Democratic party WOMEN in PA voted for Casey.
And he was also voted for by Reagan Democrats--who, in PA are RACISTS!!!! They are already saying they WILL NOT VOTE for Obama. As Art Buchwald once said, "There's a lot of Alabama between Philly and Pittsburgh."
But Casey is a jerk, an extreme opportunist who never pays anybody back. He is hated among PA Democrats.
Even though Casey was given all the support from people who normally would not have liked him-=he still did not win PA like Gov. Rendell did.
Rendell is a truly selfless man===a good democrat.
And he feels utterly betrayed the Obama ops are doing this.
As he should.
As we all should.
At least it's a totally synthetic ticket shaping up so you can see it coming from a mile away and WALK AWAY===WORK FOR HILARY AND WORK FOR HER NOW!
Look--Obama's not a 'real' candidate. The only reason he's near the top of the ticket is because republicans crossed over to vote him up (and they won't vote for him in the Fall) The Chicago media is looking at Obama as a big meal ticket into bigger and better things and so avoided vetting him lo these many years (or they were afraid of being called racist if they did their jobs).
CASEY==Casey's margins were actually dropping but the White House pulled all Republican monies from his campaign a MONTH before the election.
and, watch Casey get BOUNCED in the primaries, too.
Unless he cut a deal for some of that yummy Rezko money so it's a 'win win' situation for him no matter what he does....

One of the problems when it comes to the expression of our opinion is that we allow our opinion to be formed by faulty information. On The View Senator Obama DID NOT say he would have left the church had Pastor Wright remained there. He said, "I would have felt very uncomfortable staying there". There's a difference between the two. But my point is that some accuse people of "lying" when they don't have the facts straight. Let's get our facts straight and then offer our opinions and let's try not to comment otherwise. That's what wise people do. What are you?

If only people understood the entire sermon; if only people could be simple and not normal; if only Obama could not fall into the rams of regualr politics as he has the potential to be a visionary; and if only Hilary could maintain and uphold the same politics in which made us happy to be economically associated with America during the Clinton Administration, and simultaneously see the visionary for who he is; yes, the "if factor." It would not have played well into old politics, but I see something new unfolding in the Democratic party. And if John McCain gets elected, this is unfortunately what I and many others will be saying because even coming from someone like myself, who will support either candidate, John McCain is very attractive relative to the if factor when the Dems do not hold themselves accountable.

Following the logic of the University of Chicago, my daughter is "serving as a professor" at a university in England. While pursuing a Ph.D. in Roman archaeology, she is teaching two beginning Latin classes, one Roman history class and a seminar in Mediterranean topics. I don't mean to disparage my daughter but clearly her students are not receiving the same level of experience or scholarship that a "real" professor would have. Ditto for Obama's students at the U. of C.

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