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Sweet: Obama Philadelphia speech on race and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Video.



Until the frustrated White middle American and the angry young black man realize that WE have been had, they both will CONTINUE TO BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF....
We have THIS COUNTRY in common, lets put the right person in office to take care of it...
peace and vision

So Mr. Rogers, whats your solution? Throwing grandma under the bus, as they say.

sweet statement of obama at philadephia

I am reminded of Eddie Murphy in "The Distinguished Gentleman". The Honorable Senator from Illinois ultimately has extraordinary communication skills. He also has a firm understanding of the 24 hour news cycles. Ultimately he also understands the primary process had a number of weaknesses he could exploit. Nevertheless he should concede the race.

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Lynn Sweet

Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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